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Getting Started with Website Flipping: Part 2


How the site is structured and the main elements that will make it attractive to individuals and potential buyers.

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Getting Started with Website Flipping: Part 1


An introduction to the idea and process behind building websites to flip for a profit.

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The Fallacy of the 10,000 Hour Rule


What's the point of practicing for 10,000 hours if you're not doing it correctly?

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8 Quick Actions to Improve Your Affiliate Marketing (by this Afternoon)


A set of simple actions you can take to show positive change to your affiliate marketing (all accomplish-able by the afternoon).

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Don't Let Money Get In The Way Of Success


Setting a daily dollar amount for your affiliate goals or a value for your time could be hampering your success.

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A Friendly Reminder to Back up Your Data


An honest mistake trying to fix my computer almost led to all of my business files being deleted... start backing up your data.

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What Humble Bundle Does Right (And What We Can Learn)


Humble Bundle has found its niche in the video game industry and they're rocking it! Here's what we can learn from their success.

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Facebook Introduced the Call-to-Action Button for Pages: Are You Using It?


A fun new feature for FB fan page owners to draw attention to fan taking action.

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Three Ways to Recharge Your Energy for Affiliate Marketing


When your batteries are low from all the long (and sometimes) lonely hours of affiliate marketing there are a great ways to recharge.

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Start Prepping for Valentine’s Day: What to Promote


The big ticket items to promote during Valentine's Day to earn an affiliate profit off the lovey-dovey feelings.

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