In a sentence: Black hat SEO is the set of all practices that result in a deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes.

So why do people still do it? Essentially, black hat SEO can get your site to the top spots in Google in a relatively short span of time. The only problem is that it never works in the long run, and can actually harm you.

However, the main danger in black hat SEO for newbie affiliates is that they might be doing it without even realizing it…

The advice here is simple: be careful not to take part in any of the following things or you’ll have to face the consequences of being banned from Google.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is when you repeat a given keyword or key-phrase unnaturally often inside the content of your site.

This practice used to work back in the day when search engines were not that sophisticated yet. These days, however, it does not work at all.

Invisible Links and Text

This is a trick most often used on landing pages. Some people place links and copy in a font that has the same color as the background. Normal visitors can’t see it, but Google still can.

The purpose of this is to improve the keyword density of a page and send link juice to some other pages. At least in theory … in reality Google really doesn’t like this.

Using Link Farms

Link farms are a kind of online directories (websites) that have hundreds of thousands of links on them. The purpose is to create a large network of SEOd sites and then send the link juice to one or more websites.

Google advises against using link farms for years now.

Paid Links

For some reason Google sees buying links as “not okay.” If they figure out that some of your backlinks have been bought they will strip them down from any link juice immediately.

Blog Comment Spam

This is the oldest trick in the book. Some people simply use software robots to go to hundreds of blogs a day and submit multiple spam comments. By now, Google can recognize spam links pretty easily.

Do you know of any other common black hat SEO practices?