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The Best Social Platforms for Your Business [Infographic]

I hear this question a lot… “What social media sites should I use?” Each platform provides a very different experience and that experience draws different types of audiences. It wouldn’t be worth the effort for your business to be on a social platform that doesn’t attract your type of customers. Your efforts are best suited to the platforms that matter for your industry and brand. Here is an excellent infographic to answer this question – have a look… Infographic made by QuickSprout.   var OutbrainPermaLink=””;if(typeof(OB_Script)!=’undefined’){OutbrainStart();} else {var OB_PlugInVer=””;;var OB_raterMode=”none”;var OB_recMode=”strip”;var OBITm=”1322086430″;var OB_Script=true;var OB_langJS=””;document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript src=’’ type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”));}

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Simple Ways to Save on Common Business Expenses

When you’re succeeding in your goals and earning a healthy profit there you will, no doubt, begin thinking about two major points for the business: Increase the earnings Decrease the expenses Increasing the earnings can be somewhat difficult at times because it also goes along with increasing your budget in advertising and marketing. Decreasing your expenses becomes an attractive option because cutting waste is often easier. The following are a few of those ways you can decrease your expenses with your business so that you may increase your budget when expanding. The best part? They’re very simple and virtually every … Continue reading

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Becoming an Affiliate Marketing Superhero [Infographic]

Ever had to explain affiliate marketing to a colleague but they just turned their head and said “what”? It’s tougher when doing so to your family that’s for sure, too. GetResponse has recently pieced together a great infographic to explain all the various nuances about affiliate marketing that I think you’d find helpful for understanding its history and fundamentals (and maybe even something to show others so you don’t get confused faces). Here, take a look… Source: var OutbrainPermaLink=””;if(typeof(OB_Script)!=’undefined’){OutbrainStart();} else {var OB_PlugInVer=””;;var OB_raterMode=”none”;var OB_recMode=”strip”;var OBITm=”1322086430″;var OB_Script=true;var OB_langJS=””;document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript src=’’ type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”));}

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Seven Great Sources for Finding Your Motivation

We go through these swings where it’s hard to pull ourselves into completing our work. When that happens we start to lag behind and miss our deadlines; this compounds into additional stress. Sometimes it all just gets to us. The feeling of wanting to complete our activities hasn’t gone away though as we simply lost our motivation along the way. Motivation needs to be refueled. We can do this through many different outlets. Here are some of those sources to help get out of that funk…   Movies Movies aren’t exactly the first source you’d run to because they do … Continue reading

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Valuable Investments for Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is one of the best business opportunities you’ll discover online. It is, though, like any other type of business in which the more you invest the more you’ll get. Once you start to gain a respectable return on investment you, no doubt, think of where to re-invest the money so that you may earn additional income. The following deals with that opportunity. Six of the following will give ideas as to how to invest your affiliate income to increase your profitability while in this industry… 1. A dedicated content producer How often do you product content? Really? We … Continue reading

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The Biggest Blunders in Branding [You Might Actually Make]

You should know by now the value of a strong brand. Building a strong brand takes persistence and is no easy feat considering the sheer amount of competition you will find in your marketplace. Surely, though, you will create a brand if you are diligent. The ones’ that don’t end up making these blunders…     The Alienated Pivot The result of changing the brand image without fully understanding how customers and followers may react resulting in an alienation of the core audience. Once the audience has been lost the business begins to fumble trying to gain the same traction … Continue reading

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The Simplest Way to Find Profitable (Physical) Products for Promotion

I want to show you the easiest way I’ve found to discover profitable physical products for your affiliate promotion. We all know Though we can’t see the sales numbers we can certainly take advantage of the listings based on: How they appear in search results The price Number of reviews and feedback Copy and creative Amazon has it all and they’ve done a great job at creating sub-categories for a ton of different types of products which means you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for in terms of promotion. The other site I’d recommend throwing onto your … Continue reading

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How to Write a Lead Magnet by the End of the Day

A lead magnet is an item you would include on your website to entice visitors into subscribing to your email list (or perhaps to a social page). Most of the time a lead magnet is a small ebook (I’m sure seen plenty of these going around) but there are other options, too, like: Worksheets & Checklists Whitepaper A Q&A with an industry giant A big list of resources The direction of this article is about written lead magnets (perhaps we’ll done one on audio and video at a later point) because they are actually quite easy to create even if … Continue reading

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The Internet is Out! How to Use Your Time during the Downtime

At the time of writing this it appears that my connection to the Internet has gone down and I have no idea when it’s supposed to come back up. We all experience unexpected downtime whenever our Internet connection drops out. It may have been the result of a storm or maybe someone accidentally dug too deep and hit one of the lines. Either way it’s a real inconvenience to those of us that predominantly work online. Our first reaction is to scramble and find some form of free WiFi at some coffee shop or leeching it off the neighbors but … Continue reading

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3 Important Criteria for Selecting the Right Affiliate Products

All the effort you place into building a website, amassing a social following, and building a brand are moot if you never have a proper product to pitch to your community. When you began this whole affiliate marketing thing (or if you’re starting) the choices are quite limitless because you have a wide selection of markets and niches along with tons of products available for promoting. Understand which of these products are worthy becomes the problem. You may have put together all the necessities of an online presence and then picked a few that looked interesting from within an affiliate … Continue reading

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