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Cleaning Up Facebook: Creating a Divide in Business and Personal

By this time the number of friends you’ve accumulated on Facebook are well beyond the point of actually really knowing the people. We accept these requests because we want to be courteous and sometimes to creep around on their profile to see what they’ve been doing. Over time it starts to add to the noise. We don’t have the heart to remove them from our list but we do take actions to siphon their posts from our feed by unfollowing them. When you’re running a business you would normally funnel those interested parties to your business fan page because, after … Continue reading

Leave a comment A Neat Tool for Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is one of my favorite platforms for affiliating with products because it’s such a well-known marketplace, with huge trust, and virtually any and every time of product you’d want. The thing I love most about AA is that all you need to do is get someone onto Amazon and if they make a purchase within the 24 hour period you will earn a cut on their purchase. Amazon already has many great features to increase conversions but the basic ones I usually tell others is to do the following: Focus on creating reviews, overviews, lists, and “versus” posts … Continue reading

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Creative Outlets (that will help with your Affiliate Marketing)

Though you’re into this Affiliate Marketing thing you still have a rush of ideas that sound promising yet you stop yourself from entertaining them because you’re trying to stay focused. One day you could be in the middle of doing an advertising campaign and you get an awesome idea for a piece of content around one of your hobbies (that may not be anything to do with the AM business). Usually you crush it down, make a note of it, and set it on the backburner. Sometimes we may take those ideas and turn them into little side ventures. In … Continue reading

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8 Strategies for Reaching a Larger Facebook Audience

Facebook is an immensely worthwhile investment for your online projects: Traffic generation Engaging your audience Finding (and researching) competitors Discovering new interests (and ideas) Direct sales Though Facebook has been around for some time it’s still a difficult platform to conquer due to its constant changes, quick shifts in the marketplace, multiple platforms, and extensive advertising options. For the average small business owner they already have a lot on their plate so placing a great deal of time into the platform may seem like a chore especially when there aren’t many people following them or their Facebook page. Well, here … Continue reading

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How much should I spend on testing?

Once the project is off the ground and starts to receive attention you will naturally want to test the elements of your landing pages, advertising, and all other factors that could lead to conversions. The question, though, is how much should you spend? Since the project is fresh you may be apprehensive to dropping a great deal of capital toward a testing campaign (a logical thought) because you are still relatively unsure about its viability. At the same time you don’t want to halt the potential growth of the project because you are making financial moves. Here are some factors … Continue reading

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Backed into a Corner: The Issues with Niching too far

There are many reasons why you would want to find yourself in a niche with Affiliate Marketing: Less competition Unique products Defined audiences These are all great benefits but there are times when you may be tempted to take your niching too far and wind up backing yourself into a corner. It’s natural that you would want to carve a slice of your own in the marketplace but there are issues: Limited Selection Trying to tackle a major market is going to be quite difficult for the average affiliate marketer because there are billion dollar companies already controlling the majority … Continue reading

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Beat the Heat: Summertime Affiliate Products worth Promoting

BBQ’s, road trips, and sunny skies. Summertime is great for these things but one thing I think we can all agree upon is that the heat is often unbearable. In this post I have collected a variety of physical products that you can promote during summertime for those in the hot zone. I will be using Amazon (Associates) as the base for these products but you can certainly use other sites that you prefer. These type of products are perfect for list and round-ups; they also pair well when you are creating content about summertime activities. On the advertising end … Continue reading

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Post Cards & Affiliate Marketing: An Example Campaign (plus Resources)

Affiliate Marketing is closely associated with the Web because it’s the easiest channel to explore opportunities but it doesn’t need to be confined to the online World. Print media and direct advertising are still multi-billion dollar industries and despite what people say about them dying – they’re still here and they’re going to stay (for a long while). Direct mail is reaching leads, as you could imagine, through mail. Surely you’ve received a letter, post card, flyer, or catalog which directed you to a business website. What if you were to send people to an affiliate website? Here are some … Continue reading

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Six Affiliate Marketing Habits We All Need To Break

Affiliate marketing is so much more than finding a neat strategy and putting it to work in your projects. You should be out there, experimenting, and always challenging the industry otherwise it will become stale and create bad habits the longer you stay in the game. I want to share some of those bad habits that many of us have picked up over the years (I, too, will admit I have) that really do need to stop because it’s getting us nowhere: Outsourcing Everything So you read the 4 Hour Work Week and got excited about the idea that you … Continue reading

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Pick One Skill and Own It: A Guide to Mastery

You’ve probably heard the notion of “It takes 10,000 hours to master a skill”; this has been going on a while and it turns out to be false. Scientists have already debunked the 10,000 hour rule because we are all simply different at how we learn and how quickly we can grasp the topic. I wanted to open this post with that because far too many people are afraid to start learning a new skill because they have this idea that it takes roughly 416 days of non-stop practice to reach mastery. Now realistically you know it takes years (and … Continue reading

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