The Super Bowl is a big deal in the United States.

One particular element that everyone seems to be on board with, even if they care little for the actual game, is the commercials.

These ads come at top dollar but have done wonders for many brands throughout the ages; they’re quick, witty, often hysterical, and will have people talking for years to come.

Take a glance through the best of the best for this year’s Super Bowl XLVII – you may learn a few things about the audience, yourself, and how business is evolving beyond the straight-forward sales pitch.

Bud Light – Journey

The premise on this one follows a 49er’s fan finding his way to a Voodoo priest …


Old Spice – Irresistible

Always making a splash with their commercials comes another hilarious, surreal Old Spice piece that has one over-the-top James Bond-like social aristocrat …


GoDaddy –

Pushing the .co domain extension, GoDaddy goes after the “no one thought of this idea” angle …


Doritos – Goat 4 Sale

Man buys goat to share in his taste for Doritos only to be slowly driven insane by its appetite …


Oreo – Whisper Fight

The cookie we’ve all come to love (and debate) errupts into an all-out brawl (but with an odd twist) …


Volkswagen – Get In. Get Happy.

Get in. Get happy. That’s what VW is going for in this one with an odd twist on being positive – Reggae-style. It won’t have you splitting your sides but it’ll definitely pull your attention …


M&M – Love Ballad

The classic Red M&M takes you through a touching glimpse at his love life (and some of the things he hates) …


E*Trade – Save It

The talking baby is back again with some tips on how to burn through your savings or take the smart route by saving it …


AXE – Lifeguard

AXE takes on Old Spice with their own zany take on attraction with one major game changer to the mix …


Taco Bell – Viva Young

This group of older individuals take on the night life in full party-mode (including the all-too-common trip to Taco Bell) …


Jeep – Whole Again

The most humbling ad to hit the airwaves on the big game day came from Jeep with a tear-jerker of emotion, saluting the troops, and welcoming them back …


Something to learn from it …

Businesses spend millions of dollars to run these ads during the Super Bowl because there are so many eyes on the game.

If you’ve noticed – nearly all of them take the entertaining angle – whereas they don’t really do a hard sale nor do they even really talk about a product or service (directly). You’re engaged with the ‘story’ which generally happens to include the product versus hammering you with buy, buy, buy messages.

The whole point of these ads is purely brand placement. It gets people talking and it goes into overdrive mode due to social media (especially through the use of hashtags on Twitter and links over to Facebook).

What can we learn from all this? Well, you’re not going to get the capital to run a Super Bowl commercial but you could certainly go the ‘entertaining’ and ‘funny’ angle when promoting your own brand. It worked wonders for Dollar Shave Club which has millions of views for their short and hilarious commercial.

Next time you’re working on doing some promotional piece for your site: consider the funny angle.

Keep it short, sweet, and entertaining enough so people actually want to share it and bring it up in conversations.

Make them laugh and it’ll be memorable.

You can expect every piece you stitch together to go viral but it’s a numbers game – keep at it – you may hit the mark.