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60 Seconds to Better Content Marketing


Throughout this week I plan to bring you a very short series that will take you through the fundamentals of improving your affiliate marketing business.

The topics I’ll touch on range from SEO, content marketing, social media, advertising, and growth.

Each of these topics can take years to master but what I plan to do with the series is to give you a leg-up on each of them in just a minute of your time. It’s the type of series where one good suggestion can become a great opportunity for your business so if you find something and like it then go with it and put it into practice.

Set your timer… here we go…

  • Start off by writing down a list of all the frequently asked question by those visiting your website and then begin creating content that answers these questions.

  • Expand on topics that are worthy of the commitment such as writing extensive tutorials, reviews, or round-ups which attract others from the industry and educate the consumers.

  • Make a plan and stick to it – set a schedule for how many times you’ll post content to the website (and on others) each week and strive to continually make that mark so that there’s always something fresh for the community to consume (and share).

  • Bring in outside help whether it’s through interviewing interesting people within your industry, accepting guest posts, hiring ghost writers to fill in the content gaps, or even having some of the employees write from their perspective. More content = more chances to be found in search engines.

  • When a piece of content goes well with social media you should keep hammering the topic so that you can ride the wave of interest. Once you find out what people want to consume (in terms of content) you can keep with it to fill that hunger.

  • Don’t be afraid to expand into different media formats such as audio or video; platforms like YouTube is great for spreading your message and brand and the same can be said if you begin producing podcasts, regular webinars, or social hang-outs.

Take one of these suggestions and roll with it. It’s better to give at least one a try than attempt them all and become discouraged. Once you hit your stride with the one – come back and work on the next. You’ll build a momentum that will see you you through to improving your business.

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