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The Art of Non-Promotion: How to Sell More Products with Less Marketing

Did you know that Sriracha sauce has never been advertised? It’s hard to believe that the sauce that we all refer to as that “really hot stuff with the rooster on it” is now a staple in nearly every restaurant that serves some kind of hot dish. So then how in the world can a product that’s raking in millions each year find its way into our common knowledge when there hasn’t been any advertising? Word-of-mouth, of course. Sriracha sauce is a prime example of what we’d call “non-promotion”; it’s where the product does the speaking and people love it … Continue reading

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How to Improve Your Website Search Ranking with Long-Tail Keywords

The Web is so massive that individuals just making their presence on the Internet may have a troublesome time getting noticed since the established, big sites have already captured the large segments of the market. Likewise, sites with age (perhaps yours) will see its ups and downs as new competitors and existing giants clamor for the hot keywords within your respective industry. Effectively obtaining these high search rankings, for major keywords, can have a profound impact on your online earnings but since the competition is ever-growing you will need to shift mindset from the “main” keywords to those that would … Continue reading

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How-to Conduct User Testing on an Extreme Budget

User testing can reveal a lot about your website and marketing promotions as it gives you real-world insight about how visitors use and react to your efforts. User testing can be quite complex if you choose to take it to extreme angles but, for the most part, you can gain the brunt of the benefits from doing just a few tweaks to your site and campaigns – – that will remain in your budget. The following is a strategy for one of the easiest ways to approach user testing in order to improve site conversions. What you’ll gain, at the … Continue reading

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The Best Affiliate Items to Promote for Memorial Day

Memorial Day will take place on May 27th which is a day to recognize the sacrifice and service of those in the United States military; it’s a national holiday in which many individuals have the day off which is generally spent attending events, BBQ’s, and being with loved ones that have participated in service. Memorial Day also happens to be ripe with many great affiliate opportunities. The following will give you a few ideas for what you may consider promoting, and a few strategies to make the most of your promotions leading up to the holiday. Memorial Day Promotions Besides … Continue reading

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How-to Spot (and Avoid) a Lame Affiliate Product

The success of your affiliate marketing business is greatly reliant on your ability to identify and promote products which have real value to your community. The issue that’s all to present, however, is that there are many lame affiliate products because information-based products are so easily created or rely too heavily on hype despite the item having less features than a well-produced, trusted item. What will happen, if you begin promoting lame affiliate products, has a double negative effect: You won’t earn money because no one will want the product You “burn” your community by promoting items without value Good … Continue reading

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How-to Create Content “Ecosystems” with Widget Context

Widget Context is a WordPress plugin that allows you to specify which areas of your website you’d like to display widgets; the default installation of WordPress generally displays widgets site wide, so the appeal of this plugin is that you can “curate” what’s displayed in areas of your site which, in turn, develops a content “ecosystem”. And now … the easier-to-understand introduction: You can use the WordPress plugin ‘Widget Context’ to create unique sidebars which gives you greater control (and design) for your website. You would do this because: It allows readers to find matching content (and promotions) that you … Continue reading

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Google SEO for Images: The Basics

Google Image Search is widely used to find images, gifs, infographics, and more. There have been many changes to the layout and image quality throughout the year but one thing has remained the same: people use image search as a tool for website discovery. As a website owner, you frequently use images throughout your website copy to add engagement; these images are indexed in Google Image Search which attaches your content to the picture. Generally, individuals would need to select ‘View Source’ in order to see the page which doesn’t make it the most important factor in SEO but can … Continue reading

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Ignite Website Engagement: Interactive Services & Elements to add to your Website

An interactive website keeps visitors on your site – – it allows them to play, explore, and learn – – adding these elements, such as point systems, voting, and live chat, all offer a new level of community building because it encourages your visitors to participate within the community and gives them a “status”. An extra benefit gained from interactive elements is the boost you will find in your website traffic and page views. People will stay on your site longer which increases that chance of them finding their way to your affiliate offers. Likewise, your site will have a … Continue reading

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The Best Affiliate Offers to Promote on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is on June 12th and if the trends are right then you can expect the market to spend upward of $15+ billion dollars (according to a survey from 2011). People will spend nearly $200 for their mother which makes for a very healthy profit for your affiliate marketing if you take the time to run promotions; this article will go over some of the affiliate offers you could promote during Mother’s Day (and a few strategies to maximize the offers’ exposure). Offers a Mom would Love Some individuals will really go out of the way to find a … Continue reading

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From Adsense to Affiliate: Break Free from the Penny Clicks

Google Adsense, if you didn’t know, is an advertising platform where businesses and individuals can pay for ad placement across the Google network. The publisher end of Adsense allows you to display these ads on your website and earn a percentage of the profit each time an individual clicks on the ad. Adsense is all good and well but anyone that’s given it a try will tell you that a lot of the profit is mere pennies on the dollar. You may receive a percentage that’s just $0.01 depending on the ad that has been paired on your site or … Continue reading

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