In the affiliate world, staying up to date with breaking news and the most recent products/services is of utmost importance. The sooner you “get in on” an opportunity the better chance you have of beating your competition to the profits.

Have you given any thought to binary options? This is a hot new topic – and for good reason.

In short, binary options are predictions on how an asset will perform over a given period of time. These are known by many as “all or nothing” options as the investor either earns a payout if the conditions are met or nothing if they fall short. For example, will a particular stock rise or fall by the end of the trading day?

High returns, which are fixed before the option is purchased, are attracting a variety of investors from all walks of life.

You are not interested in investing, though. Instead, your focus should be on promoting services that offer binary options trading.

Want to Get Involved?

As investors continually receive poor returns elsewhere, the benefits of binary options begin to look better and better. With a variety of assets for trading, investors can get involved with markets that they know and understand.

Affiliates need to worry about one thing: finding investors who are willing to give binary options a try. Did you know that the base cost-per-acquisition can be as high as $200 per transaction? With revenue sharing, affiliates can expect a payout of roughly 35%.

These tools will help you get started in the binary options business:

How to Promote

To successfully promote binary options programs, you need a website that includes some or all of the following:

  • Explanation of the benefits. Remember, not everybody is familiar with this type of investing – it may take some educating on your part.
  • Top programs. Which programs convert the best? Which programs payout the most? This will be a trial and error process on your part.
  • Reviews. By writing reviews of individual programs you can attract investors, promote high paying offers, and above all else, provide great value.

Top Programs

Want to get started? Like anything, you need to choose the right affiliate partner. Consider these options: