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How to Deal with Annoying Customers, Clients, & Community Members

Give your business enough time and you’re bound to run into “those people”. These are the annoying ones. The ones that seem to take up all your time. These are the ones that have you ripping at your hair and stressing you out. These are the ones that pay good money but after all the work you put into keeping them satisfied you start pondering whether it’s worth it all in the first place. You know how they say “the customer is always right?” Well … let’s be honest … no, no they’re not. Are They Annoying? Or Just Needy. … Continue reading

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Increasing Blog Engagement with a “Comment Circle”

Some time ago, in 2012 to be specific, I wrote a post about the importance of building a mastermind group. This group is formed to aid one another in all aspects of business. In a lot of ways it’s like creating a unified group of individuals that mentor and inspire one another to do great things. A concept I had nearly forgotten about that closely resembles a mastermind group is what some like to call a “comment circle”. This is a group that is formed with one simple goal in mind: to help one another increase user engagement through the … Continue reading

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Ways to Earn Additional Income while you’re Relaxing

The dream of the affiliate marketing business is that it works for you. This means that it’s designed in a way where you can kick back, rest, and continue to collect your commissions without the need to continually monitor and work on the business. Because we all need a vacation, sometimes, don’t we? Well what if you could get the best of both worlds where you can take that time off and still earn some additional income through those moments of relaxation? Here are some ways that came across my mind: 1) Interview an Authority Figure (by Email) Just the … Continue reading

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How They Do It: Eric Gati on Producing Authority Interviews (5 Days a Week)

Eric Gati has been on my radar for quite some time ever since I first got my start in blogging. He started making big moves and his work really caught my attention. The blog I came to know him for is My4HourWorkWeek where he shares great tips about business. But it’s his latest creation, TheDailyInterview, which has really caught my attention. Eric produces a new interview, with authority figures, each and every day of the week. Each new piece contains a wealth of valuable information coming from a spectrum of truly interesting individuals. I had the chance to talk with … Continue reading

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Affiliate Quick Tip: Remove Negative Backlinks with a Simple Email

Google came down hard on backlinks. If you haven’t you should certainly take some time to look into the Google Webmaster Tools and see which backlinks you’re being penalized. A good amount of these links you really won’t have control over. They were probably built so long ago that it’s somewhat futile to spend all your time getting them removed but it doesn’t mean to skip over this task – just go after the ones that look to matter. Courtesy Goes a Long Way There is the disavow tool built into Google Webmaster Tool which will signify there is a … Continue reading

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Four Strategies to get MORE from Your Professional Network

Throughout your time in affiliate marketing you are bound to develop professional relationships. These relationships are very, very valuable, mostly because you have access to their insights and expertise. You also will find a helping hand when you’re in need or a way to grow your business through their help. The problem is that not many people really tap into their professional network to its full extent. Personally – I believe it’s because you fear the risk of alienating those individuals if you come across as too demanding or needy. Here is what I’d recommend for getting more from that … Continue reading

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Developing a Customer Avatar: A How-to Guide

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” – Peter Drucker Do you really know your customer? I mean really understand your customer down to the finest details. Could you look in a crowd of people and say … “Ah, that person would buy from me” This ability is done by creating a customer avatar. What is a Customer Avatar? It’s an image of your customer. It goes well beyond their habits. It includes details like: Demographics Age Ethnicity Income It can also include items like … Continue reading

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What Should I Do with My Newsletter?

A lot of Internet professionals, marketers, and business owners will tell you the same thing time and time again: you’ve gotta build a list. So you do. You start collecting some emails, things are going swell, but there’s a problem … You don’t really know what to do with your list. For some – they don’t want to come across as overly promotional so they refrain from sending out sales letters. For others – they’re not sure what to include with the newsletter. I don’t know what situation you’re in but I know that if you have a list and … Continue reading

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Don’t Bother Multitasking. You Can’t. Do This Instead.

Your brain can’t multitask. Think You’re Multitasking? Think Again Why Multitasking Doesn’t Work The Myth of Multitasking You might think you’re getting a whole lot done by having multiple monitors. One screen with your emails and social media. Another one with your work. Your cell phone sitting on the table receiving push messages. Maybe even a tablet for the occasional browsing. It’s not helping. The reality is that when we think we’re multitasking it’s just our brain switching between activities very quickly which gives the illusion we’re processing multiple points of information. By trying to multitask you’re essentially preventing your … Continue reading

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Six Ideas for Data Gained from Social Media Monitoring

Millions of messages, posts, and updates flood social media websites and platforms each and every day. Within all that noise may be moments when individuals mention your brand, product, or service. It’s at this time that you’d have a great opportunity to respond to their interest or feedback. If you manage to catch them at the right time that interaction could generate a sale, discover your demographics, create a positive experience, or extinguish the flames of an annoyed individual. To do this you need to use tools because it’s quite impossible to monitor the Web on your own. In fact … Continue reading

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