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Seven Affiliate Marketing Habits You Need To Break

Habits are a tough nut to crack. More often than not, our habits come about through a combination of our fears, routines, ego, and the information we take in. We allow our fear to set limits on our work thus restricting our ability to explore new opportunities so we grow stagnant. We build routines that don’t allow for creative moments. Our egos become inflated so we’re blindsided when things don’t go our way. Information overload makes you plan too much and act too little. The purpose of this article is to help you overcome the basic affiliate marketing bad habits … Continue reading

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How To Develop Irresistible Offers to Explode into a Six-Figure Business

The elusive six-figure mark is what many affiliate marketers strive to achieve with their business; it’s a point that brings great comfort from success and pulls oneself out of the constant struggle and hustle that’s all too common with the industry. The determining factor for reaching this level of affiliate income lies in one’s ability to find and craft affiliate offers that are virtually irresistible to the buyer; it takes great effort to land on the winning offer but doing so will be tipping point for exploding income to the next level. This guide will bring you through the important … Continue reading

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How To Setup a Facebook Vanity URL

A Facebook fan page is pretty much essential if you want to brand and market your business since it’s likely that a great amount of your ideal customers are active on the network. The fan page provides a hub for connecting with these people and comes with many tools and apps to craft the page into something memorable – one such element is the vanity URL. The assigned name of your Facebook fan page will be a string of numbers which isn’t entirely easy to type in to the Web browser (obviously). You can stick with this string of numbers … Continue reading

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Why You Should Hold Off Monetizing Your Affiliate Site (For Now)

Entering the world of Affiliate Marketing is a new, exciting venture with heaps of opportunity since you can begin making money based on any sort of interest, industry, or passion, but one of the largest mistake new marketers make is that they monetize too quickly for their own good. Charging right into the industry without proper competitor & customer education can leave many marketers biting at their nails as they nervously wait for affiliate commissions to trickle in since a lack of knowledge in these two elements can lead the marketer astray and on the path to a dead-end. Every … Continue reading

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Affiliate Quick Tip: Improve Affiliate Commissions during a Podcast

It’s very easy to get started in podcasting (with costs as little as $100) but one question that’s probably on your mind is … “How do I make money from the podcast”? The audio format is great for engaging your audience on a new media but the restriction comes from the fact that you can’t promote affiliate links as you would in a written post. Links are easy to share but what happens when it’s in audio format? How can you create engagement and get people over to your offers? There IS a way to work in your affiliate promotions. … Continue reading

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How To Get Started in Podcasting with just $100

Podcasting is a great way to break into a new media and the best part is that it requires very little effort and budget to explore the format. Anyone that has been blogging, on the regular, will have enough experience creating content so the only hurdle is turning your writing into an audio format; the other element is the gear required to get your go. You may pass off podcasting because you don’t like the sound of your voice or feel that it’s not something that will integrate with your project but stick with me because we’re going through the … Continue reading

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The Real Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Things Done

Productivity is the core element to achieving big goals in your affiliate business; it’s your ability to get things done, in a timely manner, without going off the rails and falling into burn out. Affiliate marketers have inherent motivation within their field but getting down to the daily routine can be a real pain in the rear if there are underlying reasons why you can’t stay productive. In this article, I want to share the main reasons why marketers trip and fail; knowing these will guide you from common pitfalls and align you to a promising future. Here’s what you … Continue reading

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5 Tools and Resources for Speeding Up Your Website

A speedy website not only gains a bonus in search engine rankings but has higher conversion rates simply because people can readily find your information without having to wait Generally, a website is almost entirely dependent on the web hosting and code displayed which is the cause to the load time. A website with many pictures and scripts will load at a sluggish rate compared to one that is streamlined and lean on its coding. Not all is a lost, though. Many new, modern technologies, plugins, and tools have been created to improve the website load time of your website … Continue reading

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Five Offbeat Web Platforms to Extend Your Marketing Reach

You’re most likely sick of hearing the same list of popular social websites and how to use them for traffic generation and branding; these topics have been done to death and it’s difficult to find any tid-bit of information that’s truly revolutionary. No doubt, the big social networks are a great place to get started with building a brand through social media but it’s a mere drop in the pond for what else is readily available, out there. What I’d like to do is share five sites that few affiliate marketers have tapped; these are a little off-beat but they’re … Continue reading

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50 Affiliate Content Ideas for Traffic and Conversions

The spark of an idea … Sometimes it hits you, sometimes you’re stumped. Content gives you the fuel for building higher search ranking and social sharing; a constant stream is what you should strive to meet each passing day. The one trip up stems from creative blocks. Creativity is all around us, within us, and waiting to get out but if you’re hitting this block, need to get idea to paper, and have something published than take a gander through this list of fifty affiliate content ideas – they’ll get you started and will surely drive traffic and help with … Continue reading

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