You should know by now the value of a strong brand.

Building a strong brand takes persistence and is no easy feat considering the sheer amount of competition you will find in your marketplace.

Surely, though, you will create a brand if you are diligent.

The ones’ that don’t end up making these blunders…



The Alienated Pivot

The result of changing the brand image without fully understanding how customers and followers may react resulting in an alienation of the core audience. Once the audience has been lost the business begins to fumble trying to gain the same traction prior to the pivot.

Know what you’re about to do if you do a sudden logo change, change in policy, or release new products that aren’t in line with your business.

The Wrong Association

The result of associating with other brands without aligning goals and ethics resulting in the associated brand pulling down yours due to a public incident or bad reputation. Once the audience feels the brand has been tarnished they will move onto the competition.

Take time to nurture and really get to know those in your business network so you don’t get stuck in a situation where their blunders bring your brand down.

The Freak Out

The result of someone at the company losing their minds and going on an angry rant through social media channels resulting in a horrible backlash from the community and generally followed by a public apology. Once the audience feels belittled or uncomfortable they have set their minds and won’t be coming back to do business.

Always play it cool. If you are upset about something then wait it off so you can cool down and NEVER take to social media in a moment of anger because it always leads to this type of tirade.

The Unintentional

The result of accidentally choosing a name or use of ad copy meant to be tongue-in-cheeck but turns into being awkward, somewhat offensive, and confusing. Once the audience catches on they’ll either laugh and pay no regards or use the blunder against the company (one which they can never let down).

Don’t try to be “hip” if you’re not. Don’t try to be “edgy” to get a rise. People see through it. People get easily offended. Try to avoid bring shame to the brand, basically.

A Lesson worth Learning

We spend a great deal of time building our brands but there are always a few that do not have the ability to hold out and avoid these blunders.

It happens to the best and worst of us:

Have a laugh reading through those but also take a few notes.

Stick to your core values and push hard – that’s what it takes to build the brand and keep inline to avoid these common branding blunders (because they may just so happen to you).