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News Roundup: Amazon vs. California Nexus Tax

Yesterday, I covered alternative shopping programs that California affiliates could use to substitute for the loss of revenue they’re facing because of Amazon’s decision to pull out of the state. Today, I want to provide a quick update on a few issues surrounding Amazon and the California Nexus Tax.  Readers have discussed these issues in comments and private emails to me. There are many issues out there, and most of them revolve around what California affiliates could, and should, do to protect their businesses. Amazon’s push for a referendum The Christian Science Monitor discussed Amazon’s push for a statewide referendum … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Amazon’s affiliate program for California affiliates

If you’re an affiliate marketer living in California, and you’ve been making good money from the Amazon Associates program, it’s likely you’re more than a little disappointed at the recent events in the state. And you’re probably scrambling to find alternative affiliate programs to participate in. The California Nexus Tax, which we’ve discussed in several posts recently, recently caused Amazon to terminate its program in California and cancel the affiliate agreements of more than 25,000 affiliate marketers. If you’re one of those affiliates looking for an alternative to Amazon, you’ll certainly want to consider adding a new affiliate program, or … Continue reading

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Amazon Associates Program: How to integrate it using WP Zon Builder

Here at, I’ve been talking quite a bit about the Amazon Associates program recently. It’s my opinion that the Amazon program, even with the challenges surrounding the Affiliate Nexus Tax in California and the seemingly low commission rate, is a solid program for affiliates to join. If you’re running a content website, you can make a lot of money recommending and reviewing products sold by Amazon. However, I’m hearing from new affiliates that there are challenges in getting started with Amazon. These challenges are tactical and not strategic. They involve getting product links on the website and the best … Continue reading

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Affiliate with Amazon and promote a high-dollar, high-commission niche

When you’re starting off with your affiliate marketing business, you’re going to quickly find that having a great idea isn’t enough. The challenge is that a topic you’re passionate about, such as Internet marketing … or breeding rabbits, might not be a great way to make money. Why is this? There are two hurdles affiliates normally encounter: 1)    There aren’t any affiliate programs in the niche to monetize (Search for rabbit affiliate programs and see what you find). 2)    The chosen niche is so crowed that your site will never surface on the first, or even second or third, page … Continue reading

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Amazon vs. the California Affiliate Nexus Tax

In a post published yesterday, I mentioned the Performance Marketing Association and its response to the California legislation that imposes a state tax upon e-commerce retailers who have affiliates based in the state which prompted Amazon to cancel the affiliate contracts of approximately 25,000 California-based affiliate marketers. The PMA is an affiliate industry trade group that represents affiliate and performance marketers. They’ve announced they would support, along with Amazon, a voter initiative that would prevent this law from going into place. According to Amazon, the California Attorney General’s office has approved its petition for a referendum that would give voters … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Affiliate Program: Five reasons why you should join today

Amazon’s recent decision to cancel the affiliate agreements of 25,000 California-based affiliates has inspired a lot of attention across the media and the blogosphere. While some blame Amazon, suspecting that Amazon is using this crisis to reduce the cost of their Amazon Associates program, others, such as affiliate advocate Pace Lattin, have looked to a more sinister agent – WalMart – who sees online commerce as a threat to their retail dominance. As of this writing, Amazon and the Performance Marketing Association are preparing a voter referendum to fight this California legislation. If they win, it could potentially rollback the … Continue reading

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SEO: Three reasons to forget about buying backlinks

When you’re trying to boost the search engine rankings of your affiliate marketing site, it can seem like a long path to page one. You’re creating great content, you have a consistent stream of users on your site, and you seem poised for growth. While you’re at this stage, you’re probably getting some great backlinks from other websites in your niche. But it’s just taking too long to get to page one. You started this affiliate marketing business for income, right? And now you’re frustrated that your site’s traffic isn’t growing fast enough to meet your expectations. This is where … Continue reading

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Three reasons affiliate marketers should check out Google Plus

Over the past few weeks, you’ve certainly heard plenty about Google Plus, the Internet giant’s latest attempt at social networking dominance and a direct competitor to both Facebook and Twitter. Following up on the heels of the less-than-successful Google Wave and Google Buzz, some experts note Google’s, poor track record with social networking and suggest that Google Plus is destined to fail. Others, such as affiliate marketer Pace Lattin, claim that Google is poised to unseat Facebook in the same way that Facebook displaced My Space just a couple of years ago. While there’s no way to know for sure … Continue reading

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Take a swing at the best golf affiliate programs

If you’re looking for a sports and recreation niche to promote, you’ll want to consider golf. According to the Golf Research Group, there are more than 32,000 courses worldwide, with more than 7,000 of those courses created in the past ten years. Those courses breed a lot of golfers. More than 4.6 million individuals play golf on these courses at least 25 times per year and more than 57 million people worldwide define themselves as golfers. When you look at it from Google’s perspective, you’ll also find a lot of interest in golf. There are more than 68 million searches … Continue reading

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Top three email marketing services for affiliate marketers

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ve certainly heard this before: you need to have an email list. An email list can be the difference between a good and great affiliate business. In fact, online marketing consultant Mequoda suggests that as much as 30 percent of your subscriber base will typically make from 1 to 2.5 purchases from your list. When you multiply the commission on your purchase by the amount of sales you can make to the total subscribers on your list, it can add up to a significant return. But managing an email list isn’t just about waiting around … Continue reading

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