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The Oldies: Finding Affiliate Opportunities in Posts of Past

I strikes me as odd that bloggers, site owners, and marketers all seem to have a mindset that content marketing is about fresh content. Without a doubt – adding fresh content to the site can pick up those search listings (especially if it’s playing into a trend or shift in the industry) but think about this for a second … … what about all those old posts? Surely you put a lot of effort into the creation of those. You poured your time and knowledge into crafting great works. … so then why do so many people neglect these old … Continue reading

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The Value of Notification Bars, like Hellobar, and Some Alternatives

Hellobar is a plugin/script you’ve more than likely seen. It’s that branded bar that runs across the top of a website that generally displays important information such as a link to a newsletter, latest blog post, promotion, or whatever the site owner has it set to. This bar is very unobtrusive compared to something like a pop over or pop under. It’s up at the top drawing eyeballs without “getting in the way” of a visitor finding your content. Hellobar is awesome, no doubt, but it’s not the only viable option for this type of tool. Personally, I think Hellobar … Continue reading

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How-to Create Better, Stronger Passwords

What would you do if you suddenly couldn’t access your account? What if someone stole your password? What if they got into your email and gained access to just about everything else? I wanted to talk about password security with this post rather than the normal focus on affiliate marketing because what’s the point of building your business if it can come crashing down because your passwords are too easy? What You Need to Know A large majority of people generally use simple passwords across multiple profiles. This means that if someone were to gain access to your password they … Continue reading

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How-to Deal with the Trolls

The Internet troll. From what retched part of the Web has this creature formed? What compels them to waste their time starting arguments and trying to get a rise? Most do it for fun. They get a kick out of seeing people get disgruntled. Others see their actions as a form of archaic activism. When you’re trying to run a business it gets annoying … really annoying. They disrupt your work. They create bad vibes. They can even cause financial damage to the business depending on the severity of their trolling. Without a doubt – you’re going to deal with … Continue reading

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How to Eliminate Information Overload (and Get On with Your Day)

We’re absolutely overwhelmed with information. We have countless programming on our TV. There are millions upon millions of websites for us to browse. We’re connected with just about everyone we’ve ever met through social media. The problem is that we’re over stimulated. We’re getting distracted. We can’t focus. We’re not getting work done. We’re simply … overloaded. This is how you can deal with some of the culprits of information overload: 1. Eliminate the Junk Mail That freebie you wanted that came with your subscription to an email list was great at the time but now you’re receiving the newsletters … Continue reading

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Take This Ten Second “Is It Worth My Time?” Test

Time is money (or so it goes). Every minute you spend idle is another fleeting moment you can’t get back. Your business relies on your ability to make important decisions or hammer out important tasks. If you’re dilly-dallying, taking too long, or working on the wrong thing then you’re wasting not only your time but you’re actually wasting money. I’ve always found a great motivator in the thought of “is this really worth my time?” When you calculate the value of your time it begins to reveal a load of wasted actions. Let’s say, for example, you earn $60 an … Continue reading

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How-to Get a Better Night’s Sleep, Feel Charged, and Eliminate Work Anxiety

I’ve never been the type that gets a great amount of sleep. My sleep schedule is either me being up for almost 24 hours with just a few (usually 3 or 4) hours of rest or completely random like 12 hours up and 12 hours down (like on the weekends). It’s a real pain in the rear because a disrupted sleep schedule is disruptive to all of your work. I know you might be saying … what does this have to do with affiliate marketing? I think it has everything to do with it. When you’re slogging in the morning … Continue reading

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Ways to Make Your Monday Mornings Less Dreadful

The Monday morning dread. You’re coming back from a relaxing weekend so of course the day always starts off slow. The anxiety of knowing you have a full week ahead of you doesn’t help, either. Then you’ve got those people that seem to immediately get on your nerves as soon as you sit down to work. Well … the show has to get started so there’s no beating around the bush. You can power through it like most others but then again … you’re going to face it all over again come next Monday. How about you rework your Monday … Continue reading

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How to Learn Just About Anything and Everything, Online, for Free

A great business isn’t just about delivering quality products or having the best customer service. A business is great when the minds behind its operation are keen and filling to the brim with knowledge. The need one feels to learn is a very powerful motivator. It’s very easy to become comfortable with your work and business. In time you begin to lose your edge as a result of having less focus placed into learning and perfecting techniques. Fresh competition comes at you with a fire and understanding of techniques you’ve neglected to learn and understand. They soon chip away at … Continue reading

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Five Go-to Websites for Promoting Your Blog

Blog promotion is every bit essential for building your online presence. The majority of bloggers have this idea of “if you build it they will come” but the fact that there are hundreds of millions of websites, online, really puts that statement to the test. It just isn’t feasible to rely on the hope that people stumble onto your site. You’ve got to promote. When you’re ready to promote you’ll begin looking for websites that accept submissions. These are social sites that can help you build a community and content awareness. When used correctly they can turn into driving factors … Continue reading

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