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Three Types of Posts to Get Recognized in Search Engines

If you’re publishing new content each day you’re already on the fast track to gaining higher search rankings and fueling your social media efforts. However, not everything you publish will be a grand slam. Sometimes it’s the timing. You publish a post too late – well past its buzz. Sometimes it’s too early – not enough interest in the topic until a major blogger covers it. Then there’s the sweet spot – where you hit the nail on the head. Likewise, there’s also a factor of how you word your title, angle the post, use your tone of voice, and … Continue reading

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How to Consistently Write 500 Words a Day

You can always find a debate about the frequency of blog post publication, length, and the like, but when you get right down to it – I feel it’s far more important that you do write once a day than only when you need to. Writing once a day, even if it’s just a few hundred words, keeps your mind sharp. It can be your notes, a journal entry, a blog post, or your ramblings. It’s good to get those thoughts onto the screen (or paper). The focus for this post is what you’d expect … writing blog posts. Throw … Continue reading

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Electronic Cigarettes: An Affiliate Marketing Guide

Electronic cigarettes (ecigs) have really taken off in popularity over these last few years because they provide a safer, inexpensive, and flexible option for smokers. Personally, I was smoking a pack a day until my friend introduced me to an ecig and it was that very day I knew I could make the switch. All the benefits made it an extremely easy choice – and I’ve seen this with hundreds of others when I’m out and about. In flea markets I’ll see stalls packed with interested buyers. There are smoke shops dedicated to the electronic type. Hundreds of reputable websites … Continue reading

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4 Quick and Easy Passive Income Streams you can start during your Downtime

Affiliate Marketing takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Every day you can expect to create new content, manage advertising campaigns, respond to feedback, research and develop tactics, tweak conversions, take notes, and follow the important announcements. By the end of the day you’re generally exhausted and ready to turn in for the night. But wait. The following are some of the ideas I’ve had in mind if you want to begin earning a passive income during that downtime in business. An extra hour or two of your time later into the evening (or early morning if that’s your … Continue reading

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Keeping Track of Virtual Assistants: A Helpful List of Tools and Practices

Virtual assistants are amazing in the sense they allow you to free up time to focus on important tasks while ensuring the business keeps its momentum. VA’s can do just about anything depending on your needs. They can write content for the blog. They can manage your emails. They can build links to your site. They can operate your social media campaigns. As long as you can delegate the task in a clear and concise manner you shouldn’t have trouble with your virtual employees and assistants. That doesn’t mean you won’t run into some troubles here and there. Having one … Continue reading

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How to Make Money as a Digital Landlord: Local Events & Guides

In the big cities is very easy to keep up-to-date with the local events. There are countless magazines, news sources, flyers, meet ups, FB invites, flash organizations, and the like, to keep you in the know about what’s going on. But when you start to get away from the cities you don’t see a whole lot of coverage of smaller events and it’s this void of coverage where you can step in, become a digital landlord, and make some good money – you get to carve out a niche in your home town. Here’s how you can build up a … Continue reading

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How to Make Money as a Digital Landlord: Domaining

Domaining is sort of a blanket term for what you can do when you own a domain name. There are plenty of opportunities to earn a bit of side income. For some this type of business is their front-and-center earning thousands each month. There’s a lot of risk and reward involved. I can’t say that I’m too versed in the world of domaining but I believe I can give you an overview and where to get a start with this form of being a “digital landlord”. The Why and How of Domaining Domains cost money to retain each and every … Continue reading

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How to In-Source Content via Frequent Customers

Who best to know the workings of your products, services, and offers than those that are frequently purchasing from your website? These individuals stand by your brand. They are the ones using what you have to offer almost every day. They place their trust in your recommendations. They’re vocal on social media. They’re a gold mine for feedback. They also happen to be a great way to source content for the blog. Many times it’s easy to get wrapped up in handling every piece of content that goes on the site (whether it’s one you create or outsource to writers). … Continue reading

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Find, Verify, and Profit from a Niche in these 3 Easy Steps

Finding a profitable niche is quite simple if you trust your gut reaction and tap into the best sellers list. We, affiliate marketers, sometimes overdo the whole niche selection process to the point where we take no action. Wouldn’t it be better if we at least got something started so we can do testing rather than wait another month when someone else hops into the niche? I want to keep things simple. These next three steps are quite honestly the only ones you need to find, verify, and begin profiting from a niche … 1. Make an observation It’s really … Continue reading

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Last Minute Affiliate Ideas for Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday, Feb. 2nd, at 6:30PM EST is a broadcast we’re all expecting: the Super Bowl. This year it’s the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Denver Broncos. Let me stop for a second and state that not everyone one of us really cares for football. But … it doesn’t mean we want to ignore it especially since there are a lot of little affiliate marketing opportunities to be had. It’s Wednesday (at the time of this writing) which gives us just a few days before kickoff. This is plenty of time to get some last minute affiliate ideas into motion. Here are … Continue reading

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