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How-to Develop a Business Plan that works for YOU

Many self-starters rarely take the time to develop a business plan because they’re ready to jump right into the action and get the ball moving with their projects. Working online will certainly result in this same course of action because you have the ability to throw up a website in an hour’s time compared to spending days (or weeks) mulling about with the planning. However, despite the flexibility of starting an online business it’s still important to develop a plan … one that works for you. There are plenty of guides for creating a business plan but let’s be honest: … Continue reading

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3 Exciting and Engaging Ways to use QR Codes in your Business

QR codes … you may think that they’re on the way out because there are easier options to sharing information through graphics (or just short links) but they can be a very exciting and engaging way to connect with your audience. In a lot of ways, QR codes have created a small ‘hurdle’ (of some sorts) that qualifies the traffic you receive through this passing of information. What I’d like to share with you, today, are some of the unique ways you could implement QR codes into your business for a fraction of the cost of other marketing campaigns but … Continue reading

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How-to Build a Profitable Website within a Month

Let’s get things straight – – when I mean profitable I’m not talking about replacing your job by the end of the 30 day period. What I’m talking about is the beginning of a trickle … you will see money start coming in from your website within a month’s worth of time if you’re willing to sit down and put in the work; it’s only up to you as to how far you take it, however. The following guide won’t go through the fluff and clutter of website development (there are plenty of guides readily available that doe this) – … Continue reading

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Unique Content: Finding the Perfect Blend of Real-World and Theory-Based Topics

Content should be believable but also capture the reader’s attention in the form of a story. In the publishing world we see this as fiction and nonfiction; you have die-hard fans of each type but the masses will generally jump between the two because each provides a fun and valuable set of insights (or entertainment). What I’d like to discuss with this post is the inherent need to go as deep as possible with your content creation to form it into a unique piece that’s impossible to replicate; at the same time I want to explain why theory content can … Continue reading

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Rarely Used Blog Posts You’re Not Doing (That’s costing you a TON of Free Traffic)

There are many different types of content you can push to your website to build your Web traffic and community engagement – – but it’s likely that you’re skipping out on quite a few that are extremely easy to conduct. More so, these ones you pass over are costing you a ton of free traffic because they’re known to be big hits within social media (aka. more shares). Here are some of the ones you should be doing (not only just to change up your format but to capitalize on the free traffic): The Interview Post It’s interesting to see … Continue reading

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Competitive Intelligence as a Weapon for Business [Guide]

Competitive intelligence is “the action of defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing intelligence about products, customers, and competitors …”. We, affiliates, already know the value gained from a thorough understanding of keyword & market research but these two items merely touch the surface of what can be learned from the competition. This post isn’t for everyone – it’s for those that want to get deep within the minds and tactics of the competition by going the extra mile to qualify an opportunity through proper research. The tactics discussed in this post take some time to learn but will become one of … Continue reading

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How-to Transform a Blog Post into an Audio Format

Content can go a long way but when it’s only in the text format than you have a limited reach to as far as it may go. One way to overcome certain barriers for your content being found is by changing the format into audio. Audio allows you to work the angles whether it’s a podcast, physical CD, or an addition to the post for blind visitors. The following is a very simple method to changing it up and adding audio into your offering: The DIY Method The DIY approach to creating audio content is just as easy as typing … Continue reading

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How to Create Share-Worthy Content your Readers will Love

Every piece of content you create has the potential to be shared … just as long as it’s something worth sharing. With that being said, there are certainly ways to encourage your community to participate in the social element of your content. You can use real-world data pulled from analytics & gut reaction to community feedback to craft the right type of content for your audience (that still does wonders for conversions and not just there to entertain). The following are a few ideas to help you get started with the “basics” of share-worthy content: Pander to their interest (and … Continue reading

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Five Unique Marketing Strategies for Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook has made many changes these last few years; one of these that have been implemented, for business, is the promoted post. Yes, a Facebook page used to reach nearly everyone that subscribed to the page but those times are over and it’s all about the money; we, as business owners, need to accept that we’ll need to pay to get the most exposure through the social platform. Grumbles aside, Facebook promoted posts can be quite powerful if used in a unique manner. There are a few guidelines you should take into consideration before you put all the time and … Continue reading

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How often should I email my list?

There are plenty of guides on how to build an email list but, to be honest, that’s the easy part – – it’s what happens after you’re up and running that can be real troublesome with the platform. Particularly, the question that comes about quite frequently: how often to email the list. Email marketing is extremely powerful, without a doubt, but there are drawbacks from the lack of updates or doing so too frequently; it’s easy to lose or burn your list by under or overdoing it. The following should give you some kind of idea on how to approach … Continue reading

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