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How to Handle the Stress of Running a Business

Waking up each morning knowing you have to put in time at the business, regardless the day, eventually wears you thin. There’s never an “off” mode. You’ll always have a feeling you should be doing something with it otherwise you’re simply wasting time. This really starts to get at you. You can put in a solid 12 hours working on your business but it never feels like enough. You want to kick back and relax. It’s hard justifying watching some T.V. when you could be working on your projects. You might be able to keep up this heavy work routine … Continue reading

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How-to Integrate CPA Marketing into Your Affiliate Projects

CPA (cost-per-action) marketing is a method which pays once an individual completes a specific action such as: Filling out a zip code Downloading a program Rating an application A CPA ad, for example, could send someone to a landing page and upon sign up you may receive a set amount. Compared to affiliate marketing where you often need to nurture the lead, setup custom landing pages, wrap the offer around content, and tweak call-to-actions the CPA offer is generally completed for you by the advertiser. In the basic sense … CPA marketing is often easier to earn with. Consider what … Continue reading

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How to Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

A single leak in new information could become a turning point for your affiliate marketing business. Being able to reach the market before the rest of the marketers even catch wind could lead to thousands of additional dollars in revenue due to a lack of competition. Additionally, an early lead in the industry could aid in developing your authoritative stance within the industry. It’s suddenly you and your business that has their finger on the pulse so all eyes on you. This article will share four different ways see the next wave of opportunity. You will learn how to tap … Continue reading

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Unpaid Affiliate Commissions Suck. But these other Dangers & Risks are Worse …

Affiliate marketing is amazing because you don’t have to create a product or service. You leverage your understanding of the Web (such as content publication, social media, or advertising) to push affiliate offers and earn a commission. The way that sounds gives you the impression that there aren’t any risks involved with the industry. On the contrary. Affiliate marketing, like all other industries, does have its host of issues. There are plenty of hidden dangers and big risks involved when you get involved. This post wasn’t made to dissuade you from giving affiliate marketing a shot. It’s here so that … Continue reading

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Five Helpful Resources for Combating (and Defeating) Website Malware

Malware is a very serious problem. We know, as a user, that being infected with malware can open our computer to attacks and disruption which is why we choose to use antivirus & malware programs. The last thing we want is for our private information to become available to people of malicious intent. The same can be said about running a website. When a website is infected with malware you are putting your visitors at risk of being infected, too. Thankfully most browsers will detect malware and tell a user before they land on the page but this also means … Continue reading

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Six More Mistakes Not to Make as an Affiliate Marketer

Back in the beginning of the year you learned of six various mistakes you’re likely to make an affiliate marketer. At the time these were some of the biggest but it’s been over half a year and it seems that there are still many mistakes to be made (if you’re not careful). In this post we’re going to go through six more of the mistakes. We’re also going to tell you how to avoid them. If you’re able to avoid (or at least overcome) these issues you should have no problem continuing forward with your work and onward to success. … Continue reading

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Struggling? You need a Mentor.

Every once in a while I’ll stumble across a forum thread asking others what their favorite resources are for entrepreneurship. They always start off listing blogs, podcasts, and products. These are good resources, no doubt, but there is a problem … After some time many websites you read will not give you the information you need. In time you will outgrow what’s being taught on your favorite websites. Your choice from this point is to: A. Keep searching for that “next level” provider of education B. Start working with a mastermind group C. Find yourself a mentor A mentor is … Continue reading

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Three Great Services for Free Online Storage

When’s the last time you’ve done a backup of your important business files? C’mon, be honest here … Probably never and for those that have its most likely been some weeks (or months). So then what happens if your computer dies? What if your computer was stolen? What if you were the victim of a malicious virus attack that wiped out all files? Where would your business be then? Doing a backup, locally, is nice but then again … what happens if something happened to your home or office? What if there was a burglary? You’d be in the same … Continue reading

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How to Stay Alert and Feel Energized (Without Relying on Caffeine)

Running a business is exhausting. For some of us this means putting in our time at the 9-to-5 and then coming home to spend the rest of the night working on our affiliate businesses. Others it’s half-and-half. And for some the affiliate lifestyle is what they do day in and day out. When you’re putting in 60 – 80 hours each week you can bet your butt you’re going to feel tired out. The first thing you’re likely to reach for every morning is a cup of Joe or some kind of energy drink to get you alert and ready … Continue reading

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8 Reasons Why People are Leaving Your Website

A high bounce rate brings tears to our eyes. It tells us that we’re doing something wrong. We may not be able to appeal to everyone but since it’s such a high number there’s obviously something we could do better. When you reduce the bounce rate you’re effectively retaining those visitors. The longer you can keep them on the site the higher the chance you have at leading them down the conversion funnel. Bounce rate also happens to play a small portion of search ranking. Why would a search engine like Google want a site that 80%+ people leave within … Continue reading

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