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SEO: How to win with the search engines

At this point in the Site-Building Challenge, you’ve got your site completed and you’re loading it with great content. But if your site is relatively new, you’re probably disappointed in the low amount of traffic you’re seeing in Google Analytics. Don’t worry. It’s normal for a site to start slowly. In fact, most new sites get relatively little traffic. However, don’t settle for less than you can achieve. If you’re not seeing the amount of traffic you want, and you want to do better, you can improve your traffic. You can do it by taking action. While filling your site … Continue reading

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SEO Tips: Four tips for writing SEO-friendly content

Do you ever wonder why some affiliate sites with terrific content, lots of information, and quality advice don’t get the same SEO results as other sites? As we wrap up this last week of the Site-Building Challenge, we’re going to answer that question. And we’re going to show you how you can create great content for your affiliate site that also brings in maximum traffic. Those sites with great content and low traffic don’t fail because of the content itself. The reason they don’t succeed is a lack of attention to search engine optimization (SEO). While SEO might sound like … Continue reading

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Shopping Affiliate Programs: The Top 3 Programs

Over the past few days, I’ve pointed you to several profitable and trustworthy affiliate programs in Travel, Internet Marketing, and Health and Beauty. Now it’s time to have a look at a category that’s much broader – shopping and retail. For some niches, it doesn’t make sense to use a broad shopping affiliate program. For instance, if your niche is Internet Marketing, you’ll likely make more by selling higher commission products geared toward your specialty. However, if your category has broad consumer appeal (books, computers, cooking supplies) – or if your niche is dominated by affiliate programs with generally low commission … Continue reading

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Travel Affiliate Programs: Choosing a Top Program

Now that you’ve learned a little about affiliate programs for Internet Marketing and Health and Beauty, it’s time to discuss another popular category, travel. Travel affiliate programs are a great way to monetize sites such as personal travel diaries, sites geared toward touring a specific location, such as a country or region, and sites focused on a type of vacation, such as “traveling with kids” or “visiting Disney theme parks.” Here are a few samples of the kinds of travel programs you’ll find along with some recommendations on programs you might want to explore. Priceline – If Priceline is good … Continue reading

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Internet Marketing affiliate programs: Choosing a top program

Yesterday, you learned a bit about health and beauty affiliate programs. Today’s Site-Building Challenge post will introduce you to another kind of affiliate program – Internet Marketing. We’ll discuss four different kinds of programs and I’ll provide you with examples of each. What is Internet Marketing? Internet Marketing is the act of promoting products or services over the Internet. It ranges from selling eBooks through affiliate marketing to local search marketing that helps your local pizzeria stay at the top of Google’s page one. It involves search engine optimization, email marketing, website building, social media optimization and much more. As … Continue reading

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Health and Beauty Affiliate Programs: The Top 5

As we continue on the Site-Building Challenge, it’s now time to look at the various kinds of affiliate programs you can use to make money from your site. It’s likely you already have some idea about the kind of program you want to promote.  If you don’t, you’ll want to stay tuned to this and the next few posts to learn about the different kinds of programs available to you and why certain programs might be a better fit for your website. If you do have an idea of the kind of program you’re looking at, be sure stick with … Continue reading

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LinkShare & ClickBank Affiliate Network Reviews

Today we’re going to cover two affiliate networks you’ll definitely want to consider working with, LinkShare and ClickBank. We’ll summarize the types of offers you can find there and discuss what kind of affiliate site might profit most from each network. While there are many affiliates who feel strongly about both of these networks, at the end of day, you’ll need to select merchants and offers that are right for your website and business. What you need to know about LinkShare LinkShare, much like the Google Affiliate Network, provides offers from Fortune 500 brands such as J.C. Penney, American Express, … Continue reading

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ShareASale & Google Affiliate Network Reviews

Today’s post will continue our focus on how you can select a great affiliate network, or networks, to work with. You’ve reached that point in the Site-Building Challenge where it’s time to make a choice about what kind of affiliate products you want to offer on your site. As an affiliate, you’re going to want to sell products from merchants you can trust to provide great service and treat affiliates well. If you choose to work with an affiliate network, the same is true. That means you’ll want a network with great products and services from solid retailers that also … Continue reading

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Commission Junction Review

The next step in the Site-Building Challenge is to find some programs to add to your site. For some of you, you might already know exactly what products you want to promote. But for many of you, you might still be looking to find just the right merchant for your site, or you might be looking to add an additional merchant or two. One of the best ways to learn about and participate in a variety of affiliate programs is to join an affiliate network. An affiliate network is an intermediate, or middleman, between content publishers (affiliates) and merchants. In … Continue reading

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How to write great content for your affiliate site

As we continue on the site-building challenge, it’s time to take the great site that you’ve built and add some content to it. For some of you, this is going to be easier than it sounds. Because you’re an expert in your niche, you’ll be able to produce lots of high-quality articles and blog posts. But if you’re just starting off, you might be nervous about asserting your authority. However, I can assure you that you will get more comfortable writing content for your site. Why? There are two reasons. First, when you practice something on a regular basis, it … Continue reading

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