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3 Surprisingly Simple Methods to convert more Visitors

The goal of a marketer isn’t to simply pass off a lead, cross fingers, and hope there is a conversion; it’s one thing to drive traffic to an offer and it’s completely opposite when you’re actively trying to improve the conversion before it takes place. The following lists out three different methods increase the chances that you’ll sell more offers so you’re not left constantly scraping for fresh visitors, and so you get the most from what you’ve got. #1: Display Related Items Consider tweaking your affiliate site to have an “ecommerce appeal” in which products you recommend are shown … Continue reading

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Helpful Tips for Avoiding Information Overload

Information Overload came from the book Future Shock which simply means that a person will find difficulty in understanding and making a decision because of too much information. For a good while this really hadn’t been the case with operating a business because the basic channels were either already established (like print media) or were outside of the budget for many small business owners (like high-tech product development). In essence, you generally approached a business you could either do, yourself, or at least had friends and a network to aid in your business development. Fast forward to the invention of … Continue reading

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Quick Improvements #5: Interlinking and Content Revision

A lot of website owners, marketers, and content producers seem to have it stuck in their heads that once a post goes live there next action is to begin on the next piece for their site; this is a fallacy in the way of thinking because each piece of content becomes a “salesperson” for your message for as long as you have it hosted and what often happens is that its information becomes outdated and fails to meet its full potential for all project-based work thereafter. The focus of this “Quick Improvements” part puts its attention on a two-part act … Continue reading

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Quick Improvements #4: Weekend Updates

The weekend seems to be devoid of content updates and marketing messages. A lot of this stems from the fact that people are stepping away from their computers to spend time with friends and family but it’s equally done in part by the marketer. The focus of this “Quick Improvements” part puts the focus on going the extra mile to turn the weekend into a prime time spot to capture loyal members of your website’s community. Your general traffic (search engine stuff) may be down during the weekend but your most loyal followers are there awaiting your message because they’re … Continue reading

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Quick Improvements #3: Complimentary Giveaways

A small commitment in your budget can lead to astonishing results for building your brand, boosting conversions, and adding helpful resources to an existing product on the market; one way of doing all three is through the process of giveaways. The focus of this “Quick Improvements” part puts the focus on using giveaways as a form of lead generation in your affiliate marketing business. The article will guide you through the product/service selection for what you could use as part of the giveaway and various methods to use the promotion of said giveaway to draw attention to your marketing message … Continue reading

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Quick Improvements #2: A Better Navigation

Navigation is a very important element for any website because it’s how your visitors finds vital information and discovers your message. The focus of this “Quick Improvements” part puts the focus on improving navigation at a fundamental level so you’re not leaving your visitors scratching their heads trying to figure out what to do. The article will take you through the variations in navigation design, correct use of related items, building a long-term navigation strategy, and how to do all of this without losing precious SEO rankings. Completion of these items range from 1 – 3 hours which may sound … Continue reading

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Quick Improvements #1: Formatting Articles to Improve Engagement

We’d like to introduce a new mini-series (five in total) that will guide you through a variety of tweaks that will improve the experience of your visitors and, ultimately, your conversions. The first on this list relates to formatting text when publishing your website content. Believe it or not, people will skim through the content regardless of whether it’s extremely valuable to their immediate needs; it could be a life-changer but everyone jumps around when reading online text. The problem that rises from this skimming is that a lot of your vital information (and call-to-actions) get passed over therefore you … Continue reading

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Need Landing Page and A/B Testing Resources? We’ve Got You Covered

We’ve covered quite a lot about landing pages and A/B testing to improve conversions for your affiliate marketing business. Throughout each of the previous articles on the topic we generally withheld sharing too many resources else it would have overloaded your ability to take action; we wanted to introduce the topics and how they can bring value to your business before throwing you right into the fray. Today, however, we’re coming at you with the goodies – we’ve compiled a list of landing page and A/B testing resources created by industry professionals. We suggest you take some time to dig … Continue reading

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A/B Testing for Landing Pages – Just the Basics

A/B testing, or “split” testing as some would call it, is a process of elimination where you take two elements and put them against another, track the results, and rework your efforts based on which of the two produces a greater result. Landing pages are one of the most powerful pages on your website because it naturally funnels visitors into your opt-in list or into the sales page; they’re direct for one purpose only and that’s creating a conversion. How do the two and two go together? Smart marketers understand that a landing page is only as effective as its … Continue reading

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Yup, the Penguin is Back mentioned that: At this year’s SMX West conference, Matt Cutts – head of Google’s Web Spam team – announced that webmasters can expect to see the latest version of the Penguin algorithm rolled out sometime during 2013. Read the full story here. From what we know (and have read), it seems that the upcoming roll-out of the infamous Penguin update will further its focus on link networks. These include anything like: Displaying badges when you’re part of a network A single (or multiple) network of websites you may own and interlink Link directories (you may recall the slam on … Continue reading

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