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From Apprentice to Master: Five Unforgettable Niche Website Building Series

I hear a lot of debate on whether niche websites are dead or still kicking. I see where some are coming from because it would make a great deal of sense to create an authority site ever since Google rolled out penalties, but at the same time I believe that if a site delivers value. I believe niche websites still have their place in affiliate marketing. These websites satisfy our urge to work on new projects These websites allow us to test new campaigns These websites may turn into a reliable income stream If there’s anything a niche site teaches … Continue reading

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Easy Affiliate Income: Do the “Room Check”

I’m all for easy methods to earn with affiliate marketing. That doesn’t mean that I don’t put in the serious time on bigger projects … … but it is occasionally nice to work on something at random to keep things fresh. The “quick win” scenarios, like the one I’m about to describe, do wonders for keeping your spirits up and reinvigorating your passion for the business. I like to call this one … The “room check” Within a 180 degree scan of my current setting I see the following: Printer and office supplies Home phone Under-the-desk exercise bike Guitar and … Continue reading

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This Email Earns Money. This is How It Does It.

I, like many marketers, subscribe to a variety email lists not just for the information and updates but to keep tabs on the competition. I am an active practitioner of creating swipe files (see my post on creating and using them). These files allow me to keep tabs on the competition but they’re mainly used to draw inspiration. This one, though, was a little better than others … I could see it was laser focused on engaging the new subscribers and converting them on affiliate offers. This is why I wanted to dissect the email. I hope that by doing … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day: Affiliate Marketing Strategies, Suggestions, and Resources

St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17th, 2014. At the time of this writing you will have a week to prepare and implement an affiliate marketing strategy for the holiday. Considering that Americans spent an estimated $4.7 billion dollars, last year, for this holiday means it’s worthwhile to include it in your projects. This post will give you a head start. It will provide you with affiliate marketing strategies, suggestions, and resources to make the most from the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Notable Events on St. Patrick’s Day I want to begin by covering a few of the notable events … Continue reading

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How to Create a Worthwhile, Manageable Swipe File in Three Simple Steps

A swipe file is a term marketers like to throw around which represents their notes and data collected on competitors. The file may contain any number of media items whether it’s screenshots of landing pages they found to be interesting or copies of emails they felt were spectacular in their purpose. A swipe file is: There to help you understand the competition A collection to generate ideas for campaigns A set of references and resources A swipe file is not: An open invitation to copy a competitor A reason to get lazy in your work Something you rarely update and … Continue reading

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Three Methods to Reinvigorate Your Passion for Affiliate Marketing

Like anything in excess … it starts to get dull. When we get what we want, all day, every day, it begins to lose its luster. It doesn’t feel as special anymore. You don’t have that same drive as when you were hungry for it. This happens a lot in affiliate marketing. You get a taste of success and it gets you pumped. You dive in. You bust your butt trying to make it happen. Once you do succeed you ride it out for a while. Then it starts to get stale. It’s not as much of a challenge anymore. … Continue reading

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What to do when Your Affiliate Income dries up: Five Helpful Suggestions

Over time your market will make a shift. New products making their way to the market will begin to eat at the shares of those already established. Trends will play a part in this shift. Likewise, people now just getting introduced to the industry may not care for its past and focus on what’s available, now, and what’s coming in the future. Basically: Products and services fall from favor because the consumers mature and move on. Then this happens … You held onto promoting the product for as long as you could because it was making a profit. As the … Continue reading

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Five Non-Affiliate Skills Worth Knowing (to Become a Better Marketer)

There are a lot of tricks to the trade you supposedly need to master in order to be a successful affiliate marketer. These include items like search engine optimization, email marketing, paid advertising, website development, community building, and so much more. It’s without a doubt that knowing these items, even on a basic level, will give you more than enough to have a go in this industry. But … Your skills shouldn’t find limits to the basics. In fact – there are many skills that are worthwhile to learn which will greatly aid your business (some of which aren’t even … Continue reading

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How to Show the Community You Really Do Care

Once you get an inkling of success it’s easy to fall into the ego trap. You sort of put on blinders. You begin to forget how much support you had in the beginning. Success gets to your head and before long you develop some kind of superiority complex. I’ve seen this time and time again. People change when they get power. A Dreadful Occurrence One of the most unfortunate side effects of success and this inflation of ego is that people get out of touch with their community. Suddenly they’re too good to respond to every email “because they’re far … Continue reading

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How to Use Torrents to Spread Your Brand (and Affiliate Offers)

Torrents get a bit of a bad rap because everyone immediately assumes they are used primarily for sharing copyrighted content. This may be the case for a lot of the torrents out there but at the intent of the protocol was to create a system that allowed peer-to-peer file transfer of large data. Its use is for any data that needs to be transferred. So if you see where I’m going with this … You could leverage the use of torrents to spread your information. A Quick Glance Have a look at this search result: I can’t vouch that all … Continue reading

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