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Overlooked Platforms to Share your Best Ideas and Advice

Authority comes to those that are willing to share their best ideas and advice which is why we often hear the phrase “move the free line” in affiliate marketing. People place their trust in those that have delivered value and over time this becomes authority within a particular industry or niche. With authority comes the ability to build massive communities, email lists, and social following and eventually … the ability to introduce products, promotions, and new ventures that will come well received. The usual route many affiliate marketers take when sharing their ideas generally fall upon either their website or … Continue reading

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How-to Find a Niche that hasn’t been done to Death

There are two sides of the coin: Go with a niche that has a proven track record of earning money Find a niche and become the authority The trouble with both, unfortunately, is that marketing has found its way into every nook and cranny which is making it increasingly difficult to claim a piece of the “affiliate pie” since many businesses and individuals have the market cornered due to their legacy in the niche. But … don’t worry … The world is constantly expanding and we have this wonderful tool called the Internet which can help us find unique, untapped … Continue reading

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Five Thought-Provoking Ways to Find Content Ideas

Content is what brings people to your website when they’re doing a search. We all know this yet we continue to pass off the dirty work of writing and it often comes about because we’ve run out of ideas or we’ve hit a creative block. The mind is an amazing piece of technology that’s constantly generating new ideas … if we take the time to tune in. Likewise, our external influences will peak our creativity in ways unimaginable which only need to be documented for future reference. In this article, we’ll share five different ways to come up with content … Continue reading

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The Art of the Follow-Up: Important Must-Take Actions right after the First Sale

Whether you’re an affiliate promoting offers, ecommerce site selling products, or a freelancer landing a client – you must take the time to follow-up with whoever decided to take a chance with you. That first sale is an incredible feeling and affirmation that you’re on your way to do big things in your industry. However, don’t let the buzz around this sale stop you from learning all that you can about how and why someone went through you for their needs. The follow-up will reveal much of what you’ll need to know to repeat this small win over and over … Continue reading

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5 Key Elements to Distill Trust on your Affiliate Website

Trust. Trust is a crucial element to improving your chances at making a sale with your affiliate offers. People need to trust in your information, intentions, and recommendations. Generally, trust comes through your actions – show that you can deliver real value and people will begin to follow your message. However, there are external elements to building trust that people need to see and read in order to take your word at face value. In this post, we’ll share five of these elements that will aid in building trust on your website. Each require just a few minutes to product … Continue reading

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How-to Draft a Fool-Proof Guest Post Guideline for your Website

Accepting guest posts is a great way to keep your website fresh on content, allow others to share their knowledge, and bring insight to your community but it can be a real pain in the rear when you receive a guest post that’s either pure garbage or simply doesn’t ‘fit’ your style. A guest post guideline is a great way to increase the frequency of great guest posts; having one in place will free up your time having to deal with submitters and ensure you’re only receiving the best. In this post, we’ll be sharing a simple guideline you can … Continue reading

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Exploring the Potential for “Premium” Blog Posts

Affiliate marketing has a host of wonderful opportunities to earn a living with the promotion affiliate offers being the main staple of the bunch. There are other opportunities to earn an income such as selling information products or listing freelance services you’ve picked up during your tenure as an affiliate marketer. Today, however, let’s go in a new direction and talk about premium posts. Premium posts have begun popping up as of late; they’re expanded blog posts that come with a small monetary cost. In many ways, it’s like publishing a Kindle ebook on your website and setting a lock … Continue reading

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3 Fantastic Tools to Improve the User Experience

Do you know how your visitors truly use your website? The user experience (UX) is a critical element of a successful website as it aligns the design and marketing goals to allow a visitor to easily find and consume your information (or buy products) without snags along the way. Think of the best websites and ask yourself how you feel as you’re using their site. The experience on a website will keep you around for a longer period of time, aid in your buying decision, and detail where to find additional support information for what you seek. A bad experience … Continue reading

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Business and Marketing Related Podcasts You Need in Your Life

Podcasts are a great way to get information when you’re not too enthusiastic about sitting in down to read, during your work commute, or if you want to multi-task in your learning and implementation. You can find podcasts all over the Web ranging from any and every topic but what we’re looking at, today, are those top contenders as business-related podcasts – the ones that will give you some excellent insight and strategies for growing your affiliate marketing business. Podcasts can be a quick, five minute update or take upward of two (or more) hours; some hosts go off on … Continue reading

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How-to Research and Master any Topic

The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool for research since it has no bounds nor restrictions for the information placed in the Web. This seemingly endless amass of information gives us the ability to learn any topic through any media format. Affiliate marketers know that it’s vital to build authority within a market and industry but the only true (ethical) way to do so is by being part of the culture surrounding a topic. The marketer must learn and participate in the topic in order to truly form an expert opinion for their work. A little bit of knowledge goes … Continue reading

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