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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Working from Home

A major goal for most (if not all) that get a start in Affiliate Marketing is the dream of working from home. It is at home that you no longer have set schedules, a boss to bark down your throat, and annoying coworkers/clients to deal with. When you first entertain the concept of working from home, as an affiliate, all you can do is think of these benefits but lurking below the surface are some drawbacks. For some it may become immediate while for others it takes time for them to come into effect. I’d like to give you some … Continue reading

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A Fantastic Resource for Mind-Blowingly, Free Images: Pixabay

Pixabay is quickly becoming my #1 source of creative for just about any online project (including the images you’ll find on recent posts here on I wholeheartedly triumph this website because it finally provides mind-blowingly good images on just about every type of subject. These are very high quality and best of all… they are free. Normally bloggers and site owners may just jump over to Google, do a few generic searches, and find an image to match the content but here’s where we have an issue:   Like most Google searches it’s rare that people will go further … Continue reading

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5 Outlines for Sourcing Freelance Content Creators (and 3 Sites to Get Started)

Content gives people a reason to visit your website and stick around. The longer you keep them on the site the greater opportunities you will have to lead them through the sales funnel. The content, so far, has probably been a big mixture of your past experiences, expertise, and insights about the niche. Overtime, though, you may begin running into a snag by not coming up with new article ideas, you’re tired, you’re working on other projects, or you don’t know how to produce different type of media (if all you do is write). When you’ve hit this moment it’s … Continue reading

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How to Create Profitable Affiliate Reviews in Mere Minutes

Reviews are like the bread and butter when it comes to earning an affiliate commission. Reviews work because it allows you to show off a product, explain its value, highlight its features, and tell a story about how it affects your life (which then creates a similar feeling for those digging in). Making these reviews aren’t difficult but it takes time. However, if you approach it from an alternative angle then you can easily create these in mere minutes. Note: It may be “mere minutes” but there is down-time but when you batch the processes and condense the time YOU … Continue reading

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A No-Brainer Guide to Networking with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the go-to place to network with other business professionals, discover new career paths, engaged one another in serious debate, and promote your work. There are plenty of these “massive/ultimate” guides to Networking with LinkedIn but for your every-day small business owner they rarely have the time, energy, and resources to use the platform each day (as some of the guides often suggest). Let’s keep things simple… a real no-brainer.   The Profile The profile should be treated like your resume in the sense it needs to be professional (since you will be networking with other professionals). The platform … Continue reading

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How to Get the Most from a Whiteboard in Your Office

I am a huge fan of whiteboards because I’ve found it too easy to jot down ideas in a word/text file and easily forget them a week (or less) later. A whiteboard (I actually have one right next to me at my desk) keeps things flowing because it’s always in your face (so you can’t ignore it). Whiteboards can be bought for about $20 (new) and found for pennies on the dollar if you are able to snag one from a thrift store (mine is massive and cost less than $3). I know there are plenty of apps out there … Continue reading

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3 Additional Ways to Earn Money off Every Affiliate Sale

Each commission you earn from selling an affiliate product or service goes to your bottom line but once an individual makes that purchase they may never come back (since they got what they want). To increase your bottom line it’s within your interest to find ways to throw in additional offers and efforts to increase the affiliate sale and commission. In this post I will share three ways you can get more from each of your sales so that those commissions continue to climb.   A. Embed bonus offers Once an individual has their wallet out to complete a transaction … Continue reading

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Five Introspective Questions when Choosing an Affiliate Opportunity

When we have such unlimited access to online business opportunities we can often feel overwhelmed as an affiliate marketer. Couple in the fact that you may have dozens of topics, interests, and hobbies, and you’ll feel scatter-brained on where you’d like to start in the first place. Once you do start settling in on a niche you’re now faced with the monumental task of finding the products and services worth of promotion. You go from thousands of various affiliate programs and platforms down to a handful and you want to make sure you choose the best one. Here are some … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget Your Mom: Mother’s Day Affiliate Ideas & Strategies

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th which means it’s quickly approaching and if you plan to make money from the holiday, as an affiliate, it’s best you start those campaigns sooner than later. Americans spend between $18 – $19.8 billion dollars for their moms on this day with the average spend hovering around $55 per individual. So what should you promote? What should you do to get those products & services out there? Have a look at this overview of Mother’s Day affiliate ideas and strategies… Products/services worth promoting There’s the usual and the eclectic – all of which are … Continue reading

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Should My Blog Accept Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content presents many interesting opportunities (and setbacks) for your business. On one hand it has the immediate benefits of offering you additional money but in the back of your mind you may be thinking that it could lend in losing trust with your audience. As you pick up steam you may be approached by others to publish their content for a price. Other times you may find platforms that connect site owners with content creators looking to get featured. However you find your way to sponsored content you should take into consideration some of the pros and cons of … Continue reading

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