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Three New Affiliate Programs to Check Out

Looking for a new affiliate program can be challenging. Sometimes there isn’t the right product mix for your site. Other times you might find that a merchant with great product doesn’t have a generous enough commission rate. (Or worse, they might have a reputation for mistreating or not paying affiliates.) Over the past few months, we’ve provided updates to this blog to help you in your search. We’ve talked quite a bit about the Amazon Associates Program as well as affiliate networks such as ShareASale, Google Affiliate Network, and Commission Junction. One of the key takeaways from these posts is … Continue reading

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How to Integrate the Amazon Associates Program with Your Site

If you’re an affiliate in the Amazon Associates Program, how are you integrating Amazon’s links into your site? Do you painstakingly copy every text and image link from the Amazon link tool? Or do you opt for the lazy method of copying the low-converting Amazon widgets to your site? If you’re copying the links and images, you’re going to create pages that convert well. That is, as long as you’re creating a site with lots of original content. But you’re probably spending a lot of time writing your posts and publishing them to your site. If you’re autoblogging, or worse, … Continue reading

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Best WordPress Affiliate Programs

Over the past few weeks, we’ve reviewed the opportunities available to you as an affiliate marketer in several product categories such as software, shoes, golf and others. In addition, we’ve taught you how to build and launch a WordPress affiliate site and configure it for maximum traffic. Now it’s time to put a new spin on this advice. We’re going to show you how you can start to build an affiliate marketing business that capitalizes on the WordPress craze. WordPress is one of the most talked about and popular open-source content management systems. It’s also a popular Google search. The … Continue reading

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Twitter: Five Tips for Great SEO

As we’ve discussed before, social media tools such as Twitter can have a terrific impact on your search engine optimization. With Twitter passing 400 million registered users, it makes sense that you establish a presence on Twitter in order to build a following that drives direct traffic as well as helping you with your site’s search engine ranking. Social media’s impact upon search is evolving. While many erroneously think that Twitter and Facebook aren’t considered by Google when developing search rankings, the opposite is true. Early in 2011, Google announced that it would begin paying more attention to social media … Continue reading

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The Top Five Non-U.S. Social Networks

Social networks are quickly becoming the advertising and backlink source of choice for affiliate marketers. While Social Media hasn’t, and likely won’t, displace Google as the leader of online advertising and traffic, it still presents a terrific opportunity for affiliate marketers. It’s even giving Google a serious run for its money in terms of traffic, with Facebook recently catching up to Google as the web’s most visited site. And even though Facebook’s traffic has suffered of late, it remains a serious player. So, while Google remains the leader, it’s getting some serious competition. And that competition is coming from social … Continue reading

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How to speed up your WordPress site with WP SuperCache

If you’re running your affiliate website on WordPress, you’re going to want it to run as fast as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to install WP Super Cache, a caching plugin that can significantly increase the speed of your website. WordPress, by nature, serves up pages dynamically, pulling them from your database every time a visitor requests content. WP Super Cache works by making an HTML version of your site’s pages, which decreases the load on your site’s servers and increases the speed of your site. This is quite useful if your site sees a … Continue reading

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Tips for getting your keyword strategy started

Your keyword strategy is the heart of your site’s search engine optimization, or SEO. Any words or phrases on your affiliate website can be keywords (or key phrases). But to get the most traffic possible from the search engines, you’re going to want to focus on those terms that people are typing into the search engine that most closely align with your business. These terms can be almost anything. Common terms that affiliate marketers will include in their keyword strategy include “how to” terms that help solve a problem, services related to a niche, and brand/product names and descriptors such … Continue reading

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The best shoes affiliate programs

As I continue to cover the types of programs you can add to your affiliate site, I thought it would be a good time to discuss the best shoes affiliate programs. If you’ve got a blog about fashion, if you’re just blogging about shoes (see Ugg Heaven), or if you’re running a site for athletes who need to buy a specific type of shoe, you’re going to want to sign up for one or more of the major online shoe affiliate programs. Here they are: Zappos, which was purchased by Amazon in 2009, is a retailer known for its great … Continue reading

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News Roundup: Amazon vs. California, social media traffic disappoints

There have been a variety of interesting things happening in the affiliate marketing world and the situation in California between the State of California’s affiliate nexus tax and continues to draw strong interest from large and small media sources. Also, scroll down to the bottom of today’s post if you want to have your “social media strategy” turned upside down. San Diego small businesses react to California tax law A small paper in San Diego, The Daily Transcript, tells the story of the nexus tax law from the perspective of local small businesses. They lead with the story of … Continue reading

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Best WordPress themes for affiliate marketers

If you’re an affiliate marketer and you’re running your sites on WordPress, you should be focused on three things: creating great content, terrific search engine optimization, and scaling your business. WordPress makes it easy to do these things. But when you use a premium WordPress theme for your affiliate marketing websites, all of this gets even easier. However, there are many budget-minded affiliates who refuse to use premium themes. They claim that the less-than $100 investment for a single theme isn’t worth it. I disagree. Premium themes cost more because they make hard tasks easy and easy tasks even easier, … Continue reading

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