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Better Returns with Google AdSense: Tips, Ideas, and Resources for 2014

Google AdSense is one of those money-making opportunities that you either love or hate. It’s good in the sense that it’s easy to implementing and, depending on your niche, you can actually earn a good amount of money without a lot of effort. On the bad side it can be an absolute waste of time because people are very ad blind plus you often earn just pennies on the click. Though our main topic of is about affiliate marketing we do know that people still have an interest in Google AdSense. It’s been a while since our last post … Continue reading

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How Design Blogs are Using Freebies for Traffic, Branding, and Profit

It’s my belief that design blogs (those blogs focused on graphic design and other categories like web development) are the pinnacle when it comes to discovering best practices in the areas of traffic, branding, and profit through the use of freebies. The design blog community is absolutely saturated with websites but even a new-comer is able to make big moves through the use of freebies. Yes, other niches do use freebies as part of their marketing strategy but I haven’t seen it add up to the level of that done by design bloggers. What I want to do with this … Continue reading

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Four Things You Can Do with the Scraps of a Failed Project

Failure is a good thing if you’re the type to pick yourself back up and give your goals another go. We learn many great things from our success but the things we learn from failure often have greater value because if we can learn from the mistakes then we align ourselves to accomplish great feats. Without a doubt – you have a handful of failed projects under your belt. Some of them fizzled before taking off while some crashed spectacularly after a great amount of effort. Each of these projects, no matter the size, still left us with a burn. … Continue reading

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How to Take Control of Social Media

Social media and all its wondrous platforms and benefits can simply become overwhelming the deeper you get involved. Managing a couple hundred followers is a piece of cake if you give it time but what happens when you suddenly need to manage 10k? 100k? 1mil?! You’ll soon find yourself spending more time managing your social media than actually staying focused on your business. The instant gratification of feedback and discussions are attractive which is why you may opt to hang out on Facebook or Twitter than completing your business goals. This article should help you take control of your social … Continue reading

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How to Take Control of Emails

Emails are a great way to communicate but anyone can tell you that they can quickly get out of hand, start piling up, and put a stop to your productivity. The difficulty is that emails are essential for most of our work so it’s something we have to deal with. From time to time we may purge our inboxes. We may spend an afternoon going through the backlog. We may purchase tools or services to declutter. This article will bring you a few strategies and actions for controlling your emails (so that the emails don’t control you). 1. Begin with … Continue reading

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How to Take Control of Blog Comments

So you’ve gone ahead, created a website, and you’re publishing content to the blog. Nice! In time you’ll see a trickle of comments coming through which is a big win for you because it validates that people are interacting with your content (rather than just seeing a ping in your analytics). But then the site starts taking off … Where before you’d spend a good hour or two of your day responding to comments you’re now looking at something around 4 or 5 because so many are coming through. Uh-oh! What do you do when the comment section of your … Continue reading

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The Best Infographic on Brand Awareness You’ll See All Day

What does your brand say about you business? Better yet … do you even have a brand people are talking about? You can sell all the products you want but if someone mistakes you for one of your competitors than it’s kind of moot, isn’t it? What’s going to keep them a part of your customer list if they barely recognize who they’re buying from? If you can’t differentiate your business from the next you really have to wonder how your customers do it. What you need is brand awareness and is the reason why this infographic is shared today. Look … Continue reading

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Forums & Affiliate Marketing: Building Relationships (the Forum Way)

This series focused on forums has really begun to shape up. First we took a look at the value forums had to offer (along with a few suggestions on which ones to join). Then we went into what it takes to create great threads and engage forum users with content and discussions. Now we’re going deeper by looking at how we can forge relationships. Forums need a different approach to relationship building – it’s not exactly like other social media sites where a lot of people use their real names and have a ton of other private information for you … Continue reading

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Forums & Affiliate Marketing: The Art of a Great Thread

Forums go widely underused and underappreciated by the affiliate marketing community which is a real shame because they are one of the best social platforms for building a brand, conducting research, connecting with smart people, and driving traffic. How are those for items possible? Content. Forum discussions can last days, weeks, months, and even years – unlike social platforms like Facebook or Twitter where a discussion may last a few replies. One spectacular thread can become a defining piece for a forum much like what you know about evergreen content. Let’s take a look into the art of creating great … Continue reading

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Forums & Affiliate Marketing: An Amazing, Untapped Social Platform (You Need To Use)

Forums are amazing. Anyone that was online during the late 90’s and early 2000’s can attest that forums were the places to be social because they allowed everyone to create in-depth posts on just about any topic (depending on the forum, of course). Today, though, it seems that forums have kind of gone to the wayside in place of other social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and others. It’s a shame though because forums provide you with a deep, social experience that cannot be fully gained from these other social platforms. A forum becomes a tight knit community even though it’s … Continue reading

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