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Six Mistakes Not to Make as an Affiliate Marketer


Work balances on a perfect blend of passion, expertise, and drive.

There are times when you may feel invincible due to your current (or past) success in affiliate marketing. When you allow your ego to inflate you begin to make mistakes. You start to turn a blind eye to your activities (and those helping with the business). You get star struck.

There are also times when your ego is in check but you can’t overcome mental hurdles you’ve put in place. You may not feel adequate. You may not feel authoritative.

Below are six different mistakes you do not want to make as an affiliate marketer.

#1: Devalue your expertise

Understand that you are an expert.

It may not be in the sense that you’re the leader in the field but it is based on the notion that you understand something more than another individual. Because you have this knowledge you are the expert in their eyes.

  • Don’t greatly reduce a product price just to appeal to everyone

  • Don’t take up work that is below your rank (unless it’s truly necessary)

  • Don’t let others put you off because it feels you’re not good enough

If you feel your expertise has significant value then price it appropriately. Setting a premium for others to gain access to your knowledge and expertise will qualify the people so you’re not stuck working with low baller’s and cheapskates.

#2: Wasting your time

Time is your most important asset – so don’t waste it.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in some new technique, start a new project, or get addicted to a piece of technology but ultimately it becomes a distraction if you never put it to use.

The majority of your time needs to be devoted to doing real work. Then, you have a few hours that can be used to exploring new opportunities.

Keep track of your time. Find out the time wasters. Optimize your work flow.

Yes, there is always tomorrow but why do that then when you could do it now?

#3: Rely too heavily on one method

Far too many marketers land on a technique or method and ride it until the wheels fall off.

It may have provided you with quite the return on investment but once that method starts to lose its value you are stuck because you haven’t taken the time to expand.

You need to look into new methods to drive leads to your affiliate business.

Keep your nose to the grinding stone (remember the time thing?) to make sure you get the important stuff done but make sure you’re trying at least one new technique throughout the week. Measure its effectiveness. Apply it to the business. Expand your lead generation.

#4: Being a martyr for work

There isn’t a prize for working yourself to death.

It’s rather silly that people become martyrs for their work – happy that they’re putting in 60 – 80 hour work weeks. This is a slow road to death.

  • You need to pace yourself

  • You need to work smarter

  • You need to streamline

Just because you’re putting in 40 hours a week doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing 40 hours of actual work. A good chunk of that time is wasted. Wouldn’t it be better to work 20 incredible hours than 40 lackluster ones?

Use your head and find ways to increase your proficiency. Outsource if you need to. Cut back on projects that aren’t paying off. Take time to relax once in a while.

#5: Failing to take notes

You really need to get into the habit of note taking.

I bet you read dozens of great articles throughout the day but by the time you’re down for the night a good majority of it has been forgotten. So then the next day you repeat the process – filling your head with information – but never really taking action.

  • Take notes

  • Take notes

  • Take notes

It could be a single line of text that popped out at you. Anything is better than nothing.

This lets you scan the notes and get right to the point. You can put things in action because you have the core idea. Likewise – you can keep track of what you’ve done which then allows you to repeat the process and repeat the success.

#6: Not trying new challenges

This isn’t the notion of learning new techniques for lead generation and the whatnot.

What I mean is that you’re probably not challenging yourself – mentally and physically.

Set aside work for a moment …

  • Could you be in better shape?

  • Could you give up a vice?

  • Could you help the community?

  • Could you travel?

Challenging yourself do wonders for unlocking your creativity and spirit. That boost in confidence from having overcome mental and physical blocks trickle back into your work. You will feel inspired and more complete as a human being. Take that energy and push onward.


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