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Four top software affiliate programs

Over the past month, I’ve featured several kinds of affiliate programs (forex, golf, sports, email marketing) you can consider when starting off in a new niche or looking for new opportunities in your current niche. Today, I’m going to list a few software affiliate programs you should consider. Software products can be a great enhancement to a business-advice site (think about tools such as office productivity or virus protection), a young adult site (gaming, college prep) or a technology site that reviews the latest, greatest software tools. The great thing about software affiliate programs is the nature of the software … Continue reading

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25 social media sites you need to check out today

If you don’t know about social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, My Space, and Google Plus, you’ve probably been living under a rock … or possibly an uncharted tropical island … for the past five years. While My Space has fizzled, Facebook is currently vying with Google to be the web’s most highly trafficked site. Twitter is growing in users exponentially. And Google Plus, launched a few short weeks ago, is quickly challenging Facebook’s dominance in social networking. If you do know about these sites, you already know about the power they have to build a fanbase, or as Seth … Continue reading

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Five essential features of affiliate web hosting

Web hosting is an important, but often-overlooked component of affiliate marketing websites. When you’re running an affiliate marketing business, you often have too many details to pay attention to. You need to design an attractive site, create great content for it on a daily basis, and make sure you’re getting traffic to the site with terrific search engine optimization. In addition, you’ll also need to pay close attention to the web hosting of your site. Web hosting can be the difference between a robust, professional site and a site that brings in a few pennies a day. While web hosting … Continue reading

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How to get the most out of the Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress

If you’re running your affiliate website on WordPress, you’re going to need a plugin to create a form. A good form will help you capture visitor emails for your autoresponder list, collect customer feedback, and if you’re selling your own product – process orders through PayPal. Over the past few years, I’ve built more than 200 WordPress websites, using a variety of custom form code and plugins. (I don’t recommend custom coding a form, only because you can use a plugin to achieve what you need in half the time.) There are good free plugins available, such as Fast Secure … Continue reading

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Five top sports affiliate programs

Over the past few weeks, I’ve highlighted a variety of affiliate programs you can consider when planning your business strategy. Today, I’m going to look at a few sports affiliate programs. I hope to give you some ideas on how to monetize a site about personal fitness, or a fan site for a sport, team or college. Regardless of whether you just want to make a bit of spare change, or run an empire of interconnected sports affiliate websites, I’m certain this list will provide you with some options to enhance your business with a great affiliate program or two. … Continue reading

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Five reasons to back up your WordPress site with BackupBuddy

If you’re building your website with WordPress, you know how easy it is to add, delete and change the functionality of your website. You probably also know the importance of backing up your data in case of human errors, a faulty server or a hacker. So if you know all this, how come you’re not backing up your data? If you’re like most of us, you’re not doing simply because you don’t know how easy it is. And that’s where today’s product can help. It’s BackupBuddy from iThemes, a well-known developer of the terrific WordPress theme Builder. If you’re using … Continue reading

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Is a resolution to the affiliate nexus tax in the works?

Still fretting about the Affiliate Nexus Tax issue in California? It’s possible a solution is in the works. Late last week, several Democrats in the U.S. Congress introduced a bill to prevent states from creating unfair rules to tax online retailers. This bill is named the “Main Street Fairness Act.” It’s co-sponsored by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD), and Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) as well as Reps. John Conyers (D-MI), Peter Welch (D-VT) and Heath Schuler (D-NC) in the House. This bill has been formally endorsed by and Sears Holding Co., the owner of KMart, Sears … Continue reading

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Top forex affiliate programs

If you’re a new affiliate, or an experienced affiliate looking for a new program, you’ll want to check out forex affiliate programs. Forex, short for “foreign exchange,” is a form of online trading that’s taking the Internet by storm. Forex is a relatively new online system that helps online currency traders exchange foreign currencies. These traders make money off the daily fluctuations in global currency exchange rates. If you haven’t heard of it, you’ll be surprised at the size of the forex trading market. As of April 2010, according to the Bank for International Settlements, the average daily exchange in … Continue reading

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Scribe SEO is simple: A great plugin for content marketers

Today I’m going to talk about Scribe SEO, a terrific plugin for WordPress. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I’m an advocate of using WordPress for affiliate marketing websites. It’s free, it’s simple to set up, and it makes it easy for the search engines to find and spider your content. But one thing WordPress doesn’t do, at least out of the box, is optimize your content for the search engines. Without proper search engine optimization (SEO), you can have the best content in the world and no visitors to your site. Why is that? Essentially there are … Continue reading

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WordPress web hosting for affiliate marketers

When new affiliates are building their first WordPress website, web hosting is one of the key features they neglect. Many inexperienced affiliates will often simply opt for a free hosting plan, which provides minimal, if any, support. Or worse, they pay too much for a substandard hosting package from their domain name registrar. In some cases, everything works out fine. But lately I’ve heard from affiliates who have had mysterious issues with the WordPress websites, issues that were not the fault of the site owner, but the fault of the host. And in most of these situations, the offending host … Continue reading

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