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Giving Up is NOT an Option: Reasons We Do (and Ways to Counteract Them)

Know this… Giving up is NOT an option. Affiliate marketing is a long-term game that requires you to be on top of your skills and strategies each and every day. It’s not for the faint of heart but those that do take up the challenge may see some really incredible rewards for their efforts. Alas there are multiple reasons why we give up on our affiliate dreams (unfortunately). The following are some of those reasons but also ways to counteract the barriers so that we may push through the obstacles and reach those rewards we so passionately desire. 1. Listening … Continue reading

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Five MORE Income-Improving Actions that take less than Five Minutes Each

Yesterday I had published five different income-improving actions from creating outlines to saving a few bucks by bartering so that you may increase your project budget. By the time I finished writing it I knew I wanted to do a follow up and so here we are… The point of this post is exactly what you think when you read the title. It’s about taking a few minutes of your time (often five minutes or less) to complete an action that will earn you some additional income. Let’s go ahead and jump right into the next set… 1. Share a … Continue reading

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Five Income-Improving Actions that take less than Five Minutes Each

It’s Monday and I’m sure you have a lot on your plate so instead of dumping a big tutorial on you right away I figured we could start this week on a lighter note. You’re already quite busy getting things rolling and chances are that you might not have a lot of time today to work on your affiliate marketing business (and all those projects in the pipeline). Let’s take it easy today and focus on a few actions you can take to improve your income. The best part is that these actions shouldn’t take any longer than five minutes … Continue reading

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Ways to Make Your Weekend a Little More Awesome

We’ve already got through the dreadful Monday (we did share some suggestions for making it better), got past Tuesday, over the hump on Wednesday, and began riding it out on Thursday – now it’s Friday. You’re pumped. You’re ready to relax. You’re ready to work on those projects. You’re ready to take a trip. Pump the brakes a little because you still need to make it through the day – and try not to make any excuses that it’s the end of the week – because you certainly have work to do that doesn’t need to be rolled over to … Continue reading

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How NOT to Approach Link Building

There are plenty of ways to go about building links for your site: Earning them such as when others link to your work Including them in guest posts Embedding them in an infographic Using them in your social profiles Asking for them on other sites The list goes on and on; each are proper methods to earn your site those all-important links. But then you have the types that are brutish in the link building side of things… Those bombarding you with emails Those going against posting policies in their guest submission Those that are spam crazy I want you … Continue reading

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An Introvert’s Guide to Networking and Anxiety

Relax. Relax. BREATHE! Oh no, oh no! Gah! Anyone that exhibits the introvert type can tell you how nerve-wracking it can be in a social environment. Scenarios like going out to eat, sporadically finding yourself in a conversation with a stranger, or being asked to participate in a group project can send your stress skyrocketing and, being the introvert type, makes you want to curl up and dip out back to safety. The problem you now have in business is what on Earth will you do for network. Networking needs you to be social whether it’s in one-on-one environments or … Continue reading

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Three Reasons why Nobody Cares about your Content

Once you understand that content can be a powerful method to gain search and social traction you will find yourself creating it (almost) daily. The problem, though, is that you can put a lot of effort into the work but it sometimes simply doesn’t hit the mark and you’re left wondering why you’re not gaining traffic or interaction for all that hard work. What happens is that you miss the three main reasons that make content appealing in the first place. The following are those items, why they’re needed, and what you can do to make sure that each piece … Continue reading

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Ways to Make Your Monday a Little More Awesome

The dreaded Monday’s. Many of us slog back in to work after having a blast all weekend so it’s easy why we’re not too enthusiastic about the start of the work week. We chug down our coffee, mull through emails, and slowly get into work mode but it still feels like a drag. Monday’s don’t have to be like this. In fact – Monday’s could be one of your favorite days if you enter it with the right mindset and preparations which brings us to the following… Necessity #1: Make and set a plan Those that feel they are aimlessly … Continue reading

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Seven Things Every Affiliate Marketer Should Be Doing

Affiliate marketing covers a great number of topics, strategies, and resources. In many ways you must be a master of all trades. Having an expertise in all of the talents and knowledge that makes up affiliate marketing is virtually impossible to possess on your own – it’s still worth your while to do your best at understanding as much of it as you can. This post will attempt to collect seven of those most important aspects of affiliate marketing you’ll want to be knowledgeable (and skillful) about. See which ones you can mark off your list.   1. Gaining a … Continue reading

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The Bonus Offer: A Secret Weapon of High Earning Affiliates

You want to know that “one secret” to higher affiliate earnings you keep hearing about? The bonus offer. This is the offer that comes after an individual has converted on an offer. It works because you already have the individual sitting there with their wallet out – already having paid for something. They have already made up their mind you are someone they trust (and they’re buying a product they want) so when they see the bonus offer they often jump at the opportunity because it will deliver added value. This post will actually be a quick one because they … Continue reading

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