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Six Subreddits Ideal for the Affiliate Marketer

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. When you look at Reddit it’s best to think of it like individual communities united under one brand. The “subreddits” act a lot like their own entities. You can find just about any type of subreddit out there whether you have an interest in model cars or some obscure hobby. Of course you can expect a slew of subreddits devoted to the types of activates you’d do as an affiliate marketer. Unfortunately a lot of these subreddits have been severely spammed and end up being nothing more than a … Continue reading

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Facebook Video Play Up 785%: What This Means for the Affiliate Marketer

When Facebook decided, some seven months ago, to begin auto playing videos within news feeds the general user base was up-in-arms. Facebook is well-known for having drastic changes on a whim which upset their users but after a few short weeks, like every time, they begin to settle down. Interestingly enough this decision by Facebook turned into quite the triumph. Adobe Social Intelligence reports that video play rate is up 785% year over year. The report also mentions that in the first quarter of 2014 the video posts were receiving 58% more likes, click-through, comments, and shares. Another interesting item … Continue reading

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#Selfie and What It Can Do For Your Business

This week I have been covering some of the trends that have gone popular on the social networks such as #ThrowbackThursday and #FollowFriday. Today let’s talk about #Selfie. Turning the camera on yourself for a quick pic isn’t a passing fad that sprung up thanks to the likes of Instagram. People have been doing this for years and years. It has only been within the last few, due to hashtags, that we’re starting to see the “#selfie” as part of our social sharing. So what can we do with selfies for business? Suggestion #1: Getting Personal with Clients/Customers Who you … Continue reading

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Getting the Most from Twitter’s #FollowFriday

#FollowFriday (#FF) has been quite a popular Twitter trend since its early days. All you need to know, for those uninitiated with #FF, is that you make suggestions, to your followers, about Twitter accounts you recommend following (usually it’s people but brands, bots, and other types count too). Follow Friday, in some ways, works like a recommendation engine in that it helps others find people worth following and due to the number of recommendations – it can lead to the building of authority figures. If you could be the center of this attention then it’s very much possible that you … Continue reading

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Five Ways to use Throwback Thursdays (#TBT) in Affiliate Marketing

Throw Back Thursdays (#TBT and other variations) has become quite a popular meme on the social networks (especially Facebook). The premise is that you take this day to post old info or media about yourself for kicks and discussion. Of course you don’t have to keep this as a personal thing. You could use it for business. Here are five ways you can use this TBT meme as part of your affiliate marketing:   1. Use it to go off the cuff Business can get rigid and dry if all you’re doing with your social media is update followers on … Continue reading

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How-to Capitalize on Affiliate Marketing in Everyday Opportunities

Think about what you do throughout your day. You wake up, take a shower, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, go to work (or stay home and work), drive home, get some food, and then relax. This routine is basic in the sense but I think it sums up what most of us do during the work week. Then we have this affiliate marketing thing. We tend to think of it as something we’re only really doing when we’re sitting at the computer working on one of our many projects. The reality is that there are many, many affiliate marketing opportunities … Continue reading

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Overcoming Your Stalemate in Blogging: 5 Refreshers to Get You back in Gear

When you started your blog you took upon a heavy demand for a constant feed of content. In the beginning you had vigor because ideas were coming from what felt like a never ending stream of inspiration. Though the first few months may have felt like an eternity to gain that first comment and the beginning of that traffic – you pushed through. Over time it started to take off. You were growing your community, traffic, and if you were doing some business … your earnings. It looked like you blog was on a steady path for growth. And then … Continue reading

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An Interesting Tactic: Hyper-Local and the Opportunity of Affiliation

I recently did a search in my area for dog parks because our puppy is now at that age (and level of obedience) that I feel comfortable taking her out and letting her loose around other dogs. The results I found were typical: Local news websites covering different parks Dog-focused websites that listed parks in the area Review sites with dog park listings But one that caught my eye (because, like you, I’m into this niche/affiliate/business thing) was one which happened to be a niche site specific (hyper-local) to my area about dog parks. This piqued my interest so I … Continue reading

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Social Media and #Hashtags: The Best Practices

Twitter really got the ball rolling with the use of hashtags and it wasn’t too long before other social media platforms began following suit with their adoption of this method to tag information. Say what you want about how some people abuse hashtags or how they come across as silly when they’re #almost #every #word #in #the #description but those that understand their best practices can really make them worth their while in terms of: Keep conversations in focus Leveraging trends and buzz Cataloging information A hashtag can add engagement, humor, emotion, and other feelings, information, and goals to a … Continue reading

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The Downside (and Upside) of Promoting Low Price Affiliate Offers

There are upsides and downsides of promoting low price affiliate offers … When you’re in the marketplace or browsing affiliate offers you will find a great deal of options. Prices and commissions will influence much of your decisions. To get stuck in this mindset of only promoting high cost products, probably because you like that thrill of seeing big numbers, makes it so you’re not giving options to the little guys. You’ll probably find more people willing to spend $10 on an item than $1,000. As mentioned … there are upsides and downsides to it all … The Upside Let’s … Continue reading

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