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Easy Affiliate Income: The Best and Worst Lists

Every week, month, and year you have an opportunity to earn an easy affiliate income. People about to make a purchase (or those simply window shopping) like to get an idea of what’s available in the market. They don’t have time to sort through thousands of listings because they’re short on time and don’t want to make the wrong choice. Because of this – it’s common to see a top list which collects the best of the best in easy, bite sized chunks. These are great for people because it lets them get the gist of what’s out there and … Continue reading

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Easy Affiliate Earnings: Comparison Shopping Tables

Online shopping is a very big deal. However, one setback of shopping online is that you don’t get to hold the product. The fact you can’t physically interact with a product causes a small hurdle for online sellers. Sellers have to convey the value of the product, engross them with imagery, and convince buyers that what they see is how they imagine the product to be. This brings us to the topic of this edition of easy affiliate income – we’re taking a look at the use of comparison shopping tables to make some very niche affiliate commissions. The Scenario … Continue reading

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Easy Affiliate Earnings 101: Buyer’s Guides

We, affiliates, sometimes go a little overboard. We forget that sometimes the simplest of techniques yield the easiest rewards – we just don’t seem to do them because we’re distracted by others with bells and whistles. The focus for this week has been on these techniques for easy affiliate earnings. Monday, I covered the practice of doing local meet ups to educate and promote offers to small groups and today I want to take a look at creating buyer’s guides which, in my experience, have been one of the best, easiest ways to earn from your affiliate website (and it … Continue reading

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Easy Affiliate Earnings 101: Local Meet Ups

It’s the start of the New Year which means you’re more than likely buzzing with excitement. Now is a time to start fresh. Try new things. Explore some of the tried-and-true methods. Bring your affiliate business to that next level. Throughout this week I want to share what I’d like to call “Easy Affiliate Earnings”. The topics I’ll cover this week are methods you can use that show real promise when it comes to earning a commission – and the best part is that they’re very simple to do. For part 1 of 5 we’re starting with the easiest: local … Continue reading

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How to Record Skype Conversations (and Turn Them into Great Website Content)

Got Skype? It’s likely you do if you’re calling others from your computer (or phone/tablet). Some of these conversations might just be the type your community would like to hear. You’ve got the access to fellow business and site owners so put it to good use. All that’s needed is one extra program, a bit of editing, and you’re on your way to producing multiple types of content that’ll help you build the brand, encourage conversions, and help with that SEO. Here’s what you can do … Recording Skype Calls: The Programs and Process Recording Skype is dead simple. With … Continue reading

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Business Security: Best Practices & Resources

Security isn’t usually something you have in mind when you’re launching your affiliate marketing business because you’re itching to get started and jump right into the “meat” of the biz. But, security does need to be on your list if you see yourself operating for some time. A flaw in your security could lead to a ton of lost data which will set you back. If security of your list (like their credit cards) is compromised then you can see yourself looking at a PR disaster. Likewise, you should be ready in the event of a natural disaster not just … Continue reading

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How to Use UberSuggest to Generate Endless Amounts of Blog Post Ideas

I recently stumbled across a new tool that is changing the way I develop ideas for blog posts. The tool: UberSuggest. This tool is like Google Instant Search on steroids. It allows you to plug in a keyword (or phrase) and then it gives you a populated list of various Google Instant Search results. The power comes from the fact that these are common keywords and phrases that people are searching which means they’re highly valuable. The best part? By doing a little bit of research you can find hundreds of topics for blog posts that aren’t really being covered … Continue reading

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The 10 Best Business Notes I Took in 2013

Over this past year I have made the effort to keep a journal, of some sort, detailing business and marketing notes I’ve picked up from reading various blogs in the industry. I do this with a simple Google Doc so that I can access it anywhere (which I’d highly recommend you try in your business/swipe files). What I’d like to share, today, are ten of those notes that have brought about the greatest impact in my work – and I believe it will do the same, for you. Here is the list (along with the links): 1. On the Topic … Continue reading

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Affiliate Quick Tip: How to Tame and Conquer Your Email Inbox

Your email inbox. It can fill up quite fast. Over time, if you’re not constantly monitoring, deleting, and responding to the emails you can feel overwhelmed to the point where you start ignoring them. Add in the fact that they’re very distracting if you leave it open in a tab – receiving constant notifications – and now you’re getting stressed about the whole thing. The point of email was to communicate – not feel overwhelmed. In this affiliate quick tip I’m going to share a very easy process of taming that wild email inbox. The Email Taming Process There are … Continue reading

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Six Little Ways to Get More out of Your Email Marketing

Your email list is pure gold – as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort. You may have set one up, created a freebie, added an opt-in, set the autoresponder, and basically left it to its own. That’s a shame because the list is really where the money’s at. You could be doing a few things with it that seems somewhat successful but it’s not giving you the type of ROI you were expecting. No worries. There are plenty of ways to get more out of your email marketing … 1. Set a Higher Limiter for … Continue reading

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