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3 Promotional Strategies you’ll want to use during the Holiday Season

This holiday season is expected to be the biggest one yet. Stores have already pushed sales ahead of the normal dates (such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday). Consumers are itching to get their hands on great deals. The Web will be no different. People have set aside a lot of money to spend on items this holiday – all you need to do is ramp up your promotions and angle it in a way that captures that holiday shopping spirit. The following are three different promotional strategies you should put into play during this holiday season if you want … Continue reading

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How to Conduct User Surveys (and Make the Most of Them)

Surveys are a great way to cut straight through the noise and find out exactly what your site visitors truly want. Surveying gives you the ability uncover the hidden needs and desires. Once you understand these items you can make appropriate adjustments to your business and it’s these adjustments that will help you increase your revenue and grow the business. The only thing stopping you from doing these surveys is the fact you’re not doing them. They’re extremely easy to conduct. There are many free tools to get the job done. Read on because this post will certainly give you … Continue reading

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12 Five Minute Actions to Improve Your Affiliate Marketing Business

The trouble I see with many marketers is that they seem to take on these monumental tasks. They want to write epic posts in an hour. They want to produce a slew of videos in short succession. They want thousands of links today. Stop. Breathe. Relax. I like quick wins. You know … the easy tasks that give you a great sense of accomplishment even though they took just a few minutes of your time? Psychologically they’re powerful. They provide signals that you’re moving ahead in your business. That sense of accomplishment and completion then rolls over into the next … Continue reading

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Affiliate Resource: Everything You Need for Call-to-Action Buttons

Call-to-actions are the driving force behind your affiliate conversions. They give visitors a nudge hence the “call to action”. The interesting thing about all this is the fact that many affiliate marketers never really gets around to tweaking and testing them. This is quite unfortunate because a marginal percentage increase could lead to tens of thousands of additional revenue. One glance at some of the CTA case studies rounded up by pieced together and it’ll bring a shock to your system if you haven’t been testing the elements. Don’t kick yourself over all this, though, because it’s never too … Continue reading

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How-to Earn Hot Profits from this Cold Weather

Wow it got cold, fast! It seems like every year people are caught off guard during the winter months. We all know it’s about to get chilly yet we ride it out until that last minute. Then, once it hits, suddenly we’re scrambling for the coats, tire chains, and snow shovels. Look at this quick need to buy, as a marketer, and you can see the opportunity. This isn’t the time to go cheap on winter wear or other necessities. Consumers are spending a good deal of money for their comfort and they’re willing to pay the premium (especially if … Continue reading

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Great Habits that will Improve Your Affiliate Marketing Workflow

Affiliate marketing, albeit an exciting opportunity, is a job. You’ll wake to a mounting number of tasks to complete in order to keep your profits stable. You’re always on the lookout for new tools and resources that’ll give you an edge. There are always new products and platforms to choose from to grow the business. In essence: it’s a labor of love – and you’ve gotta love it all day, every day. The pressure will build, in due time. You only have 24 hours in the day and even less time that you can dedicate to the actual operation. What … Continue reading

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Chain Productivity: This Is How You Get Things Done

A while back I came across a post that talked about how Jerry Seinfeld (yes, the comedian) used a “chain” method to keep productive and eliminate procrastination. The method is actually quite simple: commit to a task do it every day try not to break the cycle I thought, at first, that it sounded too simple. But then I started using it … Why It Works There is a psychological element that goes into the chain method. After you’re going you feel bad when you break the cycle. It’s much like trying to quit a bad habit. You’re doing great … Continue reading

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What Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and Cracked can Teach You about Socially Explosive Content

The big three: Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and Cracked. These are blogs that have absolutely dominated the social media landscape. Cracked articles easily pull in hundreds of thousands of views, Buzzfeed gains thousands of social shares, and Upworthy is pushing well beyond 30 million uniques a month. The interesting thing about these sites is the fact that there isn’t much difficulty with what they’re doing that you can’t do on yours. Allow me to explain … Link (Bait) and Switch (Sometimes) The three sites are masters of the headline. Funny enough a lot of these headlines are near replicas of the list … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Get Too Wrapped Up with Blog Comments

Blog comments are one of the first methods of contact you have between you and the community (and vice versa when commenting to others). The built-in comment systems and third-party platforms provide a great opportunity to gain feedback, share expertise, and generate discussions. However, it’s very easy to become consumed with their importance. When you start to get too wrapped up in blog comments you begin to miss the big picture.   As a Site Owner There are two imminent drawbacks of comment obsession as a site owner: It can be a wasteful activity when responding to spam and negative … Continue reading

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eSports: The Hottest Trend to Scope in 2014

2014 will be the year of the gamer. We’ve seen major AAA titles do phenomenally successful in the market. New systems have just launched. Streaming services are a plenty. eSports, the growing community around competitive gaming, is bigger than ever which is why I’d like to take this time to go through its popularity and what opportunities are available from the affiliate angle. The Rise of eSports Just how popular are eSports? Considering that 32 million people tuned in to watch the League of Legends championship it’s easy to understand that this is going to be big. Gaming has gone … Continue reading

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