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The Ins and Outs of an Affiliate Disclosure Statement

In December 2009, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) updated their “deceptive advertising” guidelines in relation to affiliate marketing. In short, the FTC said that if an affiliate marketer has a material relationship (i.e.; making commission) to a product that’s reviewed on his/her website, that the affiliate must fully disclose that relationship to his/her readers. These guidelines themselves were not new in 2009, having been already in place for other areas of e-commerce such as email and spam. Now it’s two years later. And the FTC remains somewhat unclear about how they plan to enforce these guidelines. Regardless, questions about … Continue reading

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the world of affiliate marketing. Here are some of the best, most interesting stories we’ve been following. Shawn Collins: How to create an “ask the expert” site Do you like Quora? Do you like answering questions? Do you like launching new sites and making money from them? On his blog, Affiliate Tip, Shawn Collins deconstructs everything you need to know about setting up a new ask the expert affiliate site. While there’s a lot of time spent going through the background information about why people go online and such, there’s a tone … Continue reading

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Google Affiliate Network: 5 great programs to promote

We’ve recently given you advice on how connect with great affiliate programs at affiliate networks such as LinkShare, ShareASale and ClickBank. Today we’re going to focus on some hot programs at the Google Affiliate Network. Google’s network, which came to Google through acquisition, was formerly known as DoubleClick, Performics and Connect Commerce. But even with all of these name changes, the network itself is quietly improving its capabilities and becoming an effective affiliate marketing network. Many major brand such as Barnes and Noble, Target, Office Max and Sears advertise through the network. And affiliates report doing well with these and … Continue reading

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Three hot ClickBank products to promote

ClickBank, one of the most popular affiliate networks, was founded in 1998. With more than 100,000 active affiliates, it’s a big network. Add to that more than 50,000 digital products, and you’ve got a powerhouse. For affiliates, ClickBank is a common first step in affiliate marketing; it serves a huge role in introducing affiliates to the affiliate marketing industry. One thing that draws affiliates to ClickBank is the simple fact that it’s easy. There’s no approval process for affiliates, so anyone can sell a ClickBank product. And even more importantly, it’s easy to get paid. ClickBank is known for treating … Continue reading

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LinkShare Affiliate Network: 5 Great Programs to Promote

Today we continue our series of posts that highlight affiliate programs available through various affiliate networks and we’re going to focus on LinkShare. Founded in 1996, LinkShare is an established and trusted name in affiliate marketing, with offers from name brands such as Apple, and If your site is geared toward a niche that’s looking for replacement to brick-and-mortar retail, LinkShare has some great options, such as Petsmart, Macy’s and AT&T. In addition, they have a variety of trusted financial services companies such as American Express, Ally Financial and Scotttrade. In addition, LinkShare seems to have found an … Continue reading

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Webinar: How affiliate marketers can best leverage social media

If you’re an affiliate marketer, success matters to you. We know you’re always looking for ways to actively manage your website and increase its authority online because you know that’s essential for success as an affiliate. But do you know exactly what steps you need to take your site’s traffic to the next level? Sometimes that’s not so obvious. The impact of social media on website traffic is monumental. Did you know that more than 20 percent of online visitors are influenced by social media to visit most sites? Our sister site,, is hosting a special free and live … Continue reading

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SEO: What Google Panda means to your affiliate website

If your affiliate sites have fallen in the search engine rankings, you’ve probably fallen victim to Google’s Panda update. Over the past few months, there has been quite a bit of concern in affiliate marketing circles about the impact of Google Panda on affiliate websites. But this problem isn’t limited to affiliate sites. Across the web, sites with duplicate and thin content have been demoted in the search rankings. Some webmasters are finding sites that used to be on page one pushed down several spots, or for some sites, several pages. In place of these thin sites, sites that are … Continue reading

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ShareASale: Five Great Affiliate Programs to Promote

If you’ve wondered about establishing yourself as an affiliate on ShareASale, wonder no more. As we’ve mentioned before, ShareASale is a great affiliate network that’s known for treating affiliates fairly. That can mean a variety of things, from truthful stats to helping resolve conflicts between affiliates and merchants. ShareASale, which primarily targets small and mid-size merchants, is among the largest U.S. affiliate networks. Founded in 2000, ShareASale currently has more than 2,600 merchants in its network. Some well-known retailers on the network include Keen Footwear, Snorg Tees, Jones Soda and Café Press. If you’re looking for a new program to … Continue reading

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Amazon Associates Program: How to get killer SEO with product reviews

Being an affiliate for Amazon can be fun. There’s a lot of stuff to promote, and a wealth of information you can use to understand and sell the online superstore’s products through your website. However, it can also be a challenge. This past summer, we’ve watched a battle in California over the Affiliate Nexus Tax, with Amazon pulling its affiliate program, known as the Amazon Associates Program, away from California affiliates. In addition, there can be stiff competition in some of Amazon’s categories, such as electronics, or low commissions that may cause an affiliate to wonder if the program is … Continue reading

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Five Great Affiliate Programs on Commission Junction

If you’re not already an affiliate through Commission Junction, why not? While it’s possible you might have been scared off by negative rumors about the company and the way it treats affiliates, it’s more likely you haven’t thought about the numbers. And those numbers suggest that you should check out Commission Junction, or “CJ.” Of the top 500 retailers that use third-party affiliate marketing software, 62 percent of them use Commission Junction. Those retailers include big-name brands such as Dell, Home Depot, Bed, Bath and Beyond and online shoe giant Zappos. So, regardless of where you are with your business, … Continue reading

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