Hey al, it’s me, Murray.

Many of you may have noticed that I’ve been writing for AffiliatePrograms.com for some time now (thank you for reading!); today I’m especially proud to announce that I’ve been given the keys to the website (so to speak) which means you’ll be seeing a lot more of me – so, I’d like to introduce myself.

A Little Something about Me

my ugly mug

I’m a geek.

I can’t honestly remember how long it’s been since I first stumbled across a computer but the moment I did, I knew I was hooked.

I’ve seen the web mature. Those days of dial up, message boards, and web rings. I took an interest in building websites (although quite shoddy, at best) but the web was this place where anything could be done and there were always new ideas – it was truly the wild west of our time.

In time, I noticed that many people were in need of my skills. I found a job as a webmaster for a small eCommerce company where I truly learned my chops through product development, website maintenance, and a bit of marketing. I love eCommerce but it was the marketing side that truly sparked my curiosity because I found it to be a “game” of sorts.

Game? Indeed.

Like a sport, there are opposing forces and an ever increasing need for skills. One day you may be working on an email newsletter – the next may be publishing content. You constantly had to move.

The knowledge I gained when working for the eCommerce company, along with the fact that it being small and being granted access to a lot of great resources, became a cast off point. I had been building up sites for some time before working with the company and used my afternoon to apply what I learned, during the day, to my work (and vice versa).

Suddenly, my sites began to take off.

Before I knew it, I was asked for interviews, I found myself earning a decent income by promoting affiliate products, and Adsense proved to be a nice earner of its own.

I reinvested and doubled down on my efforts.

I took what I had learned (and was learning) and started my personal blog, Murlu.com, as a way to make sense of what we were using in the real world (and not just some fluff piece); I wanted to share what actually worked at the eCommerce company and my other sites. Murlu is still going strong today but I wanted to diversify my income so I found myself freelancing and working a remote position.

Not to make this too long, I’ve been at it for years. Through extremely long hours and hair pulling work, I’ve managed to make enough income that I no longer need to do the 9-to-5 routine.

And this is why I’m especially proud of this new opportunity, at AffiliatePrograms, because I can get to talk to you, directly, and help you grow your online business, launch successful products, stay productive, and reach your goals.

But it won’t be easy. I need you to push. I need you to work hard.

And about that Affiliate Marketing Thing …

Keep your mind open

Affiliate marketing is amazing. You know it, I know it.

I understand that you may be at different levels in your progress into this industry; some of you are just starting where many of you are seeking that next level ‘bump’. I promise I’ll try my best to cover all the important topics for every level of the way.

I want you to keep an open mind.

The initial topics I’ll cover may be basic but they will be packed with my knowledge and experience

You may find a tid-bit of information here and there that becomes the “oh wow! I should have done that when I began!” so, in essence, you’ll always find something that you can use in your work.

On that note, outside of the basics, I plan to touch on the tough topics – one’s that you may shy from because it will require major work but stick with me – doing these items will greatly increase your chances of success and better earnings.

Things take time but it’s worth it in the end. The more you do now, the more you gain in the long-run. I want you to continually learn but most importantly: I want you to apply what you’ve learned.

Stick with me and we’ll go places.

One Last Thing

The only way I can ensure I cover the right topics, answer the right questions, and understand where you’re at is if you’re vocal. I need you to participate. Ask questions, email me, chat with me, post on the AffiliatePrograms Facebook. The more we talk – the more we can grow our businesses.

Thanks for having me here!