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Dating & matchmaking affiliate survey

Are you an affiliate of a dating or matchmaking site? Would you like the opportunity to provide feedback about your experience? Publisher and marketer Anne Holland, of Subscription Site Insider and, is conducting a new study, the Dating & Matchmaking Site Benchmark Report. Anne is seeking affiliates of dating and matchmaking sites to take a short, anonymous survey that she’ll use as research for the report. In exchange for completing the survey, affiliates will receive an executive summary of the study with ten new tables and charts, including new affiliate data. Go here to sign up for the free … Continue reading

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WordPress Themes: What to do?

As you continue along in the Site-Building Challenge, it’s time to face one of the questions every WordPress site owner has to answer at one point or another: Should I pay for a premium WordPress theme? Today, we’re going to help you make that decision. Before we jump into themes, let’s look at the context surrounding this decision. WordPress is an open source content management system that was first released in 2003. Since then, it’s been supported by a vibrant, active community of users who pride themselves on their ability to customize WordPress while obtaining many of the resources … Continue reading

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WordPress & SEO for Affiliates

As you can see, you’re inching closer and closer to having your WordPress site ready to launch. Now that you have the basics set up and configured, it’s time to move to a brief consideration of search engine optimization, or as it’s commonly known, SEO. SEO is important regardless of what kind of affiliate site you’re creating. By creating content and building your site in a manner that’s optimized for search engines, you’re going to be more likely to get more traffic, which means you’ll have more potential buyers for your affiliate products. And if you’re feeling like there’s too … Continue reading

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Webmaster Tools for WordPress

One of the consistent themes we’ll remind you of in this series, and beyond, is the need to understand Google and how it works. While Google isn’t the only search engine, it does command more than 60 percent of search volume. If you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you’ll have to make sure Google’s search engine spiders can easily index your site. Yesterday, you went through the steps of setting up Google Analytics. Today we’re going to set up and install Google’s Webmaster Tools on your WordPress site. But before we go through the steps you’ll need to … Continue reading

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How to install Google Analytics for WordPress

Now that your WordPress site is installed and your search-engine-friendly permalinks are configured, it’s time to install an import tool – Google Analytics. If you’ve been running websites for a while, it’s likely you already know about this. If you don’t know about it, we’ll cover what it is and why it’s important, then we’ll go through the steps it takes to install it for WordPress. In short, Google Analytics helps you understand the traffic that comes to your site. The various statistics the Analytics tool tracks includes: •    Who visits your site •    What visitors do on your website, … Continue reading

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Configure WordPress for maximum traffic

If you’ve been following our site-building challenge, you’ve already done your basic WordPress installation. Now it’s time to start configuring your new affiliate marketing site. Today we’re going to customize the permalink structure of your site. Permalink is another word for the URL of your WordPress page (or post). Web users and search engines both use the permalink to access your content. If you don’t think you’ve ever seen a permalink, you probably have. The permalink for yesterday’s Site-Building Challenge post looks like this: Regardless of the type of site you’re building (blog or static pages), setting a custom … Continue reading

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Setup hosting and install WordPress

In yesterday’s post, you learned what it takes to buy a great domain name. Hopefully you’ve already done that. Today’s post will cover three topics on site-building: • Why you should use WordPress, • The basics of setting up your web hosting account, and • The first steps of installing your WordPress website. I’ll take you through as much as I can in detail and refer you to other resources where I can’t. But first, here are a few terms you’ll need to know over the next few days: cPanel – This is the most popular control panel used by … Continue reading

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Great domain equals great SEO

NASCAR driver, spokesmodel, and all-around hottie Danica Patrick has become synonymous with Go Daddy, arguably the most highly visible domain registrar in the world. Ask your Grandad where you can buy a domain name and it’s much more likely he’ll say Go Daddy before Network Solutions, Namecheap, Dotster … or hosting companies Bluehost and Hostgator. Go Daddy, with revenue estimates of more than $600 million per year, has democratized domain purchasing in the United States and beyond. But while they’re made the transaction of buying a domain name easy, the challenge for affiliates is to buy the right domain – … Continue reading

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Dominate your niche with killer keywords

You probably know what a keyword is, but do you know the different between a killer keyword and a dud? It’s all about competition. You might have a great keyword with lots of search volume, but if there’s too much competition, you’ll never get traffic to your site. And on the other hand, if you’ve got a keyword with little to no competition, you might also be choosing a keyword that will get little to no traffic. Whatever your niche, it’s important to do your keyword research before starting your site-building. The correct use of keywords determines how the search … Continue reading

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Getting started in affiliate marketing, from the experts

If you’ve gotten this far, you probably know what affiliate marketing is, and what we mean by our Site Building Challenge. So it’s probably safe to assume that you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing and how you can find great affiliate programs and start building your site. Now it’s time to get the equipment you need to get started. Start with a desk and computer First, you’ll need a place to work. If you want to work out of your house, make sure you’ve got a room with a door that closes and locks from the inside. This … Continue reading

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