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Why You Need to Give Up on Perfectionism

Trying to be perfect is the easiest way to ruin your efforts. When we strive for perfection what we’re really trying to do is materialize the impossible. That’s not to say that striving to be the best isn’t a good thing but there needs to be a point where you are okay with the results from your effort. The reason for this is that it’s very easy to get sucked into a never-ending cycle of nit-picking, tweaking, and changes. What started off as a project with clear goals became a Frankenstein-like monster that continues to grow and grow and grow … Continue reading

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The Six Critical Website Elements You’d be a Fool to Ignore

Websites are amazing when you understand what goes under the hood. With a bit of coding experience (or simply doing the research for the right plugins) you can turn a bland website that would look and feel like many others into one that’s unforgettable. Another thing worth mentioning is that by including the critical elements (ones often under the “best practices” moniker) you can do wonders for growing your community, improving your search ranking, and improving your income. This post will highlight six of those critical elements that would be beneficial to any website that wants to maximize their potential … Continue reading

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Three Valuable Tools for Website Reports (and How to use that Data for Good)

How well do you know your website? It’s code? It’s speed? It’s usability? Some only see the website on its surface. They see the pretty design and they absorb the content. But underneath the hood is line after line of code. Though a site may look pretty it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s performing to the best of its abilities. When the site code is a mess or the site elements are out of the place you are secretly sabotaging your full potential. It’s well known that elements like website speed is a factor for search ranking. User experience is … Continue reading

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Not-So-Common Tools that made My Online Work Easier

We all have a toolset we’ve built since the time we got into doing this whole affiliate marketing and online business thing. We’re all actually quite proud of it, too. They’re the tools that get the job done and they cater to our specific desires. Some of these tools you may have found on round-up lists. Some of these tools you may have discovered on your own. And like all tools … it’s how you use ‘em. Over the years I’ve picked up a few I’d say are not-so-common. These aren’t really the ones I’d find on those big round-ups … Continue reading

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Panda 4.0 is here (if you didn’t know)

About two weeks ago Matt Cutts announced they had released the newest version of the Panda algorithm: 4.0. In case you hadn’t remembered the earlier iterations of this algorithm change saw quite an impact on websites employing mass link building, thin content, exact domain names, and more. The largest of the hits came from the first affecting around 11.8% of the queries. Ones afterward were mild in comparison. So now that 4.0 is out and has been going for some time now what do we know and what can we expect this time around? Panda 4.0: Some things to know … Continue reading

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Giving Back: Using Your Skills for Good

The skills you’ve learned along your journey into affiliate marketing are worth their weight in gold. Those skills you’ve learned to build websites, market products, socialize with the community, and build powerful business relationships don’t have to be confined to just work. There are many opportunities where you can use these skills for good. Think of all the people out there that would like to do what you do. Think of all the people out there that would simply like to have a website. Or understand social media. Or have the skills to negotiate. Here are some ideas if you’d … Continue reading

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Targeted Email via … Real-Time Weather?

OKCupid is a free dating site so as you can expect they’re going to collect a lot of little details about you such as your age, location, and interests. But I’m not here to talk about the site. I want to show you something that I noticed with their recent email messages. Take a look at this email: Just after about 30 minutes into an afternoon shower an email came from OKCupid specifying that it was raining in the area using the email headline: [USER], It’s raining tonight in Tampa! Already that was quite a surprise because I personally haven’t … Continue reading

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Passive Income in Your Off-Time

Your projects have got you fired up. You’re rip, roaring, and taking action. Buuuut … Sometimes you just need a break from the hustle and bustle. A few days to step back after a hard grind can help take your mind off things. But since you’re an affiliate you probably have an itch. You know you want to make some money but you also know the value of relaxing (e.g. avoiding the burn-out). Don’t worry about it. Today I’m going to share a handful of ideas where you can start earning some passive income in the off-time between projects. These … Continue reading

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The Anatomy of a Coupon Blog

You might have caught an episode of Extreme Couponing and sat bewildered seeing dedicated individuals developing tremendous systems and routines to their coupon clipping which lets them walk away with hundreds of dollars of items for next to nothing at the checkout. Coupons have been around for ages and they’re still being used because they work, plain and simple. Usually coupons came stuffed in the paper but since we now have the Internet (and apps that allow you to pull up and present coupons from your phone) they’re really taken off. Especially due in part to those bloggers that dedicate … Continue reading

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The Hot Trend, Quizzes, and the Tools to Create Them

Quizzes are hot again. In my book they’re taking the place of infographics. They: Are easy to make Are easy to use Are easy to share Just take a look at some of these screenshots of the views for a handful of Buzzfeed quizzes: Pretty impressive. From an article titled “Why online quizzes are taking over your Facebook feed” on the NYPost there’s one particular golden nugget of information regarding the success behind Buzzfeed’s quizzes: The trick to creating an addictive personality quiz is similar to the art of writing a good horoscope. It has to be broad and all-encompassing … Continue reading

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