Best WordPress Affiliate Programs - affiliateprograms.comOver the past few weeks, we’ve reviewed the opportunities available to you as an affiliate marketer in several product categories such as software, shoes, golf and others. In addition, we’ve taught you how to build and launch a WordPress affiliate site and configure it for maximum traffic.

Now it’s time to put a new spin on this advice. We’re going to show you how you can start to build an affiliate marketing business that capitalizes on the WordPress craze.

WordPress is one of the most talked about and popular open-source content management systems. It’s also a popular Google search. The Google Keyword Tool states that more than 37 million people currently search “WordPress” every month. And it’s a keyword with low competition, which means there’s a terrific opportunity waiting for you as an affiliate marketer.

That opportunity exists if you create a site with great content, teach people how to use WordPress, and drive them toward your affiliate offers.

Because there are several websites already doing a great job of this, you can be assured that there is money to be made in this niche. For inspiration for your affiliate site, check out WP Beginner, WP 101 or WP Lift.

As you’ll learn from the above sites, you’ll need to be able to create a quality tutorial, using video, text and images to help users solve a problem or learn a new feature of WordPress. Once you’ve mastered the subject matter and content of your site (which is no easy task), then you can move on to selecting great affiliate programs for WordPress.

Overall, there are two main ways you can look at the affiliate programs for WordPress: affiliate programs for WordPress themes, and affiliate programs for WordPress plugins. Let’s look at a few samples of both.

WordPress Theme Affiliate Programs

There are three WordPress themes that you’ll want to consider becoming an affiliate for:

Thesis is one of the more popular WordPress theme frameworks. It lets users tweak the font style and size of a site’s navigation without needing to know CSS code. While it’s popular, it’s also been surpassed in recent months by other themes. A long-promised version 2.0 is in the wings.

StudioPress/Genesis offers a wide selection of child themes. This package is a great way to build a dozen, or more sites using the same basic framework.

Headway is a theme that gives designers full control over the look, feel and layout of their sites. While it requires more of a designer’s eye than many other WordPress themes, its flexibility makes it a great theme to offer in combination with other WordPress themes.

Now that you know the top three themes, let’s look at plugins.

WordPress Plugin Affiliate Programs

There are dozens and dozens of paid WordPress plugins. Some are great, some are good, some are problematic. These plugins below are among the best. They’ll keep your site visitors happy that they purchased from your site.

Backup Buddy is a safeguard against hacking, data loss and server corruption that’s essential for any WordPress webmaster who is serious about his or her business. If your site has an audience that manages their website and wants to remain safe, this is a great product to recommend.

Gravity Forms makes adding forms to a website much easier than you could imagine. While there are free plugins that webmeisters can use, they pale in comparison to Gravity Forms’ ease of use. Because this is very customizable, you could potentially get a lot of traffic by showing off your customized forms.

WPZon Builder makes it easy to turn a WordPress blog into an Amazon-driven e-commerce site. If your site attracts affiliate marketers, this is worth promoting.

Scribe is an SEO tool created by the StudioPress team. It provides instant analysis of the keyword effectiveness of web copy in WordPress. If your audience includes copywriters and content creators, this plugin would interest them.

While this list could go on and on, what’s listed above is a good start. If you’re interested in building websites with WordPress, it presents a great opportunity as an affiliate marketer.

If you’re running your own WordPress site already, what are the affiliate programs that you promote? How are you doing with your site? Leave your feedback in the comments below.