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How-To Improve Your Business Using Fiverr


An overview of what it takes to get started with Fiverr and how it can be best used for your business.

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How-to Cull Testimonials from your Fans and Customers


A variety of helpful tips and strategies to cull testimonials from your fans and customers to improve your brand image.

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Five Ways You Should Use Social Media (Besides Marketing)


A view into some of the different ways to get the most out of your social media experience and participation.

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How-to Host Successful Local Business Events


A variety of steps to help you create local business events to generate sales, brand awareness, and feedback.

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How-to Prevent that Stir Crazy Feeling when Working From Home


Working from home through affiliate marketing is a dream until you start to get those feelings of going stir crazy.

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What I Would Have Done Differently When Starting Affiliate Marketing


The actions that would have shaped my work in affiliate marketing.

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The Logical Game of Affiliate Marketing


Taking a look at what should be done in order to cater to the logical type of leads landing on your website.

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The Mind Game behind Affiliate Marketing


The difference between pushing an affiliated product/service to a logical vs emotional type of lead.

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Getting Started with Website Flipping: Part 2


How the site is structured and the main elements that will make it attractive to individuals and potential buyers.

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Getting Started with Website Flipping: Part 1


An introduction to the idea and process behind building websites to flip for a profit.

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