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Why networking with other affiliates matters (a LOT)

When I was finishing up my undergraduate work about five years ago, I kept hearing the same word: Networking. To be honest I kind of grew sick of hearing it and ultimately thought that I was above networking and that my degree would be all I needed in finding a job. The swift lesson I learned soon thereafter was that my thinking couldn’t have been further from the truth. The bottom line is this: The success you have in your professional life is forged by the people you know and the relationships you build Do you have to know Bill … Continue reading

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Top 5 mistakes affiliate managers make

Being an Affiliate Manager is not an easy job by any means. They work long hours stuck dealing with either novice affiliates asking for the world, or successful affiliates expecting the world. They are CS Reps, Statisticians, PR Reps, and punching bags for disgruntle affiliates all wrapped into one. More often than not they are tar and feathered for being the messenger between the company they work for, and the affiliates they manage. However, becoming a successful Affiliate Manager (AM) will not only lead to a successful company, but will also be financially rewarding to the AM as well. A … Continue reading

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Why affiliate managers must use instant messaging

As an affiliate manager, instant messaging tools such as MSN Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger & Google Chat amongst others are vital to the success I achieve in my role. The benefits of using Instant Messaging tools may seem obvious but I would like to dig deeper into why they are so crucial and needed in an affiliate manager’s day to day duties. The first and foremost point is the fact that an affiliate manager has another method or way to contact his/her affiliates. The works both ways in that the affiliate can get ahold of their affiliate manager with as … Continue reading

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