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Social Media: The Basics of Social Bookmarking

If social media was a family, who would be the ugly cousin? When you think of social media, you certainly think of Facebook and Twitter, and the hundreds of success stories you’ve heard from affiliate marketers who have developed followings, generated traffic and increased their commissions by posting and tweeting. But it’s likely you haven’t thought much of social bookmarking sites such as Stumble Upon, Digg and Delicious—which in the past year have unfortunately—and undeservedly—become the social media family’s ugly cousin. Well, if you’re not including social bookmarking as part of your backlinking strategy, you’re missing out. It’s one more … Continue reading

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Why You Should Consider Infographics for Your Affiliate Site

As an affiliate marketer, you’re always looking to get more traffic to your site. But in order to get the best traffic, you’ll want to attract readers in a fun, interactive way that complements your marketing strategy and the content on your website. While there are many tools out there to accomplish this, such as polls, contests, quizzes, slideshows and videos, one of the hot ways to make your content sing is to use infographics. Infographics, as we’ve discussed recently, are visual representations of information, data or knowledge that can help your site readers understand complex information quickly and easily. … Continue reading

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Five Best Holiday Affiliate Programs

Over the past fews days, we’ve covered a variety of issues around optimizing your affiliate site for the holidays. In particular, we’ve suggested some great Christmas affiliate programs as well as some tips to get your affiliate site ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Today, we’re going to continue giving this advice by looking at five of the best holiday affiliate programs you can add to your website or sell through your email list. And while there’s never a bad time to add a new affiliate program to your site or to start an affiliate business, the holiday season … Continue reading

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Affiliate Marketing News: Amazon Backs Sales Tax Reform

After a challenging 2011 for the Amazon Associates Program, which was shutdown in California in response to the state’s demand for an e-commerce tax, it appears the Seattle-based company is going on the offensive by advocating for national sales tax reform. Amazon has said they’re strongly supporting a proposed federal law that would force online retailers to collect local taxes on more of their sales. This would end a longtime loophole in U.S. tax policy that was originally meant to help catalog retailers. The National Retail Federation, which represents many brick-and-mortar retailers, and which has battled with Amazon on the … Continue reading

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Last Minute Tips for Cyber Monday

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, are two of the most hyped, busiest shopping days of the Christmas shopping season. They’re also two of the most lucrative days of the year for affiliates. If you’re an affiliate who sells products that appeal to Christmas shoppers such as toys, gifts, electronics, sporting goods, gift baskets or apparel, this is the time of year you need to be focused. Having a plan and executing it now will greatly increase your traffic, the quality of … Continue reading

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Four Great Christmas Affiliate Programs

You can already see it. The Christmas shopping season is upon us. The big-box retailers stocked their shelves with toys, Christmas trees and gift ideas the day after Halloween. And Amazon is already advertising their holiday toy list on their homepage. For affiliate marketers, and anyone in retail sales, the Christmas shopping season can be one of the most lucrative seasons of the year. And finding the right products that both appeal to holiday-season gift buyers and pay a fair commission can make or break an affiliate site. Just a few weeks ago, we recommended some categories at that … Continue reading

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Amazon Associates Program: Five Tips for Affiliate Sites

As we’ve discussed many times before, the Amazon Associates Program is a great way to monetize your website. If you’re blogging on a topic and have already built a steady traffic stream, adding a few affiliate links and product reviews can lead to additional income. If you’re looking to launch a product review or comparison shopping site, Amazon gives you an opportunity to promote thousands of products, many of them with attractive traffic-generating long-tail keywords in their product names and model numbers. For today, we’ve assembled a few important tips that will help you get more out of the Amazon … Continue reading

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Top Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

One of the common challenges faced by new affiliates is not knowing where to start. When you’re faced with the prospect of finding a niche, building a website, and driving traffic to it, all of that work can seem overwhelming. Today, we’ve outlined a few simple and essential tips to help you organize your thoughts and launch your affiliate marketing business the right way. Tip #1: Focus on Gaining Your Visitors’ Trust Today’s web users are savvy and a bit cynical. When they see an affiliate link, they know it means someone is trying to make money. And when they … Continue reading

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News Roundup: U.S. Sales Tax?, Google Search Operator, Affiliate Summit West

Over the past few months, there’s been a lot going on in the affiliate marketing world. And as we approach the holiday season, that doesn’t appear to be changing. Here’s a quick summary of some recent top stories. National Sales Tax to Solve Nexus Tax Challenge? The San Jose Business Journal reports that Tennessee’s Sen. Lamar Alexander is working to reform online sales tax collections nationwide. The Tennessee Republican told the Nashville Business Journal that he backs enabling states to make online retailers collect sales taxes that consumers are supposed to be paying by law. Alexander said the legislation he’s … Continue reading

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New Affiliate Programs for Men

What are you missing out on if you don’t think about men as an audience for an affiliate website? A lot. Men, as you already know, are 50 percent of the population. And we also do 50 percent of online shopping. While many affiliates think in generalities about niches and the products that serve them, learning to focus on the demographics of your niche can significantly improve the results of your affiliate business. So if you’re looking to launch a new website, think of men as a target demographic. Focus on keywords specific to their needs. For instance, instead of … Continue reading

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