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Six Mistakes Not to Make as an Affiliate Marketer

Work balances on a perfect blend of passion, expertise, and drive. There are times when you may feel invincible due to your current (or past) success in affiliate marketing. When you allow your ego to inflate you begin to make mistakes. You start to turn a blind eye to your activities (and those helping with the business). You get star struck. There are also times when your ego is in check but you can’t overcome mental hurdles you’ve put in place. You may not feel adequate. You may not feel authoritative. Below are six different mistakes you do not want … Continue reading

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Why You Need to Create a Product Now – A Cautionary Tale

If you’ve been reading these last few years then you’ll have noticed that I post a lot to the blog (well over 400 posts!). Before I started contributing to AP I launched a variety of websites which have been earning me a nice chunk of change since their start. But there has always been one downfall to my work … I’ve never got around to creating an information product. I’ve certainly done quite a few for other people (ebooks, white papers, and premium posts) but in the back of my mind I could never bring myself to doing one … Continue reading

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How-to Maximize Your 404 Page with Affiliate Marketing

Do this: Log into your analytics. Drill down until you can see the stats for the 404 page. Realize you’re missing an opportunity to earn more. It goes without saying that many affiliate marketers (and people that build sites, in general) don’t really take full advantage of their 404 page either because it’s not always at the top of their list, they don’t know what to really do with it, or they simply forget that it’s out there. But think about this … How often do you find broken links on your site? How often do those links from other … Continue reading

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LogMeIn is No Longer Free: Here are Some Alternatives

In quite a shock LogMeIn has turned away from their free service in order to “unify” under a paid subscription. I have a feeling that a few (perhaps a whole lot more) of you readers use this service to do remote work or for handing your virtual employees. This change to a paid model means you’ll now have to shell over $49 a year (if you’ve been using the service) or $99 a year if you’re a new customer – and this is just for two computers. It also means the iOS and Android LogMeIn owners can feel the burn as … Continue reading

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Five Things I Learned from an Unexpected Viral Post

This last month I witness what we’ve all been dreaming. A viral post. On Facebook I had posted a picture to the fan page and overnight it started receiving hundreds of likes and shares. With a little boost it was soon into the tens of thousands. Since then the posts have died down but it was enough to give me some insight. Maybe it was a stroke of luck or maybe it hit at the right time but either way it did really great so I want to share the experience in the attempt that you may also put out … Continue reading

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Press Start: The Introductory Video Game Affiliate Marketing Guide [Part 5 of 5]

We’ve reached the final boss for the video game affiliate marketing guide. Throughout this week we have: Got a start in video games Found our gaming niche Developed the website Built an audience There’s just but one thing missing from the equation: monetizing the work. Since the industry is so large there have been many services, companies, and resources that have stepped up to provide gaming enthusiasts with a way to earn a bit of coin. The options are really quite endless compared to other niches so I don’t think you’ll have any trouble experimenting and finding the right method … Continue reading

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Press Start: The Introductory Video Game Affiliate Marketing Guide [Part 4 of 5]

We’ve past the tipping point in this whole video game affiliate marketing guide. So far we’ve: Got into video games as a means to develop a niche affiliate business Found which games define your niche to give your business a focus Developed a gaming website and found out a bit of its content strategy Already this is quite an impressive feat (congratulations if you’ve made it this far) but the biggest battle is yet to come. At this point you may have a bit of a trick of traffic. That’s good and all but if you really want to start … Continue reading

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Press Start: The Introductory Video Game Affiliate Marketing Guide [Part 3 of 5]

We’re now upon the third day of our video game affiliate marketing guide. So far we’ve covered topics like: Getting into gaming Finding your gaming niche And now we’re on a part that you’re probably quite familiar with – as an affiliate marketer. Today we’re going to dive into developing the platform. This mainly covers setting up the website and its structure. It will also talk about some of the content you can develop. The other stuff like marketing and monetization isn’t something to worry about at this phase of the journey – focus on making something people want to … Continue reading

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Press Start: The Introductory Video Game Affiliate Marketing Guide [Part 2 of 5]

We’re now on day two of the video game affiliate marketing guide. At this point along the journey you should have begun taking a look into video games and started making a routine out of playing them (though, of course, this takes far longer of a process than one day but I recommend you bookmark the series as you make your way through). The topic of part 2 is about choosing your niche. The niche selection really matters because there are a lot of gamers out there. Likewise, there are already major, established websites with teams of writers and crowdsourced … Continue reading

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Press Start: The Introductory Video Game Affiliate Marketing Guide [Part 1 of 5]

I’ve been a gamer all my life. I vaguely remember my parents owning an Atari 2600 but it wasn’t until my introduction with the NES in the 90’s that my fascination for the genre really took off. Fast forward all these years and my collection of systems and games have grown immensely. Coincidentally enough – my fascination with the Web and online business grew at an equal pace. Then one day it dawn on me that a stab at affiliate marketing – with video games – might just be an immense opportunity because, after all, I knew I had spent … Continue reading

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