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Last Minute Halloween Promotion: A Quick and Dirty Guide

I woke up this morning and had almost forgot that I was supposed to run a promotional campaign for Halloween. I didn’t panic. I knew just what to do. Any holiday is a good holiday to do some promotions because people are very active on social media (especially Facebook). Even if you only score a few sales it’s still a prime time to show your brand. Did you have plans to do a Halloween promo but feel you’re too late? Don’t be – use this quick and dirty guide to get something rolling for your community. 1. Grab the creative … Continue reading

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6 Fantastic Resources to Jump into the World of PPC

Pay-Per-Click advertising has quiet and extensive learning curve but thanks to the Internet all those wonderful content producers we all gain access to their knowledge. PPC, once it becomes part of your affiliate marketing business, is going to skyrocket those profits when done correctly. The first handful of campaigns may be complete duds – it’s all part of the learning process; what doesn’t work tells you what else you need to be doing. I can’t say I’m an expert in PPC. I’ve dabbled with it here and there – found a little success – but it’s always something I really … Continue reading

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Short Links: The Basics

Short links are fantastic because they take long URL’s and … well … shorten them. Today we take them for granted. There were services like TinyURL years ago (that’s still going) but it was Twitter that really made them explode on the scene. It was also just one of those times when people were fed up trying to type out an obscenely long URL or pasting it in their emails which always look junky. Once short links became a thing there has been some “dark” times with them because people were quick to exploit them (some still do) but out … Continue reading

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Affiliate Quick Tip: Faster Web Content via Transcription Services

Have you ever been sitting in the car, out on the balcony, or off letting your mind wander when suddenly you get a rush of ideas and need to get them to paper? You scramble to find something to jot it all down but by the time the pen hits the paper the ideas are already fleeting and you’re left with half an attempt at recording. Our brains process information at an astounding rate but our body lags. It’s frustrating when you come up with something great for a piece of content and it flutters away by the time you … Continue reading

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How To Choose Your Website Site Topic [Part 2]

Sometime way back in 2013 I wrote a post that gave five different ways to find niche topics for building affiliate websites. The main methods were: Using a hobby Focusing on popular products Picking a passionate topic Going off with a book Tapping into the community These are all great methods that hold up to this day but there were many others I had in mind when writing the post so I figured it would be a good time to divulge a few of those ideas. I’m not going to list out niche site ideas (in no particular order or … Continue reading

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Productive Activities (for when you’re not doing Affiliate Marketing)

From time to time we all get to that point when we want to take a break from affiliate marketing. The break may be because you’re feeling a little burnt out or that you just need to change it up because you’re basically in front of the computer all day. You’re a go-getter and you don’t want to squander your time (you know this because I know this). You want to make the most of your day but there’s always that *tick* that tells you should be working on the business. I’ve got some alternatives. You can be productive when … Continue reading

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How-To Get Past Spam Filters In Your Email Marketing

There’s nothing worse than loading up an email, sending it out, and it hitting the spam folder of your recipients. Spam folders instantly put a block to your email marketing efforts which is often the bread and butter when it comes to earning affiliate commissions. Doubly worse is when you’ve created an email course but your audience only receives a portion of it. Suddenly the emails are out of order and you start losing interest in the subscribers. The reason for your emails landing in spam can come from many different situations. If you don’t want them being there then … Continue reading

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Three Formulas to Generate Hundreds of Blog Post Ideas

Headlines aren’t all too tricky when you break them down. Most of them rely on a formula because they have been successful time and time again. It’s why we see certain types of headlines come in “waves” while others remain staples no matter what the niche. Once you understand these basic formulas you can start generating dozens, even hundreds, of article ideas within hours by playing with the parameters. Here are five of them to get you started (and may actually be the only ones you’ll ever need). Along with them are a few reasons why they work (just to … Continue reading

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Worthwhile Strategies to Build Better Business Connections during Conferences

Although we have all this amazing technology to conduct online presentations, meetings, and webinars there is much to be desired. The online options give us a lot of flexibility. We aren’t wasting our time and money to go out to hold these discussions. What it does lack is a certain feeling of personality. When we are sitting behind the screens we can’t connect as we would being face-to-face, shaking hands, and being in good company. The physical interaction is just as important as mental stimulation when building relationships. How does one go about building better relationships? The best way to … Continue reading

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How to Keep Track of Viral Internet Trends

One day it’s there and the next day it’s gone. Trends, on the Web, can happen in a day and fizzle by the end of the night. Memes rise and fall before they’re even noticed. It’s one big flash in the pan. Sometimes things stick around but generally only for a few weeks (or a month/two at tops) because Web users feed on new content and trends. They are always digging around for something new, exciting, nostalgic, controversial, or simply something they can get behind. Let’s face it Unless you’re some dedicated social user for a site that tracks Web … Continue reading

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