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The Highs and Lows of an Affiliate Lifestyle


An affiliate lifestyle is sought by many individuals that dream of leaving the rat race.

The ability to be your own boss, set your own schedule, work on projects of passion, and earn an income anywhere in the world will certainly water your palette (who wouldn’t want those things?) but just as you would find in any field – there are highs and lows.

Getting your start in affiliate marketing is exciting to say the least especially if you’re accustomed to a normal paycheck (which we all know doesn’t always feel rewarding for the amount of work we put in).

In an attempt to explain what it’s like as an affiliate – I’d like to share some of these ups and downs:

The High Points

There will be moments where you are on top of the World – everything is going in your favor, you’re seeing great success, and nothing gets in your way. These moments are why we put in the long hours, make the investments, and build relationships; it’s like an addiction and once you have a taste you’re going to do everything you can to feel it again.

  • You will begin to receive a healthy amount of website traffic which generates regular conversions for your offers (and the increase in data gives you better analytics to mine for additional opportunities).

  • You either increase your side-income enough to live comfortably or you have the option of taking the leap and leaving your 9-to-5 job.

  • Your network has grown to the point that you’re interacting with other successful entrepreneurs and business owners which keeps opening the doors for new work, insights, meetings, and lifestyle changes.

  • You can choose your schedule to fit how you want to work which means you now have those days off to travel and relax, finally.

  • You’ll have developed a stronger business mindset that allows you to assess potential ventures and delegate the technical details which, in turn, hacks your growth and leads to rapid expansion (and a ton of extra projects that appeals to your passions).

Of course there are also …

The Low Points

We all experience the low points at one time or another; most of them are caused by our inability to keep up with the times or let our success go to our heads so we begin to drop the ball. Other times we have no control such as a service coming to a sudden stop or a sweeping change in search algorithms that destroys search results.

  • As noted, you may see a sudden stop in service from one of the companies providing the products or a service which means if they are your big money maker you could see your profits drop dramatically until you find a replacement.

  • You could face legal trouble if you if you failed to adhere to federal guidelines or even when filing taxes which could lead to fines (and potentially jail time if it’s a serious offense).

  • You may find that people simply move on which requires you to start the community and business networking process all over again (it happens from time to time); this leaves you without those great connections that aid in support.

  • You will find that if you work around your family or significant other causes tension and disrupt in your work which will offset the entire purpose of leaving a 9-to-5 (to have that freedom to work from wherever, and whenever).

  • You fail to keep up with your skills so you are forced to re-learn a number of items which can be very overwhelming compared to when you got your start and learned as you gained momentum.

But you don’t have to swing up and down all the time if you …

Find a Middle Ground

One issue I’ve had with those that say “drop out of school and start a business, online!” is that it’s too short sighted. Yes, it’s very much possible that you can find success if you’re willing to put in the time and energy but affiliate marketing is a volatile game – what works today that has brought you success may not be there in a few years to come. The Web is constantly changing so if you don’t polish your skills and change the game than you could find yourself in a whole heap of trouble because the affiliate income has dried up.

What I’m trying to say is that you should be aware of both sides of the affiliate lifestyle and that you should create a plan – I encourage you to dive head first into affiliate marketing but do so with knowing that things shift all the time so be sure to build solid relationships with businesses and community members to which you may turn to explore other methods of earning money online during drought periods in your affiliate business.

Other than that … I hope you got a kick out of these items and that they may help you from developing too much scatterbrain-ness in your work.

What sort of highs and lows have you experienced as an affiliate?


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