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Fun & Engaging Ways to Encourage Interaction in your Market

Business doesn’t always have to be about business. At your control you have the opportunity to certainly earn a great deal of money but let’s not forget the unique, enjoyable position you’re in since you took the entrepreneurial leap. There are certainly rights and wrongs to the operation but at the end of the day your business is your own which means you can do whatever you want. Because you have this flexibility you can play around with your market. You can explore new, exciting strategies other businesses are too afraid to explore and by doing so you’ll encourage interaction … Continue reading

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Community Building 101: Tools of the Trade

In our final installment of the community building mini-series we’d like to cover the tools that make community building possible. You should know that it’s completely possible to build a community with very simple tools but this can be a tedious and time-consuming process which is why we recommend investing in premium tools if you want to supercharge your community building efforts. In all, it will come down to your ability to access your community on the regular. You’ll also want ways to handle reputation management for when things get out of control (or spike in your favor). So … … Continue reading

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Community Building 101: Turning Regular Visitors into Regular Buyers

There needs to be some kind of end goal for your website. You can choose whatever purpose this may be but if you’re reading this than chances are you wish to make money from your efforts. Here’s the thing … just because you have a product (or service) doesn’t mean someone will buy it. Think about all the competition out there. Every market has a fair share of products trying to take top spot on the list. You could slap together something but if you can’t sell the benefits and convert your visitors than not much is happening. Now think … Continue reading

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Community Building 101: Long-term Strategies for Growth

The first step of building your online community is finding the right people. Next comes the challenge of keeping individuals within your community. The hardest part will be when you want to grow, as a brand. Community building is just as much about the long-term potential as it is on the short-term gain. You should go above-and-beyond with your efforts every time you set out to interact and build your community. A. VIP Email List Everyone has been on an email list at some point. They usually start off enjoyable but then start to go downhill because you lose interest … Continue reading

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Community Building 101: Keeping People on your Website

The focus of this mini-series is all about building, retaining, and gaining traction in your niche & industry through a community. We have already covered the basics of finding your first readers (the easy par) and now we’ll move on to the next leg of the journey: keeping them on your website. People come and go for many different reasons: They don’t like the look and feel of your website They really love the videos you produce They’re turned off by too many advertisements They’re part of something bigger … a community You can guarantee people will stick around forever … Continue reading

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Community Building 101: Finding your first Readers

One of the most common questions you’ll find, in relation to blogging, online business, and any sort of online project, is the timeless “how do I find my community”? Spending hours upon hours of your precious time writing great content, pairing it with offers, building links, and participating in social media can feel moot when you fail to gain recognition for your effort. You sit patiently, anxiously waiting for your first comment, your first retweet, and email – you need some kind of confirmation. Well, you’re in luck because throughout this short series on community building you’ll make your way … Continue reading

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How-to utilize Twitter to create a buzz during a big Event

Twitter is a remarkable tool for keeping your community (and market) engaged with your message because it refrains from overloading individuals with too much information due to the limited amount of characters you’re able to use. Twitter, in this sense, makes it the perfect platform to cover big events, in your industry, because it’s accessible across many different handhelds, tablets, and gadgets; there’s little to no barrier preventing you from keeping followers up to date with juicy and valuable information. This post goes into that aspect of covering live events and will reveal how to use the social media platform … Continue reading

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How-to Recruit an Army of Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors. If you haven’t heard the term than don’t fret – we’ll be covering them in detail throughout this post. What you should know, right now, is that these are the individuals that stick through the thick and thin of your brand. They’re the ones getting to the streets to talk about your offerings (without having to tell them), and they’re the ones that will take your online business to the next level because they have the tools and know-how when it comes to promotion. So, just to recap before we get started: Brand ambassador are (generally) your most … Continue reading

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Farewell, Google Reader and Helloooo Alternatives!

It seems like the time has finally come … Google Reader … is dead. As of yesterday the service, which many of us have come to call a staple in our online usage, has ceased to operate. There is still time to export data (if you need) but the more important thing is what ever shall we do to replace this service for our RSS needs – and does this big change open new opportunities to spark an interest in RSS within the mainstream Web community? The following are a few examples of RSS readers and services which should take … Continue reading

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3 Things worth trying in your Email Marketing Campaigns

There are a whole lot of “best practices” and “ironclad strategies” for email marketing that certainly do work but, at the end of the day, it’s still your list and that means you can certainly change it up, have fun, and try new things that aren’t just a bit mix of robotic actions from years of marketing intelligence. Why would you want to break the mold? Simple: to spice things up for your audience. It’s likely that your audience is on quite a few mailing lists and that means they’re likely to receive a lot of the same format and … Continue reading

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