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How To Work While Your Site Is Under Construction


The speed at which you launch your affiliate business matters considering the stiff competition and the rapid changes sweeping the web. Starting work today, rather than waiting for all the pieces to come together, can give you a great edge and entrance into your market.

In the following parts, you’ll learn some of the items you can begin working on, while your website is under construction.

Get Out and Network

Right away, you should be getting your name out to the major players in your market.

Networking is an essential factor for overall growth in affiliate marketing so begin forming your network through any means possible. Talk with fellow affiliate business owners, bloggers, journalists, and potential leads so when it comes time to launch you’ll start with a bang.

Refine and Grow Your Skills

Use your time, during the website downtime, to grow your knowledge in the areas that you’ll be covering, teaching, and selling.

Use a tool like Google Reader to compile influential website feeds so you’ll be able to keep up-to-date on the latest industry news and strategies. Additionally, this time is perfect for understanding how to carve out a niche, within the industry, since you’ll know what others have produced.

Work With Third-Party Platforms

Build your presence on social media platforms and claim your business listings.

There are dozens of big social media websites that allow you to create profiles and link back to your website so take advantage of the situation while things are under construction. Begin forming a following on Facebook and Twitter. Setup a profile on LinkedIn and network. Use Tumblr,, Blogger, or other platforms to get a feel for publishing content. In essence, take this time to get all the little pieces situated and primed to send people to the website when it launches.

Build Links and Presence

Use a few of your articles to begin building valuable backlinks through guest posting.

Take your list of relevant websites and pitch them an idea for a guest article which will get your name out and be used to build a link. Leave blog comments and push good information on your social platforms with links back to your site. Even if the site isn’t quite up yet, the links will be there to help give it a boost once it goes live.

Research Your Customers and Competition

Spend some time digging into the details of your competition to gain an edge.

Browse and make note of your competition, their content, and what they have to offer. Look at how your competition handles their social profiles and customer relations. Call the competition and get a feel for how they work. In fact, try ordering their products and dig into the premium offerings so that you’ll know where you stand and how to position yourself to the industry.

Create Content

Brainstorm and create a list of evergreen content pieces – then get writing (or hire a freelancer).

Your website will need content when it goes live so have it primed to make an impact by crafting the best possible content you can muster. Set a publication schedule and work on the main articles that define the launch; create a sense that there is new content pushed out daily so people will keep coming back time and time again.

As you can see, there are many items you can work on while the website is under construction. The weeks or months until the launch gives you the perfect opportunity to dot the i’s and cross the t’s so get active and come out swinging!

And, as a bonus, here is one additional tip: Put a ‘coming soon’ page on your website!

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