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How to Handle Financial Swings when the Business goes Haywire

One month you’re pushing thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions and the next you’re barely scraping by. What gives? Affiliate Marketing can throw you through some very dynamic swings. Sometimes you’re up and other times you are way, way down. What’s working today may be completely moot by the next day. Products you promote could instantly become something hated. Services could turn sour. Since you can’t predict the future you could see yourself in financial hardships if you aren’t prepared. The last thing you want to do is project your business on a hot month and then gain nothing for … Continue reading

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What’s Causing Conversion Friction (and How to Reduce It)

Friction happens when your site visitors hits an element of your page that throws off their train of thought and experience. Friction slows (or prevents) an individual from taking further action because they have experienced disconnect in your message. Image being pitched an amazing sounding product. You are pumped at the opportunities and value it has to offer, you’re already reaching for your wallet, but then the salesperson does a 180 and begins talking about their family life. Screeeeeeeeeeeech. All that momentum is destroyed. All of these items that are causing the friction can be alieved with the right testing, … Continue reading

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Reasons for a Content Calendar (and Where to Get Them)

When you first start working on your online project you undoubtedly have hundreds of ideas for different pieces of content. Those first few months feel like a flurry of content production because each idea seems right for the project. Over time, though, you begin to realize you may have put too much up-front and hadn’t planned for the long haul. You begin to have trouble coming up with ideas because you’ve already covered such a numerous amount of content. You don’t want to touch on the same ones since it cannibalizes nor do you want to have a lapse in … Continue reading

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Turnkey Affiliate Websites: Worth It?

You may have found yourself looking through a tutorial, course, or service page that offers to set you up with a turnkey website for affiliate marketing. The basic premise is that you are given a template, a data feed, and then everything is setup for you to begin making money. On paper it sounds very lucrative: There is very little development time You don’t have to worry about listing products Content is often created for you Most of your job is just marketing the site But are they really worth it? With all the updates search engines have done with … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Affiliate Scams

Affiliate Marketing is shady to many individuals because it’s a business model that many have abused through spamming, fake reviews, bait & switch, and flat-out lying. All of this is just on the affiliate side of things but there are also issues going on with the platforms, marketplaces, and product/service producers, too. You see it happen every once in a while: An affiliate network goes belly up and doesn’t pay out Producers drop support and the flack comes back on you People want you to “invest” in an opportunity that goes no where A plethora of pyramid schemes that come … Continue reading

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Instagram Marketing Strategies You Should Use Right Now

Instagram has put its mark on the social platform scene doubly so after being acquired by Facebook. The social network is now pushing past 300 million active users. The number of photos being shared is astounding (well beyond 70 million each day). Brands that have gotten on board with Instagram are being blown away by the level of engagement. It’s said that users of the platform engage with brands 400% more than Facebook and Twitter. Just think about that or a second; if that’s not enough information to get you interested in the platform then I don’t know what you … Continue reading

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A Digital Detox: How to Regain Control of Your Email Inbox

An email address is a necessity for work and play. It’s one of the most valuable accounts we possess when using the Web. You’ll realize, however, just how quickly your email inbox begins to get out of control due to subscriptions to newsletters, forwards from family members, and spam, which become aggravating especially if we’re trying to remain proficient with messages and keep it business oriented. The following are a few tips, tricks, and resources for regaining control of your inbox. By the end of this you should have an inbox that won’t be a daunting task that interrupts your … Continue reading

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How to Setup a Vanity Phone Number for Your Affiliate Business

Affiliate Marketing is mostly hands-off in the sense that once you’ve sent an individual to the sales page and they make the purchase the customer service is now on the product/service provider. However, adding a phone number and providing customer service is a small touch that adds to your credibility, helpfulness, and can lead to conversions. You could just use a separate landline or cell number but if you want to present your work as professional then it may be worth your while to invest in a 1-800 or vanity number (such as 1-800-Traffic-Gen as a basic example). The process … Continue reading

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Grow that List: Proven Strategies for Increasing Opt-Ins

The money is in the list. Though the saying is old and tired it still stands the test of time because once you have people following you through direct channels (email) you no longer have to bend to the will of social networks, search engines, and risk it with advertising. A list, even with just a few passionate followers, can bring in hundreds (or thousands) of revenue to your affiliate marketing business each year. Once you build trust with those on your list, through delivering great content, insights, and recommendations, you will most likely turn your email marketing into the … Continue reading

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How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn Groups

When was the last time you checked LinkedIn? If you’re a professional it’s fairly often but there are many of us that set one up some time ago, occasional dip in to see what’s happening, and then put it on the backburner to other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the like. What’s sort of interesting is that we know LinkedIn is made for professionals (you know, the ones that have money to invest and the networking strength that can really grow businesses) yet we spend most of our time on those other channels. Why is that? Maybe we’re … Continue reading

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