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Need a Mental Boost? Five Recommended Books on Productivity and Business Motivation

Okay, before you go off and say “but I haven’t time for reading with all this work to be done!” pedal back and pump the brakes. Reading motivational business books can do wonders for your long-term productivity because it’ll build inspiration. So no, it’s not a waste of time. Hearing the tales of how entrepreneurs overcame obstacles, many of which you’re likely to share, can plant you right in the seat to go for the “ride”. Reading through each work will not only reveal insights about how you could overcome obstacles but simply hearing the story will bring a smile … Continue reading

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Effective Tools to Improve Your Productivity (And Motivation)

Productivity and motivation go hand-in-hand. It’s up to you whether you’ll complete the tasks required to grow your business. Yes, you may have a full 8 hours to knock down your to-do list but why spend all of it if you could do so in half the time? There are, however, many tools that will aid in your ability to track time, focus you during the content creation process, and force you to be effective with your tasks. The following is a hand selection of productivity tools that will do wonders for getting things done. Yast Yast is an amazing … Continue reading

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How-to Improve your Daily Work Routine in 7 Steps

I’ve gone on a stint this week about increasing your productivity using to-do lists and setting smart goals for your business (to avoid stagnation). Today I’d like to get direct and to the point when it comes to motivation and productivity. You see, these two items really simply come down to a routine. All great individuals, in most ways, have a set routine throughout their day because it allows them to easily transition between tasks in a logical manner with very little distractions. You see this, quite often, with athletes whom practice the same pitch, kick, or throw over and … Continue reading

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How-to Set Smart Goals to Avoid Business Stagnation

There will be a time when you feel that your business has hit some form of a “rut”; it could be that you’ve reached your income goals or that you can’t seem to break through the glass ceiling within your niche due to the competition and market share. Stagnation can kill a business even if it’s bringing in the bank. A business that fails to evolve and grow will eventually be replaced by a new, up-and-coming achiever that’s willing to take new risks. The solution? Set smart goals Smart goals are ones which fall under two elements: They have a … Continue reading

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How-to Create and Use Simple To-Do Lists to Achieve your Goals

Remember the Milk, Doomi,, these are all great tools for keeping track of your tasks but nothing quite beats the good ol’ pencil and paper. The act of physically writing your to-do commits the tasks to memory much like note taking during your school days. Likewise, it forces the tasks in your face to give yourself a constant reminder of what needs to be done rather than the need to boot a program/app that’s easy to forget. The following will share how to use these simple to-do list systems to make the most from your day, achieve great goals … Continue reading


How-to easily find Blogs accepting Guest Posts

Guest blogging has many benefits over writing for your website. You can reach a new, established audience. Removing the tedious process of finding a targeted audience allows you to focus on delivering exceptional value because you have more time to do so. Posting on relevant sites brings credibility to your name, puts you in contact with fellow business individuals, and grants you the ability to test your campaigns through the clever use of A/B testing and landing pages. Those already actively guest posting for link building and community building purposes can agree. The hardest part, as you would expect, is … Continue reading

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How-To Create Inspiring “Income Goals” to Kick-Start Productivity

Business brings about individuals with many different motivations. Money Freedom Challenge Passion As an individual that got his start while working in the off-hours during a 9-to-5 job I can honestly say that one of the best forms of motivation is setting income goals. Income goals allow you to proceed with your work through tiers. The goals set a great starting point for when you get a start, when you’re comfortable, and when you’re ready to take your work to the next level. The following is taken from experience – it will share how setting these income goals will automatically … Continue reading

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Google may have Inadvertently Screwed Up your Email Marketing

A new change to Gmail has gone live (for many users and eventually all of them) and with it comes a new format which divides emails into different tabs. The defaults include: Primary – For emails between friends, family, and colleagues Social – For those emails associated with your social accounts Promotions – For newsletters and other sales-type emails For users, it’s a breath of fresh air because it prevents them from being overwhelmed by email; the design is sleek, easy to understand, and customizable. However … this isn’t good for marketers using email. The issue: it’s likely that your … Continue reading

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Smart Ideas for Spending your Hard-Earned Online Income

In time, you’ll begin to make a decent amount of money with your online income. You may completely replace the income from your job and make the leap to full-time affiliate marketing or your goals may be to just supplement parts of your take-home pay to open more time to spend for yourself and with family & friends. Either way, you’re earning extra money which gives you a lot of wiggle room. Before you run off to a casino and gamble away the earnings – have a look at some of our suggestions of smart ideas for spending your hard-earned … Continue reading

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How-to Hijack and Profit from Trending Web Topics

Frequently we will see major trends happening on the Web whether it’s something like the explosive popularity of Gangnam Style or a picture of Grumpy Cat. The Web has its weird quirks where people can become overnight “e-celebrities” – the same can be said about products, services, and other offers. Some things you can’t monetize (such as a person’s image) but other items are open game. Using the right trend tracking tools and a bit of ingenuity will allow you to quickly create campaigns that hijack and capitalize on these trending topics – here’s how to get started. Use the … Continue reading

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