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An Important Question to help find the Perfect Promotions

Forget the website. Forget the marketing. Forget the community building and networking. All of these items rely on one crucial element: the right offer. What good’s a business if it’s not selling something unique or in demand? There are countless competitors – each of them trying to gain a dominant market share. There are plenty of up-and-comers trying to replicate their success. The market is flooded. So when you begin promoting offers that have been done to death you have to sit and ponder whether you’ll find real success in affiliate marketing. What you need to start doing is asking … Continue reading

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Start Here Page. Do you have this one, too?

An earlier post published on detailed the inherent benefits of using a resources page which does wonders for building affiliate income. This type of page collects the tools and resources you use to get the most from your topics in the niche. Visitors discovering this page are given a clear path as to which tools and pool of resources to choose from which is why it does well at converting. The other page I wanted to mention was a start here page. You can consider this page as an introductory guide to your website. It houses your best information. … Continue reading

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Last Minute Affiliate Marketing Ideas and Strategies for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be upon us in a few short days. In October I laid out a plan for developing a website (and campaign) for the Thanksgiving niche. If you took advantage of the timing then you might be in a great position to earn a good amount of money during this holiday. The niche isn’t for everyone, though. There are still a ton of opportunities to spike your affiliate commissions during the holiday. I believe any niche can leverage the holiday to drum up the sales. All it takes is your commitment to implement a few Thanksgiving marketing strategies. The … Continue reading

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Three Traits you need to Change as an Affiliate Marketer

When you make that transition from being an employee or traditional business owner into the world of affiliate marketing you bring along a lot of baggage. An employee has been trained to follow specific rules for their position. They aren’t allowed to think outside the box and solve problems their way, usually. Established business owners, too, get into a mindset of “if it’s not broke then don’t fix it”. Most of them have developed traits that set limiters on their ability to grow, in business. They may not see it immediately but it would become very apparent if and when … Continue reading

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Resource Pages. Do you have one?

A resource page is like handing the toolbox over to your community. These pages are a roundup of tools that have received your highest recommendation, praise, and usage. They are extremely effective because it allows new-comer’s and existing community members a glimpse into what you use to embrace the subject of your website. It becomes a starting, reference point that is collected in one location (versus scattered deep within the archives of your site). Including a resource page not only allows you to avoid repeatedly answering inquiries from readers about recommendations but it gives you an easy vehicle for affiliated … Continue reading

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Fizzles and Duds: Reinvigorating Content that didn’t Receive Attention

I don’t know about you but I absolutely hate when I put a lot of work into a piece of content, that I’m very passionate about, only to have it fizzle and dud. It’s the type of content you pour everything into yet, at the end of the day, it’s overshadowed by something you (or others) quickly slapped together. Part of the problem is Google’s love for fresh content which has seemed to allow people to jumble up the dates to game the search rankings. This puts already ranking content higher up due to the algorithm change which is kind … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Blogging: The Same Message in a Smaller Package

Have you ever wondered why most newspapers keep their articles in columns without having huge blocks of texts much like books?   Maybe there’s a reason why? Well, I can tell you: It’s because it allows people to easily read the text without them being overloaded.   If you think about it, we’re transitioning into a society which predominantly reads text messages that are rarely longer than 140 characters. It doesn’t mean that all media is going to shift into this short-form but it’s something to remember when writing your blog posts.   Here’s a few reasons why it may … Continue reading

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Shopify: A Great Cart with Great Commissions

Shopify is a robust shopping cart / ecommerce store development suite that has taken off in popularity thanks to its sleek designs, usability, price points, and modern approach to online sales. There have been thousands of stores created through Shopify. As this service continues to grow in popularity, along with an increase in small businesses reaching out to include ecommerce, it’s a no-brainer that promoting their product can yield great gains for your affiliate marketing income. Compared to other shopping carts such as OpenCart, Volusion, or Magento – Shopify is a pure breeze. Anyone has the ability to create an … Continue reading

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How to Write Reviews for Products you don’t own

Reviews provide you with a great opportunity to earn commissions when affiliated with the product. However, unless you’re one of the “big boys” in the industry that constantly receives review copies of a product you’ll soon realize that trying to provide these reviews can take a toll on your budget. It’s unlikely that you have the capital to purchase every new product just to write a review. So, how do you go about creating reviews if you don’t actually own the product? Owning the product obviously gives you an advantage because you can actually feel its value – you can … Continue reading

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How to Find Contributors for your Website Content

There is a lot of debate about quantity vs. quality when it comes to producing content for you website. On one hand … Quantity allows your website to continually push pieces that may capture long-tail keywords. These quick posts are also easy to produce in rapid succession. Websites that utilize this approach may not go in-depth on the topics but the sheer volume they put out brings in millions of eyeballs especially when they leverage great headlines and hooks. On the other … Quality work is the type frequently linked. These pieces are in-depth and can do wonders for building … Continue reading

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