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Free and Premium Landing Page Designs and Templates for your Business

We’re not all great designers with an eye for pixel-perfect tweaks. We’re not masters of color theory or how they cause consumers to buy. We’re not developers hacking away at code until the wee hours of the morning. We’re affiliate marketers. We know how to get a product/service to our market. We don’t have time to learn a whole new skill like web design or development especially if our plates are already full with the day-to-day operations of the business. What we need are templates so we can get in, get going, and do some testing. Landing page, like other … Continue reading

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Landing Page Best Practices and Examples

Landing pages are a powerful way to improve conversions; they’re easy to create, easy to test, and easy to get a visitor to take action. However, you can’t expect to slap together a landing page and call it a day. Landing pages, like most Web pages, benefit greatly from going the extra mile when understanding their best practices in design and development. Understanding of what has worked in the past and what trends hold for the future will allow you to craft landing pages that start off in the most effective form as possible. In this article, we’ll share a … Continue reading

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How-to Leverage Unique Landing Pages to Improve Website Conversions

Landing pages are a staple in online marketing because it funnels a prospect into taking a specific action depending on your needs and desires. The landing page cuts through the fluff and delivers the good stuff. The message is targeted and qualifies those that take action on your call-to-action which starts the process of building a targeted list (whether it’s buyers, subscribers, or leads). Generally speaking an affiliate marketer may use just a few landing pages on their site; these come in the form of a sales or review page to remove the distractions but there are many other ways … Continue reading

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Five Types of Content that will Generate Leads

The reason we create content, as affiliate marketers, is to drive search and social traffic to our affiliate offers – plain and simple. Yes, we want to educate and entertain our readership but, at the end of the day, content transforms as a means to an end. This brings up a surprising dilemma. We work our tails off creating great content on a daily basis, we invest so much of our time into media support, and nearly break our hands sharing it across the Web … but it’s not doing much more than boosting our traffic numbers. The problem, in … Continue reading

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The Anatomy of a Viral-Worthy List Post

List posts are commonplace on the Web that we know. Each day there are dozens that pass by our way and time and time again we take a few moments to skim through the main details even if we know it to be a waste of time – we can’t get enough of ‘em! List posts can do wonderful things for your brand due to its ability to spread like wildfire. List posts are an excellent vehicle for starting up a viral craze and your brand is going along for the ride. In this post, we’re going to take a … Continue reading

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The Best WordPress Plugins that Rock at Building a List

WordPress is, at its core, an incredible content management system built to be flexible and expansive; its base offering is more than enough to get started with a website that not only looks great but behaves in a modern-fashion. The added benefit of the widespread adoption of WordPress is the seemingly endless array of WordPress plugins and features developers bring to the platform. You could quickly turn a WP installation into an ecommerce store with a flip of a switch or roll-out a membership site with just a few actions. One category of WordPress plugins which should immediately pique your … Continue reading

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The Best Ways to Get More Conversions

Stop what you’re doing and put your entire focus into this article. Have you ever wondered why some websites and businesses seem to make a whole boatload of money despite having such a low amount of traffic? It’s that they convert. Gasp! You mean all that effort in traffic generation was a waste of time?! No, keep doing what you do when it comes to building website traffic but consider taking some of your daily effort to begin working on conversions. We’re going to share an epic list to get you started but you must commit to improving conversions else … Continue reading

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The Zen of Value Exchange (i.e. Networking Basics)

Networking is your short-cut to: Increasing your influence on the Internet Gaining valuable feedback by experts Developing unique and powerful content Creating a support system for ideas The fundamental element of the networking process comes down to value exchange. The exchange is your ability to deliver something of value to an individual that, in turn, aids in their business; this comes around full circle when you’re in need. This article, though short, will come packed with information related to the process of networking and why you need to make it an integral part of your affiliate business if you wish … Continue reading

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Shut Up and Start: The No-Holds Barred Guide to Starting that Side Hustle while Working a Day Job

Holding down a 9-to-5 position has many benefits with stability at its core but these types of positions mean that we’re trading our time for money which, in the long run, keeps us from exploring our true potential for entrepreneurship. Coming home from a long day of work can have you zapped on energy; you just want to veg out in front of the T.V. and relax. Don’t … Those hours of your afternoon could get placed toward building your legacy – – you could begin working on a side hustle. Here’s what you need to know … It’s the … Continue reading

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The Correct Way to Reinvest in your Affiliate Marketing Business

Business isn’t a one way faucet that pours money into your account. A smart business owner is the one that will take their earnings and turn it around to make logical, proper investments to improve the quality of work and products that the business has to offer. It’s very common to see affiliate marketers pocket every bit of cash they earn since many see it as a job rather than a startup. Unfortunately for them the market begins to dry up and they’re forced out of the industry because they don’t have the funds to evolve (let alone what happens … Continue reading

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