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A Step-by-Step Approach to Community Surveys for Business Feedback

How well do you know your community? A powerful understanding of your community will allow you to peer into the needs and wants of your potential customers. Generally, this understanding comes from your initial research within your niche and industry, and then evolves, over time, after you begin to gain a rapport with individuals interacting with your brand. The problem that most affiliate marketers face is the fact that they don’t fully understand their community because they’re relying on their own perception of said community; work is crafted to reach a figurative individual all-the-while completely missing the mark with the … Continue reading

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Affiliate Quick Tip: Reworking Content Series into Freebies

An earlier quick tip – we covered the idea of using fan gates to build a social following. Within the work, we mentioned that these scripts and tools can be amazing when sharing ebooks and other freemium information products for growing your brand and list. Today, we’d like to share an easy way to create these freebies without adding a massive project to your already busy schedule. What you’ll do is rework your existing content series into a complete piece that will have visitors going wild for your offers. Here’s what we’d recommend: 1. Collect the entirety of your work … Continue reading

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How-to: Develop a Wildly Popular Content Series

A content series becomes a powerful asset in your affiliate marketing business because it gives you an immense boost to your niche authority, search engine placement, and be reworked into additional opportunities to generate affiliate commissions. The focus of this guide is to give you a solid foundation for developing your own content series (similar to ones you’ve seen on Your series, with enough hard and dedicated work, can become a definitive piece within your niche (and industry) so go and get a pen & paper, prepare to take a good bit of notes, because you’re getting a crash-course … Continue reading

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Affiliate Marketing Quick Tip: Use ‘Fan Gates’ for Seamless Community Building

Everyone wants to build their social media presence, that’s a given, but there’s a huge difference between gaining the one-off fan that will never again respond and those you start the relationship with incredible value. One excellent way to build your social media community is through the use of fan gates. These scripts place a ‘locker’ in front of what you’re sharing before a visitor can access the information. You often see this employed on websites which show their Facebook page for 30 seconds, or so, before closing out or if you click out of it. The other rendition of … Continue reading

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6 Dangerous Affiliate Marketing Assumptions

Affiliate marketing is one business model almost anyone can begin because it has little to no overhead in startup costs. The model greatly benefits from a wide selection of products and services which gives many options for turning the model into a very profitable venture. Unfortunately, due to the ease of the startup, many new comers to affiliate marketing haphazardly approach the model without fully understanding what’s in store years down the road. These individuals make assumptions about their business (and the affiliate model) which lead them to an unfortunate end. The goal of this article is not to hand … Continue reading

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Affiliate Quick Tip: Where to Find Amazing Pictures for your Website

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, which goes double when it’s paired with your website content. The image can become an impactful piece of media that hooks your visitor into diving through the rest of your content; once you’ve got them, it’s a matter of driving them through the sales funnel and closing on that affiliate sale. However, it seems all too common to see websites with very lackluster images which is a true shame because they’re so easy to find. Here’s what we’d recommend: 1. Ask a friend or devoted community member for the first … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day for Affiliates: Swoon for these Lovely Offers

Valentine’s Day is coming up very soon, February 14th, so this means many Web users will take to online research and shopping to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. According to the LA Times, men apparently spend about $169 during the big day between clothing, jewelry, sweets, and other specific gifts. Overall, according to the 2012 coverage, V-Day was expected to show over $17 billion in purchases – quite a chunk of change and certainly something to take into consideration when you’re an affiliate. We’re doing the work for you. In this post, we’ll go through some of … Continue reading

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Affiliate Quick Tip: Don’t Forget the ‘Resources’ Page

One of the easiest ways to pick up a few additional affiliate commissions can be done through the creation of a “resources” page. You may already have seen these employed on multiple websites but we wanted to touch on the subject because many forget this great addition when building their website. The resource page facilitates a few opportunities: It provides a landing page when you’d like to mention in other forms of media like podcasts It allows visitors to see what you’re using on the regular It gives you another source to link to money-making review pages The process of … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s Guide to Traffic Generation: Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking social network where users submit ‘pins’ of their favorite interests. The social network has exploded in popularity and web traffic and, as of this last September, has blown past Yahoo in terms of organic traffic. No doubt, Pinterest is becoming a major source of referral traffic for many websites using the platform, correctly. It’s still unknown how effective the network can truly be and only time may tell but now is the ripe opportunity to claim your presence on this virtual pinboard. In this edition of the Beginner’s Guide to Traffic Generation, we’re looking at … Continue reading

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Affiliate Quick Tip: Remove the Social Sharing “Clutter”

The Affiliate Quick Tip is a short, informative response to common questions about the industry; they’re jam-packed with vital information and will only take a few moments to digest. Here we go … Social media is an amazing revolution which gave every individual a free platform to share their opinions, likes/dislikes, and interests. Website owners quickly caught onto the appeal of social networking websites and began implementing a wide variety of ‘social share’ buttons on their site. This act has been phenomenal for increasing community engagement and for building traffic but a vital question is ever-present: Can a website have … Continue reading

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