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Where to Find Landing Page Designs for your Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

Landing pages can be a great addition to your website if your goal is to increase conversions and, ultimately, your profit margin; these pages are designed to solicit a specific action whether it’s to sign up for an email newsletter or purchase a product/service on the spot. Originally, landing pages would need to be crafted by those that have a firm understanding of best practices and design experience but that barrier has been broken thanks to the introduction of templates, themes, and landing page services. The following will give you a deeper understanding of why you need to begin using … Continue reading

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Where to Find Quality Images for your Blog Posts

An image can set the tone for what’s ahead for your readers. Pictures increase engagement, lead readers to important bits of information, and tell a story. For this reason your images should be astounding. Using generic, overused royalty free or generic stock photography can scream that you’re too hard edged. Unless you’re making a presentation to some up-tight company than it’s best to keep things real. Go with the photos that capture the imagination and curiosity with your readers. If you’re having trouble finding these images than you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up a variety of sources for quality … Continue reading

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How-to Spend the First Year of Your Website to Guarantee Its Success

Starting a new website is exciting especially if it’s your first attempt. Throughout the first year of launching you will learn many things about Web technology and more so about yourself. What you do within this first year can shape all those thereafter. The year will see you crafting a whole lot of content, meeting new people, launching big projects, and trickling in a profit. The first year, however, can be a bumpy ride so I’ve collected some of the milestones, actions, and hurdles you may want to consider (and face) to guarantee your success in your niche. Months 1 … Continue reading

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How-to Build a Great Habit (and apply it to Your Business)

Great habits are difficult to create and easy to break if you don’t have the willpower to keep them as part of your everyday routine. In business, habits become one of your greatest assets because it will allow you to push through barriers and break the glass ceiling which may come about from stagnation. Habits can be anything from remembering to floss each day to doing the “rounds” and calling business leads to spur a few sales. These items may not be on the top of our minds nor something we entirely enjoy doing but adding them to our routine, … Continue reading

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How-to Stay Healthy when Confined to the Office

Working long hours in front of the computer can do a number on your physical and mental health. We humans are meant to be in transition; it’s in our genetics. Living a sedentary lifestyle means that we do a whole lot of sitting with very little exercise. Couple in the fact that we finish out our day generally plopped in front of the T.V. and you can quickly see how you can develop health problems in the long-run. The following will share a few different ways to (at least) break up your day so you’re not always in the chair. … Continue reading

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WordPress Tips & Tricks: Adding Dynamic Social Features

Social media has taken the Web by storm and now accounts for the majority of our active time on the Internet. Of course, it makes sense because why would you choose surfing the Web alone when you could talk with friends and share what you’ve found? Now, take that thought into account and ask it when someone discovers your website. When someone visits your website what do they have to do other than view your content? Sure, they could leave a comment or send you an email but what does that compare to other sites like Facebook or Twitter where … Continue reading

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WordPress Tips & Tricks: How-to Implement Shortcodes

WordPress has many different plugins to extend its base features and flexibility. One of the coolest types of WP plugins is those that allow you to use shortcodes. This is what has to say about shortcodes: A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Shortcodes can embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. Shortcode = shortcut. There are many different types of shortcodes, too, all you need to do is add [ and ] around the keyword of the site: … Continue reading

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WordPress Tips & Tricks: Installing (and Updating) WP Plugins

WordPress comes packed with incredible features to customize your website design. The base installation is often more than enough for many individuals that seek a simple platform to share their ideas, feedback, and thoughts. Likewise, there are many free themes within the WordPress directory that gives a great amount of flexibility and uniqueness for businesses seeking an online presence. However, there is always more to be desired. WordPress plugins extend the features and flexibility of the platform. The plugins are created by a spectrum of talented individuals with many different ideas to improve the base installation of the CMS platform. … Continue reading

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WordPress Tips & Tricks: Navigate, Understand, and Customize the WP Dashboard

WordPress is a content management system which means you can release dynamic changes to the website with just a few edits (without having to need a strong understanding of Web programming). But, unlike a basic HTML/CSS CMS you could create through simple PHP includes, WordPress takes the pressure off the user and presents them with a wide variety of options. The dashboard, within the backend of your WordPress installation, becomes your main “hub” of activities to allow for these changes whether it’s adding new content, installing plugins, responding to comments, or making edits to the code. The following is broken … Continue reading

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WordPress Tips & Tricks: How-to Create a Website Backup (The Simple Way)

You can never prepare for the unexpected. Ask yourself this: If government websites have been hacked over 1,000 times in the last three years … than what’s the chances that it’ll happen to my small business? Your business doesn’t have the benefit of operating with a large security budget as does the government; your data may be just as sensitive and valuable to would-be attackers. Then there are other issues that could arise: The Web hosting provider is breached and loses your data You accidentally overwrite a database through improper tweaking Natural disasters The unexpected can do grand damage to … Continue reading

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