I’ve recently pointed you to affiliate programs for shopping, travel, and health and beauty. Now it’s time to go in another direction and look at music affiliate programs. If you’re running a site such as a music review site, a fan site for an artist, or a “how to” site for musicians, there are plenty of programs worth checking out.

To help get you started, I’ve picked three favorites. All of these three programs have terrific appeal and would be terrific additions to new or existing affiliate sites.


Apple’s iTunes affiliate program is available in 19 countries through four different networks. Without a doubt, iTunes is the biggest and most well-recognized brand for downloadable music worldwide.

In addition to the millions of songs available through iTunes, you can also offer the thousands of movies, apps, TV shows, music videos, eBooks, and audio books available in iTunes, the App Store, iBookstore and the Mac App Store.

As an affiliate, you’ll do great with Apple’s household name, effective widgets for your site, good affiliate support and an informative blog that lets you know of special promotions.

Sign up for the iTunes affiliate program:

    Guitar Tricks

    If the audience for your site wants to learn how to play guitar, check out Guitar Tricks. It’s a system that delivers online video training for all levels, and styles of guitar playing.

    Students can take a variety of lessons. Those lessons range from basic guitar techniques and songs, the study of artists such as Angus Young or Jeff Beck, as well as styles from acoustic to funk to surf, and more.

    It’s very cost effective for students to join. At $14.95 per month, Guitar Tricks costs much less than private guitar lessons. And affiliates are treated generously, with a flat $30 per sale, 5 year tracking cookies and very professional banners that can be used on your site. This program has a good history of treating affiliates well.

    The one drawback, and this is slight, is that Guitar Tricks manages its own affiliate program, which simply means that you’ll have another account to manage.

    Sign up for Guitar Tricks.

    Rocket Piano

    While I’m not normally a fan of ClickBank products, Rocket Piano is an exception. It’s a well-produced, informative, and helpful product that provides more than 12 months of step-by-step lessons for people wanting to learn to play the piano.

    The base product is $39.95 for a digital version, with a $199.99 upsell for a physical copy with books, DVDs and CDs. The average affiliate payment per sale is $29.42, which suggests that the upsells are rare.

    Sign up for Rocket Piano at ClickBank.

    I hope list is helpful and helps you earn more from your site. We’ll review more music affiliate programs in the future.

    If you have any experience with music affiliate programs, please let us know in the comments.