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Fourth of July for Affiliate Marketers: What to Promote

A survey conducted by Visa on Independence Day found that people are expected to spend $300 on the holiday (up from 60% from last year’s $190). To put that into perspective: the average American parent spends about $271 on Christmas gifts per child. Now, obviously this all greatly deals on who all is in attendance of the events during the holiday but you, as an affiliate, should see the incredible opportunity present in this situation. People go all out when it comes to celebrating on the Fourth; this post will help give you a few ideas to make the most … Continue reading

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How-to Overcome that Feeling of “Not Good Enough” and become the Authority in your Niche

Whether you believe or not – much of business is about being the most vocal. A competitor may have a superior product but you could be the top dog if you’re the one commanding it. You see this all the time in business; sometimes it’s unfortunate to see great people go unrecognized but that’s just the nature of the game. Expertise is about the voice. Not just the numbers. There are millions of websites out there – thousands within your niche (most likely) – which means that competition is stiff and everyone wants a piece of the pie. How do … Continue reading

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Guest Blogging vs. Blog Posting: The Showdown

Here’s a real tricky question that you may have thought at some point: “Is it better to simply write articles for other websites or keep to writing a blog on my domain?” Guest blogging is a great way to build an audience, backlinks, and exposure to your website but it also means that content you produce isn’t readily available to be found on your website. Blogging, on the other hand, allows you write whatever you want on your domain so those that discover your content through search engines are coming directly to you rather than a third party. Both of … Continue reading

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Five Business Philosophies which stand the Test of Time

Business, at its core, is quite simple when you think about it. Sure, there are many factors in play that you’ll need to overcome in order to setup shop but, at the center, there are five underlying “philosophies” that stand the test of time. It’s these philosophies that are the cornerstone of business – – understanding and applying them, even on a psychological level, will guarantee that you’re setting off in the right direction. These philosophies include: Location, Location, Location – The location truly does matter when it comes to business and this even applies to the Web. You could … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Caught by the Technological Trap

Technology is amazing. In just a few short years, phones are now comparable to computers, the Web has given us a billion ideas, cars have built in GPS, it’s getting easier, faster, larger but it’s simply a means to an end. It’s easy to be wrapped up in technology when you run your own business. You could be caught up in the latest WordPress plug-ins, new shopping cart design, platforms to sell your products and ideas – technology, although you may not know it, has become a trap. Allow me to tell you a story When I first came online, … Continue reading

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Common Faults that will Destroy your Business Potential

Business owners can be a real stubborn bunch. You’d think that, when in decline, these individuals would be more inclined to try new tactics but it’s rarely the case. These individuals seem to place up blinders, and it’s at this point that *blip* … it’s all over. These faults, however, can be avoided. The following will share these three items so, in the event you find yourself in the situation, you’ll be ready to take the right action to avoid having everything come crashing down. The Right Information … the Wrong Time The problem: Business owners hear the right information … Continue reading

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Two Simple Ways to say Thank You to the Community

Business is only possible by the support of the community; it’s the people that follow your brand that are the ones willing to purchase what you have to offer and it’s these individuals that are the ones that will triumph your brand (which results in it being shared around the Web). The funny thing is, however, that you don’t see a lot of website owners really going up and out of their way to be thankful to their community. Yes, they may do an occasional post about what’s going on and the things in which they’re grateful but it’s important … Continue reading

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How-to Double the Effectiveness of your Guest Posts for more Traffic and Conversions

Guest posting is a great way to share your expertise while simultaneously building links back to your website which results in higher search rankings and conversions. The idea of guest posting has been around for quite some time, now, but it’s very easy to see many website owners failing to take full advantage of the act especially because they often do so with a “hit and run” mentality. The purpose of this post is to share some of the insights about how to make the most from your guest blogging efforts and ways to double the effectiveness of the post … Continue reading

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How-to Live Incredibly Happy (even with a Small Affiliate Income)

What’s one element of modern living that can be a real hassle and trouble for just about everyone? It’s the finances. Couple in the fact that you’re trying to build an online business, through affiliate marketing, and you’ve got a recipe that will drive oneself mad. The reason for this generally stems from the fact that you hear outlandish claims of profits or income reports that show great success – while you’re still getting by with the basics. As an entrepreneur – you want to do everything you can to succeed. You generally measure your impact based around the profitability … Continue reading

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The Three Step Process to Discover Profitable Ventures within your Business

There are plenty of great opportunities hidden within your existing work and business waiting to be discovered; these opportunities present new forms of income generation. The best part is that, upon discovery, there truly isn’t a great deal of additional work that needs to be done in order to introduce something new to your market – – it’s already there and all you need to do is validate and solidify the business opportunity. The exercise in this post will take you through the process of discovering these hidden opportunities so you can begin earning more money (while doing about the … Continue reading

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