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Marketing What If: $500 to Develop Content

Throughout this week we’re introducing the “what if?” content series. The purpose of these will explore what could happen if you’re handed a small (but usable) budget to explore different areas of online business from starting a website to growing the business. The first in this series showed you the “what if” of having $500 at our expense to build a website. The second, this one, is about what you could do after you’re up and running – specifically: content. Do you spend hours of your day crafting content or do you hire an expert so you can focus elsewhere? … Continue reading

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What If: $500 to Build a Website

This week we’d like to introduce you to the “what if?” content series. The purpose of these will explore what could happen if you’re handed a small (but usable) budget to explore different areas of online business from starting a website to growing the business. The first in this series takes is through the “what if” of having $500 at our expense to build a website. Do you go the bootstrap route or do you pony up and strive for the high-end? $500 isn’t a whole lot when you think about what it takes for world domination but let’s play … Continue reading

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The Highs and Lows of an Affiliate Lifestyle

An affiliate lifestyle is sought by many individuals that dream of leaving the rat race. The ability to be your own boss, set your own schedule, work on projects of passion, and earn an income anywhere in the world will certainly water your palette (who wouldn’t want those things?) but just as you would find in any field – there are highs and lows. Getting your start in affiliate marketing is exciting to say the least especially if you’re accustomed to a normal paycheck (which we all know doesn’t always feel rewarding for the amount of work we put in). … Continue reading

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Our Picks for the Best Tools to make Your Social Media Life Easier

Social media can do wonders for connecting with your community, building a brand, and generating sales – and the best part is that it’s free! Well … kind of. There is “money” being spent whenever you use social media and that comes in the form of time. Time you spend on social media campaigns takes away from doing direct money-making actions such as writing a sales letter, acquiring a client, or launching an advertising campaign. Money is also being lost because your time can be set as a dollar amount so every hour you’re on social media you’re losing out … Continue reading

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5 Dead Simple Tricks that Get Headlines the Click

Headlines are the vehicle to that which sells. Headlines, whether you’re applying the term to what appears at the top of a blog post or if you refer email subject lines by this terminology, is a careful blend of art and science. A headline needs to do just one job: get the user to take action. Action in this sense means they’re digging deeper into the content that comes after the headline. Yes, you can tell a story and make bold statements through headlines but it’s the content and call-to-action where all the magic happens. The only problem, though … … Continue reading

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3 Strong Ways to Keep Teams Productive and On Track with Tasks

Team collaboration can bring together some of the brightest minds to tackle a common problem but one of the main drawbacks of working with teams stems from the troubles associated with keeping everyone on track with the tasks at hand. Every member of the team will bring something unique to the group; there will be clashes, at times, so it’s your ability to manage these individuals that will make or break the projects. Building an awesome team takes serious work but keeping them together to complete tasks is a whole different ball game. The following are three strong ways to … Continue reading

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How to Cope with that “Scatterbrained” Feeling at Your Crucial Moment of Success

There will be a moment along the way toward your success that you’ll meet around the half-way mark. It’s that moment when you’re just about to break into the industry but not everything is in the clear. What I’m talking about is the tipping point. This is the time when you have to give it your all and push harder than ever; it’s that time when you’re almost at the top of the curve and need that tiny nudge to make it over and cruise on down to success. What I’ve found, however, is that many people hit this tipping … Continue reading

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How to Attract and Recruit Affiliates to Your Business

There may come a point when you decide to launch an affiliate program to coincide with your products and services (whether it’s in-house or managed by an affiliate network). The inclusion of an affiliate marketing channel will allow your business to grow beyond its boundaries because you’re handing over the marketing to those that are willing to spend their time and energy to promote your work in exchange for monetary compensation. The addition of these affiliates then allows you to scale back your own efforts so you may begin to focus on other areas of business that may have begun … Continue reading

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20 Recommended Tasks to Outsource to Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants can take a great deal of stress off your shoulders when you’re too busy to finish your daily tasks; they are equally great when utilizing skills (which you may not possess) to explore new opportunities for your business which The amount of time you would save when hiring a virtual assistant will allow you to conquer the important areas of your business such as sales, marketing, and customer service – the “big” wins. Hiring a virtual assistant comes down to sourcing an individual that matches your required skill set and offers strict time management to ensure the job … Continue reading

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6 Unique Ways to Make Money Online (besides Affiliate Marketing) is dedicated to providing helpful information about affiliate marketing but we don’t want to rule out the other opportunities when you’re trying to make money online. Sure, affiliate marketing will often have the highest pay-outs but there are plenty of other alternatives that you can get a start in to pick up a few extra bucks during your downtime. Devote a few extra hours to some of these methods and you could ease the stress from bills or begin setting aside extra money for that long-awaited vacation. Here are our picks … #1: Do Microtasks Microtasks are exactly what … Continue reading

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